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I have had a plantar wart on the ball of my foot for three years without knowing what it really was. I had experienced no discomfort, but I went to my doctor anyway because I was curious. He recommended surgery that would involve huge knives and me being unconscious. As anybody would do, I freaked out. I left the office and found this website. Here is my progress:

Day 1:
I wash my foot thoroughly and place duct tape over the wart. I then secure the duct tape with strong medical tape and go to bed

Day 2:
I put clear nail polish on the wart, which is slightly smaller now. (remember the wart is a contagious virus! I would recommend that you pour some nail polish in a cup and use a q-tip to apply it because as you place the brush on your wart you're reinfecting yourself) I then cover the nail polish and wart with nail polish.

Day 3: I continue the nail polish method. The menace is getting smaller!

Day 4: Nail polish method continues, but this time I wrap my foot in Saran Wrap also.

Day 5: Continue nail polish, but I forget to put on the duct tape.

Day 6:
By now I am getting ridiculously impatient. After my shower I pick the halo around the wart off. Then I file down the wart until it is bleeding. After that I soak up the blood with a tissue, and wait for the wart to scab over. Then I put more nail polish on.

Day 7:
I put colored nail polish on the wart and cover with duct tape while the paint is still wet. The wart is almost level with my skin now! I'm so excited! :)
Day 7:


I had the most painful warts on the balls of my feet and they were covered with callous. I think I first got the warts when I used a razor blade to shave off the callous and then I wore flip-flops right afterwards. Probably the virus got into the open 'wound'. Later, when I would shave the callous I would hit a reddish-black dot that would make me scream in pain. It was like hitting a nerve. Soon it became painful to walk. Over the course of YEARS I've had them cut out, burned out, you name it. But they kept coming back. Horrible. Then I read on one of these remedy sites about apple cider vinegar. It's a miracle cure. Very painful but it works. I soaked a small piece of cotton in ACV and taped (white medical tape, waterproof)it directly over the wart. One foot at a time folks, cuz it hurts.
I did this every night. Some nights I had to take aspirin or an Exedrin PM so that I could sleep with the throbbing pain. During the day I put a VERY small, thin piece of cotton soaked in ACV and covered it with tape.
Use your own judgment - if you can't handle the pain do it only at night, or every other day, but keep at it! In addition you can soak your foot in warm ACV for about an hour. It may throb. Soon the small black dot will grow in size, I think it is the wart coming to the surface. One of my warts took only about 3 weeks and I was able to lift the whole ugly brown thing out of my foot with the edge of a razor blade. It was huge. It will leave a hole in your foot where the wart was - make sure there are NO tiny black dots in the hole. If so, KEEP applying the ACV because there could be another layer of warts deeper into your foot. The other foot took 3 months before it was 'clean' and the warts came out in little pieces, not one big one like the first foot. Even after they were gone I continued for several weeks to wear just a bandaid with ACV on it. Just to make SURE that they didn't come back!! I had been in SUCH pain that I couldn't stand the thought of them recurring. Be sure to keep your feet clean. DON'T walk barefoot. I started taking l-lysine because I read that it helps prevent plantar warts (HPV virus). My warts have been gone for at least 9 months. I take lysine twice a day. I wear flip flops all the time but I make sure that I wait a day to wear flip flops after I shave the callous. ACV changed my LIFE. I use it for other maladies too. Go to the ACV remedy site. It is truly a miracle cure.


I have 66 planters warts on the bottom of my feet(seriously)! And I have had them since I was 2 years old and I started off with jet one. I didn't tell anyone till I was at adoctors appt. when I was 8. The doc. treated I and they spread and haven't stopped since. So to get rid of them I put a cotton ball that had been soaked in apple cider vinegar on the wart(s). I left it on for one night then took It off in the morning. The next day I left it on One night and one day then took it off before I went to sleep. It turned black and hard Like a scab. Then after 2-5 days a little orange circle formed around it. I started to Peel back the orangish skin and it just came of the whole thing! I took it off as if I was peeling off a scab. There was then a little hole but it closed up in about 3 days!!!!!

Hope this helped!
p.s. You can keeP putting the apple cider vinegar on as needed in the pattern 'shown' , one night, one night one day, and so on!


I have 1 planter wart on each foot, I got each frozen with nitrogen by the docter, after that, every night i applied salicylic acid, after 3-4 days a white thick skin ring surrounded 1 of the warts, so i started picking at it and peeled it off when i got out of the shower becuz my skin was soft, all that was left was the core, i tried picking it and it hurt so i put salicylic acid on it and a bandaid i did that tonight so ill write o what happened


I have had the same plantar wart for about 6 months now. I thought it was pretty big but then I found out that my wart would be classified as a baby wart. (it's about the size of a pea) At first I thought it was a splinter but it would not go away, and then I found out it was a plantar wart. The first thing I did was put a small piece of banana peel on my wart each day and then stuck it down with 1 or 2 band aids. It wasn't really doing anything to my wart so I stopped. Then I bought some wart medicine especially for plantar warts called Duofilm. What I do is scrape away all of the dead skin with a pumice stone, then put some duofilm on it then wait 5-10 minutes and put a band aid on it. I do this every night and so far it is doing well. After about 3 weeks I started to pick at it every night and now it is doing even better. Hope it helped.


