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I would like to thank everyone who posted about using apple cider vinegar to get rid of plantar warts. I had never had a plantar wart until one suddenly appeared on my finger about 6 weeks ago. I had no idea what it was at first. I thought it might have been some kind of foreign body, so after it had been there a few days I took a scalpel blade and trimmed it flat. I was horrified to wake up 2 days later to see it was completely back. Someone at work told me it looked like a plantar wart, and when I Googled plantar warts I found this website. I called to make an appointment with a dermatologist, but decided to try the apple cider vinegar treatment in the meantime, as I figured it couldn't hurt and I couldn't get in to see the dermatologist for several weeks. I soaked a small piece of cotton in the vinegar, placed it on the wart, and covered it with a bandaid. I changed the cotton and bandaid twice a day. After a few days of this, I was very distraught when I removed the bandaid in the morning to see that the thickened area on the periphery of the wart was about 3 times the size it had been before I started the treatment. However, after I took the bandaid off for the day it went back to the original size. So I started using the vinegar and bandaid during the day, and leaving it off at night so the peripheral swelling would go down. Today, which is the 5th day of using the vinegar, the entire thickened area and the central dark core is gone! There's still a flat whitish area remaining, so I'm going to use the vinegar for a few more days to make sure I got it all. I can't believe such a simple household product got rid of this disgusting thing! So again, thank you everyone for posting about this home remedy!


I am someone who has a very serious fear/disgust with feet (as in, I don't touch anyone elses's, and don't like touching my own). When I was 8, I had a plantar wart in the sole of my foot and was so terrified/sickened by it that I ripped it out of my foot with my fingernails.

Exactly a month ago, after showering in public showers on a camping trip, I noticed a small black bump on the sole of my right foot. Coming home, I figured out that it was a plantars wart, and confirmed with my mom (a biology teacher). Freaked out, I bought thuja, a homeopathic remedy. My wart didn't get very much bigger (probably the size of a pencil eraser), but after two and a half weeks, it wasn't getting better, and I got a tiny second wart about an inch away (connected to the same nerve). After doing reading online, I decided to try Apple Cider Vinegar. After a week and a half of soaking, at least 20 minutes a day, and taping a gauze pad soaked in ACV to my foot each night--the biggest part of my wart has fallen off, and I'm sure the root is to follow. Apple Cider Vinegar saved me from having to go to a doctor, or even buying a more acidic compound that would, as my mom says, burn a hole in my foot. My foot hurt for about an hour the first night I had a gauze pad taped to it, and after that, no pain. I highly recommend it-I spent about 10 dollars in all (for tape and the ACV, since I work on a farm and had to cover it fully).

Apple Cider Vinegar is the way to go.


June 13, 2011

My 100% natural home remedy is a little different but I've found it to be 100% effective for me, . . . and painless. As usual, I’ve tried all the normal OTC remedies (Compound W, Duoplant, and other salicylic acid treatments) along with nonconventional treatments like phenol/nitric acid and the conventional route of having a Podiatrist freeze my Plantar’s warts with nitrogen all to no avail. After multiple times of burning painful throbbing holes in the bottoms of my feet, the warts always came back within a month.

I had three warts on my left foot, one on the ball the size of a quarter, and two smaller ones. One was the size of a dime opposite the large one on the outer edge, and one on the heel the size of a pea. The right foot had four smaller warts scattered about the ball and heel. Untreated, none of these were particularly painful, just annoying and most survived conventional therapies for more than eight years before I decided to get serious.

Being an engineer, I wondered, “Why do we get Plantar’s warts on the bottoms of our feet and not on our hands?” The skin type is similar, if not identical. (striated) Could there be environmental factors that cause and then support the growth and propagation
of Plantar’s Warts? Well, I’m one to know more.

One SoCal afternoon I was walking along the beach watching sunbathers and it hit me,
. . . the sun rarely shines on the bottoms of our feet. Our bare feet normally exist in inky shadows or they’re covered with socks, shoes, and/or blankets, which promote a dark, humid environment. “What if I regularly created a major opposite for a few brief moments?” Maybe I can annoy the HPV as much as it annoys me. I had my theory.

So, everyday for the next 7 days at about 1-2:00pm when the sun is high and the sky is clear, I went outside barefoot with a 5” diameter magnifying glass and focused the rays of the sun on my largest wart. I did not burn my skin, I only focused the light from the glass so that it made a bright circular spot about the size of a quarter directly over the wart holding the bright light there until I could feel my skin beginning to heat up. Then I removed the light and let my skin cool. Be careful. Do not burn your skin. I did that five times over a five minute period and then continued my normal day without pain. After a week I noticed a major positive change in my nemesis. The wart was turning black and dying. At that time I started the same treatment on all my other Plantar’s Warts and continued it daily for three more weeks with similar results then discontinued the treatment.

Within the next month ALL the warts were gone and the normal healthy skin striations reappeared without any scaring. No trace, and none of the warts came back.

Now ten years later after moving and joining a new health club (like an idiot walking around barefoot in the indoor pool area, locker room/showers) I’ve recently noticed several small Plantar’s warts (in different locations) again starting to grow. Rather than fool around with conventional OTC and professional treatments, I’m immediately going to my daily focused sunlight plan along with the nightly ACV treatments discussed here. I’ll post my progress in a month.


