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A success story! I had a plantar wart on my heel for about two years. It never got worse, but with periodic home treatments with salicylic acid, it also never got better so I sought medical attention. My general doctor tried freezing ('cry'otherapy) three times without success. He referred me to a dermatologist. He also tried scraping and freezing with no success. Each time the procedures left me hobbling for days. The dermatologist then injected a solution that caused my wart to blister. I could not put pressure on my foot for a week. It was extremely painful. After the the blister began to peel off (about a week), I was completely distressed to find that the single wart had now multiplied into 6 warts (clustered). I then began to search the internet for help and found this site. I read almost EVERY post! The following is a condensed version of how my wart was cured in less than a month. I immediately covered the warts in duct tape and kept it covered 24/7. I only changed it daily after my shower. The newever, smaller warts completely disappeared after about 5 days. I was thrilled. Where the smaller warts once were, there was just very tiny holes left which eventually healed completely. However, the 'mother' wart was larger now and the duct tape alone had no effect on it. I began to soak my heel in apple cider vinegar for one hour twice daily. I also scraped the top layer before and after soaking with a plastic knife. This helped to get the solution down to the 'root' of the problem. I used plastic knives because they are disposable and I could throw it away after every use! IF I didn't have pain after this, I would then apply salicylic acid gel, cover the area with a bandaid (cut to size) and then cover this with duct tape. Note: twice, I tried to duct tape a piece of cotton ball soaked in ACV to my foot when I would go to bed at night. I couldn't stand the pain! This didn't work for me.
However, after a week I began to see changes. When the skin around my wart became dead (white and raw) I would gently remove it. It would come off easily just by rubbing it with a paper towel. I never used anything sharp or dug till it bled! If the area became raw around my wart I would put some vaseline with a qtip around the wart...not one the wart, just around it to protect it. I would always throw away the qtip. I sometimes would clean the area with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide just to keep it clean and occasionally would put antibiotic get on it if it seemed necessary. After a couple of weeks the ACV would cause my foot to ache so bad that I would soak my foot in epson salt and hot water instead. So, at this point, I was going back and forth from ACV to hot water and epson salt. About 4 weeks later, the area of my wart and surrounding my wart came loose. When I pulled it up, the underneath part looked dark brown and hairy. After pulling this chunk off, my heal under this was clear. I could tell it was wart free. However, just to be sure, I continued soaking in epson salts for another week. Today, it has been almost two months and I am wart free!
In retrospect, if I had attacked my wart at the first sign, I'm convinced that it would have been much easier to get rid of and I could have saved about $180 of doctor visits. Also, I recommend taking vitamins and supplements especially those for immune health. Last piece of advice. Start early, be persistant and (as a Jesus follower) pray! (God, who created all mankind is also a God who heals). Hope this is a help to you!


My daughter was to a podiatrist 2x in 4 weeks. He put a chemical on it and it just got worse. I googled PLANTARS WARTS and found this site. Someone insisted gorilla glue and duct tape works. I kept coming across the same remedy in many of the blogs. It seemed odd but we tried it. Her wart disappeared in 1 week. The pain was gone. She could walk without pain and starting running again! Gorilla glue!! (Not the super glue kind)Then cover with duct tape and change it every other day!! Thank you!! I wish I knew this. I would have saved 70$ in co- pays. Its been about 2 months and her heal is completely clear.


Take 10,000 iu of L-Lynsine 2 in morning and 2 in evening. And 25,000 Beta carotene 2in morning and 2 in eventing. When you go to bed rub caster oil on the warts. I had planters warts covering my lrft foot and none on my right foot. They are all healed without surgery or acid within 3 months!


Discovered this by accident.

Okay, so I use my feet a lot during the day: sometimes so much they get all red and such and I put a lotion on them. Well, I have three plantars warts on one foot (none of the other). As I was inspecting them to see if I should go see someone for them, I noticed that they weren't as bad as the day before. Well the only thing I had done with them really was walk and put some of that lotion on. So I got curious and started applying every night. After about four or five days, the black 'roots' showed up. I still have them (not for long though!) and am currently using the lotion, called Aveda Foot Relief. It may be a bit higher priced, but a little goes a long way with this stuff.


I suffered for 8 years with one going to about 9...I am a chef and on my feet 14 hrs a day. I was about to have them dug out by a podiatrist, when I was in Home Depot and had an idea. I had been using syllic acid for years here and there and nothing ever changed much. I bougt a small Drimmel drill similar to the one the podiatrist had in his office. I bought a few drill bits and went home and began to use the drill to sand down callous. I then turned the drill upright and began to slowly dig in as the dr was going to do....Little by little I got deeper and deeper over the course of a day or two. It hurts a little but the reward was worth it. After each drilling I applied the acid and allowed to dry. I did this every morning and every night...all gone in a little over two weeks.....wash and dry feet before each drilling and store bits in hydrogen peroxide/vinegar solution until next use...I swear this works and have to drill into will hurt BUT I promise it will work


I had a small plantar wart (approx. 2mm in diameter) and was able to get rid of it in roughly 2 weeks after identifying it. Here's what I did:

At the drug store, I purchased Compound W gel (17% w/w salicylic acid) and medical tape. I applied the gel to the wart 2 or 3 times a day, depending on how much activity I got, and covered it with the medical tape. An important lesson I learned in the first couple of days is to ONLY apply the acid to the wart, not the skin around it. Because of this mistake, I ended up having to remove a lot of dead skin around the wart using nail scissors and a pumice. I also attempted to dig out the wart itself several times, using the sharp end of the nail scissors. After 2 weeks, the wart came out successfully, leaving a small crater in my foot. I disinfected the area with hydrogen peroxide and applied some Polysporin to the help the healing. Finally, my wart is gone :)

