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I have had this wart on my left foot for as long as i can remember. I recently just got out of the shower and noticed it was a grayish black color and soft so i began to clip at it with nail clippers. After i didnt see any of the grayish black i put a clear coat of nail polish over top of it. Not to sure if this will work but heres hoping cause I really don't want to try the ACV treatment cause i already have enough pain in my freaking double jointed joints ( only 16 and tend to over extend all my joints without realizing what im doing, so anymore pain will prob drive me up the wall) Ill write back if this works or not.

John K.

Since I had never had a plantar wart before, I actually thought I had a touch of arthritis on the bottom of my left foot, just below the little toe. I had pain that affected my walk and my biking for 5 years before my wife started talking about warts. I looked at the bottom of my foot, and discovered a small faint white ring surrounding a 3/16' open area, and decided to give a wart remedy a try. I read the articles on this site, and bought a number of the items listed here, thinking that if the first didn't work, I'd move to the next one, etc. So I tried the liquid bandage and duct tape method first. After about 5 days, the pain started subsiding for the first time in years, after 4 weeks, the wart seemed like it was almost gone, but I could still see part of the ring. To be safe, I continued for another two weeks, twice a day. Once in the morning, and before bed at night, I would apply liquid bandage (actually Skin Shield), allow it to dry, and then put on a patch of duct tape. It's been a month since I stopped, and now, no pain, and no wart. I spoke to my Dr about this, and his opinion was that if it worked, give it a shot. I would recommend this method to anyone.


i've been trying the acv method for 4 days-ish. though the pain subsided on the 3rd night, the white ring around my wart is very hard and only a small center is blackish brown. its on the sole of my foot, just under my toes so it hurts alot when i walk.. the crater isn't painful, just the skin around it. it's so dry and hard that pressure on it is very painful. i'm wondering whether i should grit my teeth and just clip the white part away.. or just continue with it for a week plus before doing anything.

but i can vouch that the acv is doing something! better than any otc counter/med i've tried and i've had this thing for 10 yrs


I'm 20 years old and I can tell you that I'm really hygienic. I really didn't understand why I had plantar warts on my right foot. They didn't look good also that's why I kinda panicked. My doctor told me that it has nothing to do with my being hygienic. It's caused by HPV virus which is incurable. I cannot afford freezing them off as the doctor suggested. So I searched for a good treatment online and I found Wartanol. It turned my warts to black after 4-5 days and then they eventually fell off. Quick but effective remedy. I still have the virus though since it's incurable but I'm trying my best to keep my immune system boosted up.


my 10 year old daughter got a wart on her toe.we thought it to be a corn but after some time we realized it was spreading....we went to the doctor who advised a surgery....i was totally taken aback then i read about apple cider vinegar and duct tape...i thought to give it a try....i used to soak her feet in acv for 20 minutes and tie duct tape around it....n the magic happened.....after 21 days warts turned black n it took it off using a nail clipper....slo wly with passing of time the infected skfin was removed and healthy pink tissue could be seen within 40 days there were no sign of the warts on her foot.....i strongly recommend duct tape and acv for the treatmant of this plantar wart....and if it is unavailable one can also try clear nailpaint on it....the logic is not letting them breathe...


Okay here I am submitting what I hope will work for others. After reading the submissions I had my plantar wart removed by a podiatrist. They warned me to keep an eye on it for any recurrence or if they hadn't gotten it all. Low and behold I ended up with the wart coming back and four more warts on the same heel. I tried ACV which burned quite a bit and made it more difficult to walk. Tried duct tape which killed the skin around the wart areas also. I read a recent post about nail polish and tried that instead. WOW. I used the cheapest white nail polish and covered just those spots with the warts. With repeated applications and less than a month, the warts had turned black and were easy to pull off with a small pair of tweezers or a knife. Granted I had tried the other treatments first but the nail polish seemed to be the least painful and least noticeable in sandals. And yes, it finally worked.

Thankful reader

ACV works! I had a tiny plantar wart and had gotten it burned at the doctor a year ago. It came back, so I used several types of salycilic acid pads from a pharmacy. I thought they were working but they only made the wart grow! They chewed up the skin around the wart and it grew to about 10 cm in diameter. This was a year later - I decided to dump the pharmacy.

Then I read this blog and decided to try a combination of things. ACV worked the best. I also occasionally painted the top of the wart with finger nail polish and covered it with duct tape to not let it 'breathe'. I am not sure if the duct tape serves to 1) not let it breathe or 2) not let the virus spread. Out of all of these, apple cider vinegar was definitely the most effective. My wart was pretty big so I had to be patient (couple of months). However, the wart finally went away 100%. :) I did not treat it every day - more so like every couple of days.

Another word of advice - do not pick at your wart to try to remove it. Every single cell must die - and ACV does just this. Picking at it will just make the virus spread.


Apple Cider Vinegar works!!!

