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I finally found a cure! It seemed as if I tried everything including the typical store bought wart remover (liquid, disks & bandaids), apple cider vinegar, duct tape, bee propolis & more. You name it and I probably tried it. After nearly a year I went to the physician expecting that she would suggest having it cut out. To my surprise she recommended crushing one aspirin, adding a few drops of water to make a paste, applying the paste to the wart then covering with duct tape. Repeat daily. She also recommended taking one Tagamet orally daily. My wart was gone within two weeks (without the burning pain of the ACV)and I was finally able to walk again!!


I had a plantars wart for about six months. First started on one foot then spread to the other. Never had on before I first thought it was a sliver. After i figured out what i had it was to late and spread into a cluster. I tried every thing at the local drug store spent alot of money nothing worked. A friend told me to scrape the wart area with foot scraper also used for foot corns. Then i took a piece of banana peal with duct tape to cover wart area on both feet. Wraped the duct tape around foot over night. The next morning the wart was black and pain went away. Did this for three nights. Warts are dead thank God.


O.k first off, I'm only 13, and removed my plantar wart by myself. It actually grew in the exact middle of the palm of my hand. In order for the wart to come out without having to mine into your flesh is simple, you scrub it really clean with anti-bacterial soap and a rough brush. Scrub the skin until it is open and shedding. You will see tentacle like roots popping out of the wart wound (those black dots must be removed like the following...).
Take flat-tipped tweezer and carefully pull everything out. It will sting! But only feels like an ant bite. It will also bleed. Once you are done pulling, not scooping, wash it thoroughly and cover it up with something (sadly, I used a scarf), you must repeat for a few weeks and if you need help GO TO THE DOCTOR!


After reading tips on plantar warts, I decided to 'mix & match.' Here's my history: After getting a big scrape on my foot from corals, I developed one in December and successfully had the hard growth removed by doctors with a scalpel. Even they were not sure what it was (a cyst? foreign body?). So after doing my own online research, I finally determined it was a plantar. It then re-surfaced in March, and this time I removed it myself cutting away surrounding skin with nail clippers and pulled it out with small, sharp tweezers. It left a small, bleeding hole so I cleaned the small wound with iodine. I couldn't believe it when the bruisy pain came back again for the third time in May. This time, it seemed to have grown even deeper, so it was harder to get to its roots. Details on how I removed it: For 4-5 days, I soaked a cotton ball with regular vinegar and placed it on the wart, covered that with a band-aid, and covered that with strong flexible tape, to starve it from oxygen. It did sting a little the first 2-3 days, and the surrounding skin became white and hard, yet easy enough to cut. The inner crater where the wart was, started turning black just like what other people had experienced; so I knew it was normal. Eventually, on the 4th/5th day, I started to clip away all the surrounding skin and got in deep enough to see the round, hard, white head of the darn wart. I started pressing it out like a pimple, using as much pressure as my pain threshold could take. Using a tiny pair of scissors (the type used for trimming eyebrows), I anchored the two edges around the wart, and pulled at it. All this while still pressing its edges to make it easier to see. After each pull, I positioned the scissors around another part of the wart to loosen it from my healthy skin. It eventually came loose and it was teardrop-shaped. The hole in my skin bled, so I cleaned this wound with iodine and vinegar and covered it with the same method of vinegar soaked cotton to kill any remnants. I did this for another 3-4 days. So all in, my treatment lasted approx 8-9 days. I've checked the scar regularly for the past 2 months, and so far I've just seen dry skin, no bruisy pain. So far, so good. Good luck to you if you're gonna try this at home.


35 years ago ( I was 14/15) I had one the size of a pea on the instep of my foot. Now my 10 yr old has the same. I got rid of mine by scraping and cutting with nail clippers - in the sink under a little cold running water - (to clear away blood) as much of the wart and skin as I could stand until little black dots were visible and I had dug a nice big crater. Then I took a tooth brush and scrubbed it with Comet or Ajax cleanser for about a minute. Rinse clean, dry and apply band-aid with polysporin or other antiseptic cream. If memory serves I repeated once or twice more a week apart and I have seen no sign of it returning for the last 35 years. Please note that I think after reading all these testimonies that the method of treatment is not so important as just keeping up the harassment of the wort. Torture it for a couple three weeks and it will give up an go away as long you don’t give up and just keep annoying it.


Oh my goodness, I have had 2 plantar warts since I was 15 and I am now 28. I have tried almost everything from gorilla glue, crazy glue, duct tape, many painful visits to my doctor and nothing would get rid of these suckers! I thought I would have to hide my foot forever! But thankfully I read up on some natural home remedies to get rid of them. I used 50% white vinegar and 50% water, I'd take a little tiny bit off a cotton ball and dip it in the vinegar mixture and used waterproof bandaids. I'd change them twice a day, and after the first day I noticed crators where the warts were, and the skin around them getting hard and white, then after a few days they started getting this black tinge to them and on day 7 these 'seeds' I guess you could call them pretty much just fell out of my foot. Just for my on peace of mind I kept the mixture on the holes for the next couple of days to make sure they wouldn't come back. Then to help with the healing I put polysporin and a bandaid on so there wouldn't be any infection. 13 years of these embarrassing uncomfortable monsters on my feet, only took a little more than a week to get rid of with a french fry condiment!!

