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For about 3 yrs. I had a planter wart right in the crease on my right fokts big toe. Every night it would itch and bother me to the point I couldnt sleep! So then I showed my mom she told to wash it really good and it will go away in about 3 days. So, I did what she said. 3 days later I looked atit and it was still there. So, my godfather (Jeff) bought me some Wart Glue Remover from Walmart, but it never worked! So then my mother once again bought me some,Compound W Super wart remover but it was a once again failed experiment. So i made my own i i used * naile file * tweezers * cotton ball * wart glue* hydrogen peroxide (3%) * band-aids * warm water * soap (non-scented) Okay after i got the supplies listed above i followed these following steps for 2 weeks: Step1- Clean the affected area with warm water and soap Step 2- pick some of the skin around the wart with twezzers Step 3- Use a 1 cotton bal with hydrogen peroxide on it and hold it on the wart/warts for 30 seconds Step 4- Using a different cotton ball put wart glue remover on the cotton ball Step 5- Hold onto the affected area Step 6- Wrap a band-aid around the cotton ball, making sure no air can get in or out *DO THIS PROCEDURE TWICE A DAY FOR TWO WEEKS STRAIGHT!* After i did this for two weeks i took the band-aid off and i saw that the wart was falling off so i peeled it off slowly and there it was GONE! and about 2 days after my skin was fully grown back!:) Thanks for ready sorry for it being too longb<3 <3 :) :)


I first noticed a small wart on the under-inside of my left big toe about 2.5 years ago. It was small and I was a dancer, so I was accustomed to imperfections on my feet and never really thought too much of it. However, about a year later it began to grow until it was about the size of a penny and no longer easy to hide. Then, after going for a run one day I got a blood-blister further down on the inside arch of my foot which as it 'healed' actually became a wart larger than a quarter. Even worse, a few smaller warts were beginning to crop up around these two larger ones.

I was so embarrassed. I tried over the counter acid gel treatment that didn't seem to do anything. I then moved on to consulting a doctor. We tried freezing, but that didn't work either. So the doctor tried applying some extra strength prescription gel, but that didn't help either. I was spending big bucks going to the doctor every other week to receive very ineffectual and painful treatment that would leave me unable to walk for a day or two from the pain.

So I decided to try a new approach:
-Warm soapy water
-Vitamin-C pills
-Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
-Compound-W (Or target, etc) gel
-A small bowl

I started by soaking my foot in warm soapy water and then in the Apple Cider Vinegar and dried my foot. I crushed the Vitamin-C pills into as fine of a powder as I could. I then mixed the crushed pills with a little bit of the gel and a little ACV to make a sort of 'paste.' I generously covered my two largest warts with this paste and covered them with air tight (waterproof) band-aids, wrapped then in pre-wrap, and left them for two days letting no oxygen get in.

After a full 48 hours, I removed the bandages and saw that the warts had become soft & black. As I picked at the bigger one, the whole thing just lifted off, leaving a large whole underneath. At this point, I became scared (What was I expecting to be there when I took out the wart?), frustrated, and embarrassed and consequently burst into tears. So I (loosely) covered up the hole and the remaining wart with band-aids and tried to take a break from worrying about it for a few days. About 2 days later, I removed the band-aid again and this time found that new, pink skin was beginning to grow around the hole. By about a week later, the hole was almost completely healed. There is still a bit of a light pink scar there, but I am fine with living with that as opposed to the alternative. As for the smaller (but still the size of a penny) wart on my toe, it dried up and as it did, I was able to easily pick the scab/wart off. That healed quickly as well and now looks good as new. This treatment was just barely painful and nothing compared to the other treatments I had tried.

The best part is that after that, the smaller warts around this area started to clear up on their own! This was all about 6 months ago and I have had no troubles with my feet since. I have even used this remedy on a wart that later developed on my finger (That one took 2 rounds of this treatment)and would quickly recommend it to ANYONE! Unfortunately, I healed my warts just as it was time to put away the flip-flops for the summer, but I am now anxiously awaiting this next summer free of the shame and attempts to hide my feet (Strategically placed sandal straps and cute tennis shoes were always on my conscious). I hope that this was able to help and good luck to everyone!



My son had a plantar wart we treated with the salicylic bandaids for 6 months. It just wouldn't go away. My sister told me to try FRANKINCENSE.