This is an in-depth guide on how I got rid of my plantar warts:

Small cup
Cotton balls
2 Paper towels(optional but recommended)
Walgreens Strong Strips: water resistant adhesive bandages
Johnson & Johnson sports tape
Trash Can (Have it near you as you work)

Follow these steps:
1. Gather all materials and place the trash can near you.
2.(Optional Step but recommended for sanitary purposes)Tear one paper towel into 2 pieces and fold the other in half. The 2 pieces that were torn from the first towel will be used to clean the area before applying ACV. Soak one piece of water and leave the other piece dry. Using the wet piece, wipe the wart-infested area several times taking care to remove any dirt, etc. Use the dry piece to dry the newly cleaned area. Throw both pieces away. The other paper towel that has been folded in half will serve as the working area.
3. Pour some ACV into a small cup. Grab a cotton ball and pull out small pieces. The size and quantity depends on how big your warts are and how many you have. Pull out one piece for every wart and make the pieces bigger or smaller depending on how big your warts are.
4. Using a Q-tip, apply some ACV onto the plantar warts - enough to cover them completely with ACV.
5. Take one of the smaller cotton ball pieces you pulled in step 3 and dip it entirely into the small cup of ACV. Using your finger, lift the soaked cotton ball out of the cup and place it onto a wart. Cover the wart completely with the soaked cotton ball.
6. Repeat step 5 for each of the warts you have.
7. Now, use the Walgreens Strong Strip adhesive bandages to hold the soaked cotton balls in place. You may need more than 1 depending on how many warts you have.
8. Lastly, cut off several pieces of Johnson & Johnson sports tape with scissors to cover the Walgreens Strong Strip adhesive bandages. Make sure to overlap the adhesive bandages with sports tape to fully secure the soaked cotton balls and to make sure no vinegar leaks out from underneath the adhesive bandages.
9. Try to stay off your foot for half an hour. This is to prevent any of the vinegar from squishing out - sports tape won't completely prevent it.
10. Clean everything up, throw all the trash away, and remember to wash the small cup.

These 10 steps should be followed every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed until the warts are gone. I recommend keeping the bandages on when you shower but taking them off immediately afterwards. Therefore, it would be a good idea to shower after you wake up and then put on ACV or shower before bed and put on ACV before tucking in.

What to expect:

Days 1-3: The first couple days there will be some irritating burning. This is completely normal and in fact will let you know that the ACV is working. The burning sensation is more annoying than outright painful and should subside after the first several days. Additionally, in these first several days, the warts will begin to bloat up and turn into a pale yellowish-white color.

Days 4-6: The burning sensation should subside and you will notice the warts changing color from pale yellowish-white to brownish-black.

Days 7-9: The warts should be almost dead by now. You will notice lots of dead skin now as you tear off the tape and bandages to apply ACV in the morning and at night. You are almost wart free. Rub off the dead skin gently with your fingers and keep on applying ACV twice a day.

Days 10-12: By now, you should have lost a couple layers of dead skin and have reached the more sensitive layers of skin. At this point, most people should be able to dig out their dead warts using a small toothpick. The warts should come out easily and painlessly as you dig them out. If you find that your warts have not come out, they may be heavily rooted and you need a couple more days of ACV treatment.

Days 13+: From here on out, be careful with how much ACV you apply because you should be at the more sensitive layers of skin. Only apply once a day now and use significantly smaller amounts of ACV on the skin. Burning may reoccur. Within several days, the last of the stubborn warts should have diminished. If they have not, continue treatment at your own risk until you have reached 3 weeks. If by that time, your warts will still not come out, consult a doctor.

That is my guide on how to get rid of these plantar warts and I wish you all luck in your journey to be PW free!


has anyone ever tried hydrogen peroxide? i've had a plantar wart under my big toe for almost three years. tried the acv numerous times, kept it up for two months at one point but never went away...just had an achy smelly foot.

gave up the beggining of this year and just taped it up with athletic tape or green painters tape. then around june i re-called reading health articles about hydrogen peroxide and the benefits to the body and fighting diseases. i thought might as well give it a try. same procedure as the acv, get a cotton ball, soak it with hydrogen peroxide and tape it over the wart. sometimes i changed it once a day and if i remembered twice a day. sometimes i forgot and changed once every 2-3days. i never really looked at the wart when putting on a new cotton ball w/hydrogen peroxide but two weeks later i noticed new skin growth and the top part of the wart that was all calloused was gone. kept it up a little more and sometimes regular vinegar to change things up and now i'm completly wart free. i even had a satelite wart under my fourth toe that was all hard and calloused and that completly disapered.

it's like they just dissolved. now i picked two or three tiny satelite warts and i found those black pulp things that people mentioned so i thought my big wart should have a huge one. but when feel where the wart was it's like touching regular skin, same as the spot under my fourth toe. another factor i think that might have helped was that i started drinking veg and fruit smoothies twice a day everyday. maybe all the fresh vitamins and minerals helped kill the wart?

anyways, hope this helps and try different things, something will work get rid of those little buggers.


When I was in 7th grade (over 40 years ago) got huge wart on the ball of my foot. So bad could hardly walk. went to Dr. and called it a gym wart. Tried a new treatment Radiation. Didnt work, after 3rd treatment had oppisite effect. Now I had over a dozen warts on the bottom of my foot. Dr. said time to back to the old style treatment, formaldehyde. cant remember ratio with water, something like 10 parts or 20 parts water to 1 formaldehyde, or the time soaked per day, youll have to ask your doctor. Ofcourse foot shriveled up but the warts turned black. In a week pulled the warts out with tweezers, no pain.

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