When I was 6 or 7 years old I had 3 plantar warts removed by a doctor who used liquid nitrogen. It was excruciating and so traumatizing that I developed a phobia of being barefoot in fear of getting another one. Almost 20 years later I was horrified to discover that I got another one.

I stumbled upon this site and decided to try to 70% bee propolis. After the first day, that feeling that you're walking on a jagged stone was gone and I couldn't feel it at all. A few days later the wart looked like it was drying up and within about a week it just came off. I used duct tape to cover it instead of a bandaid in hopes it might also suffocate the wart and kill it faster. This method is fast, painless, easy and it WORKS. No filing is necessary. Just goop it on and let it do the work.

The bee propolis is really sticky but if you dry it slightly with a blow dryer before covering it with a bandaid or duct tape, that will prevent it from squishing out and getting all over your floors, socks or shoes.


I have what appears to be a new PW. After reading this forum I tried the clear fingernail polish thing and saw immediate results. It turned the center, or root, black and lifted it right out. I noticed another black root and we'll see what happens with that later today but it's already more comfortable to walk. Based on everything I've read I think the key is treating it immediately. I've heard that the longer you wait the more deeply rooted it becomes. Hope this helps.


I had suffered with a plantar wart on the bottom of my heal that was the size of a nickle for about 6 months. It had spread to the bottom of one of my toes on the same foot. It had become so painful I could hardly walk some days. I tried two over the counter remedies that did not work. I tried duct tape, nothing. I went to my doctor twice and had liquid nitrogen treatments that were so painful I felt sick to my stomach. After the treatments I couldn't walk for 2 was awful! About a week before I was suppose to go back to the doctors for another treatment I came on this website and read about Apple Cider Vinegar. I told a co-worker I was going to try it for a week and see what happens. I started applying a small piece of cotton ball soaked in ACV and covered it with duct tape every morning and before bed. For the first couple of days I would take some advil because it was a little sore. Within 5 days I could see the skin around the wart was dead and starting to indent. My wart finally became flush with the rest of my heal and there was no pain at all. After a week I started to lift away some of the dead skin. I left it alone and about 3 days ago i was able to completely peel away both warts. I wish I had of known about ACV when this started...just amazing!!!!


My son started getting warts when he was about 2...big one under his thumbnail was the first. They just kept appearing one after the other. I used the toxic products from the drugstore, needlessly inhaling all the potent toxic fumes from them. GGGRRRR! By the time he was 4 yrs old he had a total of 15 warts and there was NO improvement from all the expensive toxic products/junk I tried. Did some research online and tried the apple cider vinegar treatment...small pieces of cotton dipped in ACV and placed directly on each wart then covered over with bandages/duct tape. After 3 weeks there was absolutely no sign of them and the skin had completely healed over.
He also had seen a naturopath twice and had been taking some herbal drops to stimulate his immune system. We had been trying that treatment for 4 months when I came across the acv treatment and tried it. I do believe it was the acv treatment that so quickly dealt with the warts.


I came onto this site looking for a way to heal the skin left after I pulled off my warts. Unlike most of the people here, I did not use apple cider vinegar. I actually went to the doctor to get freeze treatments, only because it doesn't cost me anything to go to the university health clinic. That was very painful. It was painful while the doctor was freezing them and for weeks after. I actually lost muscle in my left leg because I had been limping for about two months. I got about five treatments, then I came home for the summer. For about the last month I have been pain free, and I think it's because my body started to fight the virus. Today I took a shower and noticed that the skin around my warts (2 pea sized warts, about 1 cm apart) was dead and coming off, so I peeled that away. Then I happened to hook my nail under one of the warts and just started pulling. It didn't bleed and it came off with only minimal pain, that I would equate to sucking on a lemon. There was nice pink tissue under it. The other one was a bit more difficult and I had to get a knife under it. However, I didn't dig around, i just pulled off the dead tissue. I'm worried about that one because the tissue underneath doesn't look completely healthy. I put aloe vera gel on it because someone on this site said that it has virus fighting properties, plus it seems like something that will help heal the little holes in my foot. I guess one thing I could recommend is trying to find something that will help your body fight off a virus. I really wish I had tried the apple cider vinegar though because I went through a lot of pain and I stopped running altogether. So the moral of my story is that the freezing works for some people, but it takes a long time and is by NO MEANS pain free.

Kathy S

I soaked a small bit of cotton in tea tree oil and covered the wart on the bottom of my foot with it. I then applied a waterproof bandage. After 24 hours the wart was slightly indented and I repeated the procedure. In 48 hours it was an slight hole. I repeated again. By the end of the 3 days it was a crater. I will continue to reapply the oil for a week just to be sure the virus does not survive. There was no soreness, no irritation and no redness. Amazingly fast. I also used the oil to cure a toenail fungus about 8 years ago. It never returned.


I've been treating my 7 year old for a plantar wart on the bottom of her foot for more than 3 months with salicylic acid. The wart got bigger, was painful and had 2 baby warts. 4 days ago I tried soaking half a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and holding it in place over the warts with plastic bandages. I put them on morning and night after soaking her foot in water for a few minutses. There was a dramatic improvement immediately. The small warts fell of right away, the big wart turned black and completely peeled off on its own last night. I am amazed and so relieved to see an end to this. One time we tried putting the acv on without soaking in water first--that burned--we soaked in water, the pain went away. Soaking and applying acv cured this in just 4 days. Astounding.

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