Her daughter's hands had been covered with warts, 14 or more. She had taken her to the doctor who had frozen them off multiple times, resulting in incresed growth and spreading of warts, in addition to being very painful. She tried Apple Cider Vinegar, but on day 3 the pain began, and day 5 the pain was unbearable. A friend told her to try FRANKINCENSE - 1 drop Frankicense + 1 drop olive oil - rub over affected area 2 times a day. After 3 weeks they were completely gone. Gone with NO PAIN whatsoever.

I decided to try this on my son. Since it was on the bottom of his foot I applied 1 drop FRANKINCENSE (no mixer oil necessary for tough bottom of foot skin) directly on plantar wart 2 times a day. After 1 week it started to turn black. By 2 weeks it was gone, but I continued 1 more week to make sure it was completely gone. I have since used this treatment on my 2 other children, and another friend of mine now swears by it as well. Best of all it is completely PAIN FREE.


I've had plantar warts for 15 years. (I know, this is taking my doctor phobia a little too far.)I did have them surgically removed once, but they came right back. I controlled them with over the counter medications, but couldn't get rid of them. They're finally gone. Do not let them crust or callous over. That's their protection and they thrive. After filing or shaving off the crust, rinse with hydrogen peroxide. I then cut a small piece of cotton from a ball, dipped it in tea tree oil and vitamin E oil. I taped it to the warts with duct tape. At night, I did the same, but soaked the cotton in apple cider vinegar. After about 10 days, I took off the bandage and found a layer of dead, loose, skin. After removing that, I discovered the warts were completely gone! That is a true blessing after all this time! There was some pain (if the vinegar burns too much, replace it with the tea tree and vitamin E oil, until the vinegar can be tolerated), but it's worth being able to walk normally.


After trying Dr. Scholl's Wart Remover pads (just made it more tender and painful) and Freeze-Off (did nothing), I cured my huge, ridiculously painful wart by spending less than $5 at the dollar store.

*Ordinary Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)
*Regular Band-Aids (You will need two sizes - circular ones, like the kind they put on a flu shot, and regular oblong ones. I just bought a variety pack.)
*A nail file

First, file down the wart as much as you can, then wash your affected foot. Dry it completely. Then, use the tweezers to pull off the tip of the Q-Tip (enough cotton to completely cover the wart), and dunk it in the hydrogen peroxide. Apply the soaked piece of cotton and press it on as firmly as you can tolerate.

Then bandage. First with the circular band-aid to cover the cotton, then the two oblong band-aids, one lengthwise and one crosswise. Make sure you press them airtight, this helps suffocate the wart. I left it on all day and all night, removing it before my morning shower, filing it down, washing my foot, and repeating the whole process every morning, and after the first two days I noticed it shrinking. Now, it's the 14th day, and while filing it down, the whole thing just came off, revealing new pink skin underneath! I'm ecstatic!

Just a warning though, the first night and day after did hurt a bit. If I could do it over, I would've taken an Advil first to avoid the pain. It's not horrible pain, I would say a 4/10. But the pain completely faded by the second night, and after 5 nights, the wart itself wasn't even tender to the touch anymore. A miracle cure!

Chantelle, mom of two

Remedy: Gorilla Glue, quick dry kind.
Applied in night while child slept!
Child, age six, pain sensitive and non-compliant; 17 planters warts.
Time to fall out: 3-4 weeks.

My poor kid.

We tried a drug store wart remover but it seemed to affect her skin while the warts flourished.
We tried ACV but she complained of stinging.
We then applied nail polish for two weeks but again the warts kept growing. I applied Tea Tree oil. This seemed to prevent the smaller warts from growing, however the huge ones were left unaffected and did not change.

Finally we tried gorilla glue and wow, within one week they were all turning color. A hard crust would form on them, which I would pick off with tweezers and then reapply the glue (all while my daughter was sleeping). By two weeks, around six applications, huge results. It has been nearly a month and all but two have turned black and come out (I plucked them out during sleep again!). No pain at all, not even a complaint from my very pain sensitive child. Amazing! Just be warned, this stuff is strong and dries fast so be careful and don't let skin come into contact with anything else. If this ever happens again I will skip the other remedies and just use Gorilla Glue.


I know this will sound crazy, but it has worked on at least 4 people I know of and has no pain. You have to be diligent for 2 weeks. Very little effort for a painful wart. Buy a bunch of bananas. Peel just a little of the banana so you can use a little the next day. I cut about a 4th of it off. Scrap the inside of the banana peel and make a little ball of the inside of the banana peel. Put it on the wart and use a regular bandage to hold it on the wart. You can do it over night and go to sleep. The next morning, the banana with be a gross black and the wart will start sharing the same color. Repeat with fresh banana peel for about 2 weeks. The wart gets darker and darker each day. If you do this during the day, it probably wont hurt a thing. In about 2 weeks, it will scab up and you can pick it out. It will leave a small hole but heal rather quickly with no pain. Hope this helps. Post on here if it worked for you and save people the problem of having to go to the doctor.


