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I have had a planters wart on my heel for about 5 years, maybe even more. It has never hurt or really bothered me, so i never did anything about it until recently. It seems that it has gotten bigger and painful and it has produced a lil baby next to it. So i have tried the following things. On the tiny new one i put clear fingernail polish on it 1 - 2 times a day and after about 3 days it just peeled off without any pain. I can't tell if it will come back or not but will keep an eye on it. The large wart that i have is a bit more stubborn, i have been using the ACV treatment at night only for the past two nights and it turned white all around the wart which i clipped off with nail trimmer and the wart itself is turning black. If it continues like this and falls off or easily comes off, i will follow treatment with neosporin and a bandaid to seal it and further heal it. Hopefully it goes away with out a trip to the doctor.


My nine year old daughter developed a plantar wart right underneath her toes. Soon, she got about 5 more all in a row under her toes. I tried the duct tape with Compound W and it really didn't work. Tried the Gorilla Glue and there you have it! I used Gorilla Glue with white sports tape over it. I made her leave it on all day until shower time. She would take it off, take her shower, and I would reapply. One day, while taking off the tape, she ripped the huge one right in half. Now, she cried and it was painful, but within a week they were all gone! Unbelievable! It really, really works. The gorilla glue smothers it and it has no chance. GORILLA GLUE WORKS!!!!!!!

Jody Kile

My 8 year old son had a small plantar wart on the ball of his foot. I took him to his doctor twice and had it frozen. They told me to keep filing it down and applying OTC medicine to it everyday. This I did for a couple of weeks. It only got bigger (really big) and he developed another small one next to it. All this did in my opinion was spread the virius. After reading the comments on this site (and praying) I tried the bee propolis 70% tincture. I could cry with gratitude to the person who posted this remedy. His small wart disappeared in about 3 days. The large one took about 2 weeks. This was completely painless (and NO filing). I bought the tincture online at vitacost for around $11.00. Over the two weeks I applied it every night before bed. It is very sticky so have a large bandaid ready to put on and avoid getting it on anything else. Sometimes the small bandaid would stick to the wart and this was painful for my son. He also took 3 1000mg pills over the two week period. After several days the wart appeared to be drying out. It started pushing itself out of the skin...then one morning I took off his bandaid and that wart fell right off. It didn't gradually disappear it just pushed out of the skin and fell off. I think an adult could actually get rid of their warts faster by applying the ticture twice a day and taking an oral dose of the proplis. But now I am just spectulating. I am absolutely amazed and forever grateful for this remedy.


I had a huge plantar wart (as big as a quarter) on my right heel as well as 2 smaller ones surrounding it. I also has a small one on the ball of my left foot. After months and months of trying the OTC stuff, I finally gave in and went to the doctor, had a needle shoved into my heel (it was the anesthetic so it, itself, was just a needle in my foot, worst pain I have ever felt in my life) and had the damn things carved out of my foot. The aftermath was not bad at all, considering that once the ones on my heel were carved out, I had a good 1/5th of my entire heel as a gaping hole. There was little to no pain since I could walk on the balls of my foot instead (and on the heel of my left foot since that one was also, after being painfully anesthetized, carved out as well. There was actually little to no pain, and I was able to even drive myself home after the surgery. This was about 7 years ago.

My point of that was, though, that the anesthetizer was so painful in itself, than when I found another plantar on the balls of my right foot and a small one on my second toe above it, that surgery was already opted out, no matter how efficient it was for me.

I started reading through here and am going to try the neosporin and duct tape method, tied in with the salycilic acid because I want these damn things gone, but I can not afford to not be on my feet all day at work, and the pain from the ACV just seems like more of a hindrance in that aspect than help.

What I am going to do though, since mine are all still under the skin and not raised, is use the acid to kill enough skin above and around it so that i can stick a big blob of the neosporin right on top of the viral area and duct tape it completely flat and leveled out, that way its more potent. Starting tonight (or this morning at this point) and will update in a week.


First I want to say that I NEVER post comments or reviews or ANYTHNG online but I had to say how GREAT this home remedy worked!!!!!! My 8 year old daughter had a planters wart on her foot for about 6 months. We had been trying the store bought 'removers' for months and it was not working. Only removing layers and layers of skin around the wart. I came to this webiste and read all the comments about the apple cidar vinegar and thought I would give it a try since the thought of going to the doctor to have it scrapped had my child in tears. We began to put a little tiny cotton ball soaked in the ACV and cover with a waterproof band aid twice a day. In a few weeks it turned black and totally came off yesterday. My babygirl is SOOOO HAPPY! Simple, cheap and pain free.


I have/ had a Plantar Wart on bottom of my left foot for around 2years :P It was the size of a pea. I tried salicic acid, banna peel, duct tape with little to no results.

What has made a difference for me was this:
I purchased one of those 'freeze off' type products that you buy at a supermarket that uses liquid nitrogen type chemical on a cotton bud. On its own it doesnt work, but this time my plan was to freeze it after I sliced the top of the plantar wart (in theory it should be more effective if there is less skin in the way). So I sliced the top of the plantar with a razor blade, it began to bleed (what I wanted), then immediately (while it was bleeding),I applied the liquid nitrogen cotton bud . The liquid nitrogen (freezing wart product) says to leave it on the wart for about 30 secs. I left it on for around 1-2mins to be sure i killed as much as i could without burning a hole in my foot. Afterall, I didnt mind a sore blister (which you will get for a cpl days), it was the wart that i just wanted gone. Anyway, 3 weeks later and the little pebble (wart) i used to feel is gone. It feels great to reclaim that part of my foot. Good Luck, and remember , any injury or illness you do while trying my method is your responsibility.


I removed my plantars wart last year by taking a clean knife and cleaning the area and cutting it out. It was quite painful but the area healed in a week and I have not had one since


I joined a new health club and discovered 3 plantar warts on my foot and was planning on using the old salicylic acid circle pads remedy sold in drug stores that takes weeks. My wife suggested I use Melaleuca Oil that had cured her foot nail fungus. So I experiments and used melaleuca oil on one foot and the pads on the other. I was able to peel the wart off after 2 days of application for the foot on which I used melaleuca oil, so I immediately used it on the other foot and was wart free in two more days.


My 7 yr old granddaughter had several plantar warts on both feet for years. Took her to podiatrist, he gave a presc for a topical antibiotic - to no avail. Said the only way to get rid of them for good was laser surgery. No way! Found Dermisil online. Gave it a shot. Smells strong, didn't have much faith, but, low & behold, after several months, using it after baths, letting them air for a few minutes, then putting socks on. They are ALL gone! This kid had and entire cluster on one heel (at least 10) and probably another 10 spread over the rest of her feet. I'm truly amazed and thankful.


I've had a plantars wart on my heel for about a year now that I got from living in the dorms my freshman year. I went to the doctor and he gave me formaldehyde and told me to get some of the otc acid from a pharmacy. I tried this for a few months and nothing happened except for the warts spreading, so i looked online and people were saying to crush up Vitamin C and mix it with a little bit of water and put it on the wart and place a bandaid over it, I have been doing this for about a week now and saw results within the first few days! Hope this helps!

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