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I got these really bad as a teen from running around barefoot. My aunt Jeany told me to take vitamin E tablets and squeeze them on warts and cover with band aids for a week the fungus can not breath and it suffocates. You have to keep it up for a week and never let the warts 'breath'. I promise you this will work. My best friend had them as well and this worked for her after everything failed.


I've been fighting this for years, it seems most of these solutions have one thing in common, acid, the problem is application of liquid. The solution is powdered boric acid, you can put it in a sock and wear it all the time, even at night. Mine covered three toes and I've been using it about two months and they are 90 percent gone. This really works, good luck.


thks to this website that I am able to get the plantar warts on my foot treated. Doctor suggested going for nitrogen freeze but the appointment date is going to be 1 month later. I have a big one on my right sole dotted with a few small ones. I tried using the apple cinder vinegar remedy as recommended here. I daped the cotton ball with ACV and then used a waterproof plaster to tape to the affected area and left it overnight. The following day, I was able to see that the skin around that big wart had turned white. I applied the same treatment for almost a week and I noticed that the skin with the plantar wart had hardened and I tried to shave of the skin bit by bit using a corn cutter each day. It is about 2 weeks now and I have recovered!! no need to go for nitrogen freeze now : ). thks everyone for sharing!


I had the worst case of plantar warts my dr had ever seen in my teens. I most likely got it from running in wet socks/shoes during cross country training. At any rate, I tried the acid method and several other remedies and then the dr turned me on to an 'old wives tail' remedy. Soak your foot in fermaldahyde. Yes, the same stuff they use for preserving your disection frogs in biology class. I soaked my feet in a solution mixed with water once a day for like a week or two and they cleared up. It was amazing and hard to believe but it worked for me. Before that I had them for like a year.


I am so glad I found this site. I have had a plantar wart on the outer side of my left foot. I have been soaking it in very warm water mixed with Dead Sea salts until the water is cool, and then acv after the salt. I then peeled away the thick top layers of skin and some smaller satelite warts and can finally see the black seeds in the indentations. Last night I started putting the acv and aspirin paste on, held in place by 2 smaller bandaids, then a piece of duct tape to hold it on over night. I expect to soon be pulling out the black seed warts. These things have caused me so much pain over the years. I would just like to thank every one for posting these great remedies.


Yay!! I finally have a success story for everyone that has had one of these monsters. I posted once before describing everything I tried to get rid of these things, and I tried everything. Just a few days ago was the first day I haven't had duct tape on my foot for about 7-8 months. Everyone is different and you kinda have to find your own remedy that works for you, but sharing eachothers storys will help give ideas how. Like I said I tried it all from acv, frezzin goin to the doc, cuting it out, nail polish, gorilla glue, soakin my foot in salt water, compound w, I mean everthing. So I finally got tired of tryin and gave up after killing my foot I was done, thought I was just gona have to live with it. I decided I've gone to far to give up now so I went back to using compound w and id hit it hard and wouldn't stop using it until its gone for good I got three tubes of the gel not liquid but the gel and three boxes of the clear away discs started by putting a nice thick coat of gel on it let it dry then put the disc on top then wrapped it with duct tape id leave for a day or two then redo it. The skin dies and turns white just keep throwin it on until u take off the duct tape and the skin peels off by itself once that happens id wait a day or two before reappling cause that was way painful skin is all soft and sensitive but after a day or two keep doin it. It may take many many layers of skin before its finally gone it took me about 2 months and countless times of tearin the dead skin off untill I saw nothin but new pink skin under the dead skin I tore off. Couldn't belive it after everything it was finally over life changing it really is, just stick with it things are strong and the longer you have them the harder it is. Thanks for everyones info I sure hope my story helps someone never thought id get rid of them.


I had several plantar warts on my foot when I was in college and I tried lots of over the counter wart removers but they never worked. Then I studied abroad in brazil and after a month of showering with Brazilian water, they just disappeared- so strange.

Now they're back and I've tried over the counter things again- and like last time they didn't work. But after reading on this site and others- I figured out a remedy that's working!

I started with using duct tape. I'd shower, use a pumice stone, dry my foot well and put duct tape over the warts and leave it there all day. After work, I'd take it off and put a fresh piece on until my next shower. Every time I pulled the tape off, another layer of skin/ wart came off with it. As the warts got more crater-like I'd have to make sure the tape made it inside the crater so it could stick to the wart. I did that for a week- my warts were never untaped unless I was in the shower.

Then at night I started soaking my foot in apple cider vinegar for an hour or so while I watched tv. Then I made a paste of chewable aspirin (they dissolved faster) and a few drops of vinegar. I dried my foot and filled the wart craters with the paste like it was spackle. I soaked a tiny amount of cotton in vinegar and put it on top of the paste and taped it down to sleep. In the morning, I'd take the cotton off, shower and use a pumice stone on my foot and then tape it again all day.

After 1 week of duct tape and 2 days of the vinegar/aspirin soak, a hard thing came out of my smallest wart. It was like a cork at the bottom of the crater- so strange. After another couple days, the same thing happened to the other 2 larger ones. There was a little bit of pain and the biggest one bled a little, but it was mostly painless. When the craters got really big, I'd spackle it with neosporin during the day under the tape. The hole was big and I was worried about infection but it ended up making the white skin that formed the crater edge softer so it wore down faster with the pumice stone in the shower. I still can't believe it all worked in less than 2 weeks!!


White medical tape or any other that sticks. The idea is to not let the wart 'breathe'...I've only tried the white medical tape, and it sticks super well, even allowing me to shower, and it stays on for a couple of days. you could change it more often, but make sure you put the new piece on right away so as not to reinvigorate it. I have had these on and off for YEARS after using a public pool. I used the acid meant for wart removal, and it was a pain. You have to sit and wait for it to dry and it takes a long while, so you tend to ignore reapplying it often enough. The tape has worked wonders. As you replace the tape every two days or so, you will notice it is changing the appearance of the virus. It will die, just be patient!


This may sound everyone, I've tried to get it burned twice by doctor, over the counter Salicique Acide...nothing worked! My dog was always trying to lick the area of the plantars wart. He never wanted to do that until the wart appeared. My Grandmother told me to let him do it as a dogs mouth is much cleaner than ours and has healing properties in his after a few weeks of letting him lick the area(wich he tried on occasion to prick it out with his teeth..) I was able to start peel some dried dead skin of the wart. It actualy worked! I know it sounds gross...but it worked!


Tried to get rid of the huge plantars warts on my feet for years. Finally one day I started spraying my feet with Axe body spray, after doing this daily for a week or so I started noticing the warts were getting smaller. No joke it actually worked for me. After seeing this I continued to spray affected areas generously once per day after within a few weeks or so every trace of the warts were gone.

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