Gorilla Glue!

After trying the Dr. Scholl's Plantar Wart Removal System for a few months and getting frustrated with no results I found this site. I tried the apple cider vinegar for a couple of days. On Day 1 I soaked my toe in the ACV for an hour and that night I duct taped a cotton ball soaked with ACV to the bottom of my toe. It was mildly painful but nothing I couldn’t handle. The next day (Day 2) I removed some of the dead skin and that night I tried putting another cotton ball soaked with ACV on the bottom of my toe. That was three of the most uncomfortable hours of my life. I literally could not fall asleep and had to get up around 2 AM to remove the cotton ball. The next afternoon (Day 3) I tried taping a cotton ball soaked with ACV on the bottom of my foot but had to take it off 20 minutes later. I was willing to put up with extreme pain to get rid of the wart but those two rounds with the ACV were like torture!

A few hours later (still Day 3) I spread Gorilla Glue over the wart and covered the GG with duct tape and then wrapped both with waterproof medical tape. On Days 4 and 5 after my morning shower I removed both sets of tape and re-applied a layer of GG, duct tape, and medical tape. On Day 6 I was able to pull out the wart with tweezers relatively pain free. I have kept applying the GG, duct tape, and medical tape just to be safe – I don’t want that thing coming back! – and I’m now on day 10 with no pain or signs of recurrence so far and the hole where the wart was is healing over.

Thanks to all on this forum!


I tried everything to try and get rid of plantar warts. I started out with 2 right next to each other on my right foot. They gradually spread and I had about 9 of them in different areas on my foot. They were very painful and annoying. I tried apple cider vinegar, duct tape, all of the home remedies, nothing worked. Then, while on vacation to the seashore I noticed that after wading in the ocean that my foot hardly hurt at all and the warts had shrunk down. I thought about this for a few days and after getting home I deduced that it must be the salt in the sea water that was affecting the warts. After I took a shower and turned off the water I took some regular old iodized table salt and sprinkled a generous amount in the just damp tub. I then rubbed my foot all in the salt, grinding it as much as possible. After a few minutes of this I rinsed off the salt. After a day or two of doing this I noticed that the warts were shrinking and didn't hurt. I kept this up, just once a day with my morning shower and am happy to say that ALL of the warts are gone!!!! It took a few weeks for the pits where the warts were to heal over but they are completely gone now. I do the salt treatment a few times a week just to make sure they stay away. Simple, cheap and effective...common table salt!! Try it, I swear it works!!


After reading EVERYTHING all over the internet, I decided to try plain ole vinegar. This was for my 14 yr old son. I was worried that the Apple Cider Vinegar would cause him too much pain.

After reading one of the stories on here from a father and son who simply soaked their foot in vinegar and did nothing else, we tried it.

First we put duct tape on for a day or two, it got really moist and almost like little fingers or tendrils coming up out of it. I used tweezers to pull these out and then my son soaked his foot in a full bowl of white vinegar for over 30 minutes. We left it overnight, the next day when it had dried out a bit we put nail polish over it, we kept adding fresh nail polish every morning after his shower becuase it would wear off.

After about a week of this, we used tweezers again to pull away any loose, wet tendrils and kind of digged at it a bit mostly to make sure when we soaked it again, the vinegar would go down inside. We soaked it again at this time with white vinegar, let it sit overnight and again did the nail polish thing. At this point it started to dry up a bit and one day after his shower, my son was picking at it and he pulled a piece of skin and of with it came the center, like a round hard ball. It left a huge hole so we again used the tweezers to pull any loose bits of skin and then filled the hole with polysporin, but a bandaid on for a day or two, took it off and now it's just a little scab, the hole is 80% healed and the hard round ridge is gone and the scab is flat and level with the rest of the food. Best of all when you put a thumb and forefinger on either side of the scab and squeeze a bit (almost like popping a pimple) there is NO pain. Doing this when the wart was there was very very painful.

So I think the softening of the wart with the duct tape and removing all visible wet tissue and then soaking with vinegar and then putting nail polish over for a week was the key. We basically did this twice, duct tape for a day, tweeze, soak in vinegar, cover in polish, recover in polish each day for a week and then repeat.

Simple, cheap, easy and NO pain for my son. We tried everything else and this worked.

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