Seriously, use this remedy! You won't be sorry!!


Gorilla Glue! Gorilla Glue! Use Gorilla Glue to suffocate plantar warts. I learned that on this site. THANK YOU

June 11, My 7yo son was diagnosed with a wart on the ball of his foot. By July 1, it was noticeably gone. It had been there at least a month. We thought it was a callous.

(Remember to always wash your hands after dealing with the wart.)

We tried:
- duct tape and OTC wart remover as his MD suggested. Tape wouldn't stay on his foot. The OTC wart remover liquid turned to jelly within 2 days of using it AND it burned out the skin around the wart. Did nothing to the callous covering the wart.

- soaked his feet in bleach water. I knew that would kill germs and soften the callous.

- filed the callous with disposable emery board daily for first few days

- covered with clear nail polish when I realized the duct tape wouldn't stay

- covered white vinegar soaked cotton ball with bandage and put on hit foot. I think this turned the callous white and softened much more.

- always kept a water proof bandage on it even though they would fall off, too

I did all of this during the first 2 weeks! I was very diligent and frustrated that this would probably take 6-8 weeks to be gone!

FINALLY, I tried Gorilla Glue (not the super glue version) with the clog free top. I applied it on a Tuesday of the 3rd week. Let it dry then covered with bandage. Removed both carefully Thursday night. It seemed like the wart was gone. But, I reapplied. When we removed the bandage on Sunday night, the glue was stuck to it. We carefully pulled both off and there was definitely a small hole but not deep. I put antibacterial cream on it for the night. Following morning, I covered it again with glue just in case. Days later, we know it's gone. There is no hard knot inside his foot.

If this happens again, I will condense the treatment to the following:
- soak foot in bleach water for 20 minutes
- File the callous
- Soak a tiny cotton ball in white vinegar and attach with bandage for as long as he can take it
- Cover the wart with Gorilla Glue then a bandage. But, bandage probably isn't needed.
- A few days later, remove glue carefully and repeat the steps above until it's gone.

Dianne my first ever one a couple months ago on the very back of my heel. Thought it was a cyst of some kind....sooooo painful! Saw the Dr. and had it pared down and then followed up with over the counter little wart pads...burned a deep hole in my heel..wart got bigger...could hardly walk during this treatmet. Then tried the duct tape and crushed vit. c....tape would not stick no matter what I tried. ( I have a pysical job and sweaty feet!) Anyway didn't work for me. Then I found this wonderful website...YAY. Looks like ACV is the treatment of choice but I was so unwilling to put up with anymore tried the white vinegar soaks and after a week or so the pain is gone, the wart seems to be coming to the surface (I can see all these little tendrils sticking up out of it, but am too chicken to pull them out. So, basically soaking in white vinegar, then dry and cover . Rpt daily or every other day.( I soak for about an hour each time) Totally painless and it seems to be working. Thanks so much for this wonderful tip!! (ps. have found that waterproof hospital sticks pretty good through a shift at work and for awhile during cyling, walking etc.)


I have read every ones remedies and have to tell you a fairly simple way I got rid of mine.

The goal is to keep the warts from Breathing. What I do do is allow the wart to breath in something it will not enjoy.

I simply, got 90% rubbing alcohol and drenched my socks in it. Then allowed the socks to dry while I watched TV. Once, they dried. Re soak them. Did this for 3 Days and they where gone.

I get them a lot during the summer because I go swimming down the street in the river with my boots on. Yup, I am a redneck. LOL

Thank fully, I also came up with a solution to these pesky warts. = )


I had a horrible case of plantar warts on both feet in college. I thought they were blisters, so I ignored them for many months because I had never had a wart and didn't know that's what it was. Once I searched online and discovered I had plantar warts, I started looking into treatments.

First, I went to the podiatrist. He said I had too many warts (probably 15 on the right foot and 8 on the left) to do the laser treatment or freezing. It would be very expensive. He recommended buying salicylic acid pads. He said to cut them in the shape of the warts and leave them on all day, as it would kill the wart. I tried this, but it did not really work well.

I read a few sites online about apple cider vinegar, and I was very skeptical. My warts were very deep and I'd had them for so long, I was worried nothing would work. It took about a month, but they finally went away. This is what I did:

Twice daily, I would scrape the warts with a nail file or even with a box cutter to cut off any dead skin so the vinegar could really soak in. Next, I would soak a cotton ball in cider vinegar and tape it to my foot over the warts. This was very tricky and uncomfortable bc of the number of warts I had. But I continued doing this time consuming treatment and eventually they started to turn darker and darker, and then they started to fall off my skin.

I hope this can help you! I hope to never have this horrible problem again!!

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