I tried everything to try and get rid of plantar warts. I started out with 2 right next to each other on my right foot. They gradually spread and I had about 9 of them in different areas on my foot. They were very painful and annoying. I tried apple cider vinegar, duct tape, all of the home remedies, nothing worked. Then, while on vacation to the seashore I noticed that after wading in the ocean that my foot hardly hurt at all and the warts had shrunk down. I thought about this for a few days and after getting home I deduced that it must be the salt in the sea water that was affecting the warts. After I took a shower and turned off the water I took some regular old iodized table salt and sprinkled a generous amount in the just damp tub. I then rubbed my foot all in the salt, grinding it as much as possible. After a few minutes of this I rinsed off the salt. After a day or two of doing this I noticed that the warts were shrinking and didn't hurt. I kept this up, just once a day with my morning shower and am happy to say that ALL of the warts are gone!!!! It took a few weeks for the pits where the warts were to heal over but they are completely gone now. I do the salt treatment a few times a week just to make sure they stay away. Simple, cheap and effective...common table salt!! Try it, I swear it works!!!


Wipe the affected area with nail polish remover (acetone-based), and then cover it with clear nail polish and let it dry. Repeat every 12 hours. Both my warts (one of which I've had for six months without any results from other remedies) became grey/black, hard, scab-like things. About 2 weeks into it, after wiping with nail polish remover, I went at it with a pair of tweezers... and they both came out fairly easily! I am repeating the remover/nail polish routine for another week to make sure it doesn't come back. Oh, and I am throwing away that pair of tweezers. :) SO HAPPY THEY'RE GONE!


I've been using Gum and Candle wax remover in a pressurized can. It's freezing the wart and it's actually getting better. I do it every other day or so and it's making a difference. I've tried the over the counter stuff, duct tape, sanding, digging, filing and this was the only thing that has been working for me.


Plantars warts are painful as we as know, so I'll skip all that and how I got it.
Its on my heel difficult area to see it so just thought it a callous, so its been there 5+ years.
1) drill bits (2)
2) ped egg
3) dremel sanding drum
4) wart stick (40% salicylic acid)
5) apple cider vinegar
I started with ped egg but found to slow for me, jumped to course sandpaper with dremel tool which creates heat fast touch and stop but takes down real fast.
applied wart stick and cover bandaid. Did for a week daily basis, demel is not needed any more, can use a power drill as well if you don't have a dremel.
Wart is very soft now. I used a small sterilized drill bit BY HAND to twist into the wart goes in very easy, then go up to next size or two drill bit, now have a very neat hole, I only went to depth of tolerable pain. Not blood. Found babies on both sides as well. More acid more drilling for another few days, finished with apple cider vinegar daily for a week, applied to cotton then band aid. I found the acv to burn less than the acid. Wart free. This is my story and nothing else.


I got a plantar wart about a year ago, and was unsure of what it was at first. It started out small, on the bottom of my left heel. It soon grew to be a pretty big nasty wart and a smaller one just recently popped up next to it. I finally discovered the identity of these by doing research on the internet, and was really glad when I found I could get rid of them. They are ugly, embarassing, gross, and painful little monsters and I wanted them OFF OF MY FOOT! I was looking on this site and saw a lot of posts about using ACV, but they all talked about a lot of pain, and as you can probably relate to, I was not too psyched about having to go through that. Plus, I have a busy schedule and don't have time for any more pain than the warts were already causing me. But then I came across one that talked about using clear nail polish, which I had, so I thought I might try it. I put the nail polish on both warts after my shower at night. It dried surprisingly fast. Within even a day I started to notice a difference: the warts were turning a darker color. I kept applying the nail polish every day, usually after my shower or whenever I thought of it, but I had no specific pattern. After a week, the warts were a dark brown/black-ish color and I no longer had any pain. One night, I noticed that the large wart was peeling, and I was able to peel it right off and discover actual skin underneath!!! It was still an open sore, but I was very happy that it was gone. I was also surprised because I thought the little one would be the first to go, but I'm still working on that one. This method was AMAZING!!! The only pain I felt the entire time was just the fact that after the wart was gone it was an open sore. And, I didn't even need to leave my house to get the treatment. I'm so happy I will be able to show my heel again without embarassment! I would really recommend this for people who want a cheap, pain-free method (and who doesn't)! :)

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