Note: In getting rid of the wart I also tried Life Brand medicated adhesive patches (40% w/w salicylic acid), however found that even with low levels of activity, the patches lost their stickiness and came off quite quickly. This is why I definitely recommend using the gel and medical tape- in purchasing it you get more than you'll ever need and don't have to worry about wasting a patch with each reapplication ;)


Hi all,
I have read all 20 pages of remedies here on this forum on plantar warts. I have 1 on each of my feet I can help but feel the one on my right foot spread to my left foot from swapping socks from one foot to the other over time as they are both in the same position near the balls of each foot. I have had them for probably a couple of years now and never really bothered to much about them. But this year I have started fighting them vigorously with everything over the counter and having them frozen etc.
I will not consider surgery.
About a month ago after acid wax and a good freezing I managed to dig the whole thing out of my right foot to be left with smooth pink fresh skin. Hooray success. But 2 my horror 2 weeks later it came back?? I was so disappointed.
I have no been trying ACV tape in combination with freezing. ACV seems to be vary popular on this forum and I have read many success stories.
My question is from anyone who has had success from ACV as stated. 'what has resulted months and years down the track'? Have your warts stayed away or have they come back again.
My email address is
Would love to hear directly from anyone wishing to discuss their personal situation?
Feel free to contact me on the above email.
Cheers Michael


So THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!! Since I was 10 years of age I have had SEVERAL Planter warts on the bottom of my feet. At one point when I was younger they thought they may have to surgically remove them because they would not respond to treatment. Finally they went away around 13 years old. Then About 16 years old THEY RETURNED, at first it was just here and there small ones but then they clustered up again. I am currently 27 years old and I have had them since. I have been to the doctors I feel hundreds of times for repeated treatments, several diffrent doctors and more treatments NOTHING. So, finally started to look for home remedies and discovered this page. THANK YOU THANK YOU, because after 8 days of Apple cider vinegar and taping I am nearly wart free. I had to post something because I am still in amazement. So, what I did was soaked a cotton ball in ACV and with water proof bandages applied the cotton ball. Now, please BE AWARE it was painful after the first day, I could hardly walk, but I was use to all the treatments from the doctors office and this felt the same way so I was not alarmed. So, if it started to hurt too much, I would give myself a days break and would just apply Dr. Scholls wart remover gel compound and cover with a bandaid. By the 4th day or so my warts had turned black and you could clearly see many vesicles appearing. The Dr. School's compound always took a layer or two of skin off after the 2nd day or so, so I applied the gel once more. Last night I took a pair of cuticle cutters and chipped away nearly 70% of the warts, and beneath the black vesicles layed nice WART FREE skin. I have a huge hole nearly right now where I chipped away the warts so today I am taking an easy and just applying the gel and neosporin, but in a day or two will resume the ACV. I am still in amazement and can hardly believe after so long they are nearly gone. Certainly try this, but again understand after the second day it is certainly painfull, but just give yourself a break and you will be fine and wart free


50 years!!! Yes, I had Plantar Warts for over 50 years. Sometimes they were painful. They had created a thick callous on the balls of my feet. Over the years I had tried many methods to remove them but with no success. My right foot was worse than the left. I started with the left foot just to see if Apple Cider Vinegar made a difference. I used a spray bottle of ACV and cotton makeup pads to apply a wet pad to the wart areas and covered the pads with duct tape. By about the fourth or fifth day it was easy to remove whole warts and very thick callous from my left foot. I continued to apply ACV and change the dressing morning and night for several more days. Due to my schedule I had to wait a month to start on the right foot. I have almost completed my right foot treatment with the same amazing results. Some of the calloused skin that I removed this morning was so thick that it was scary but there was beautiful new skin underneath and no bleeding! I know that because of the severity of my warts that I may need to do cleanup work over the next few weeks but I am so pleased and happy with the results! With the thick callous' gone I now have feeling on the bottoms of my feet.
I am telling everyone about my experience and even want medical doctors to know. This is truly a miracle cure. Thanks to everyone that submitted information. You convinced me to give it a try and now I am cured!


I had one plantar wart on the side of my toe next to my pinkie toe. In the course of several months i turned into 3 small warts so I decided to go ahead and see my doctor. She tried to freeze it and that didn't work so she sent me to the podiatrist who put some ointment on it that didn't do anything. I let a year pass. I went back to the doctor (general) who tried to freeze it off again still nothing. I decided to buy the over the counter wart freezing kit and I tried freezing it myself 3 times. Still there! Argh...I went back to the podiatrist who stepped things up by applying acid on my warts...OUCH! I could barley walk for a week. We did this twice. Well I guess when you do that the wart digs deeper and bubbles up even more so that the whole bottom surface of my toe was covered in warts. I tried everything...duct tape, nail polish, liquid salicylic acid...nothing worked. I went to a dermatologist about something not related and asked them and they suggested a product. I couldn't find the brand in the store so I settled for 'Wart Stick'...basically its a chapstick container full of chapstick like ointment with 40% salicylic acid. I really liked this product because you put it on after the shower everyday and then wear sports tape or a bandaid over it. It slowly removes the skin each day and then every 2 days I would take a small scalpel and cut the dead skin off. After a week or so I could see little black 'roots' which I would scrape off until one day (about 2 months later) all the skin came off and I had gotten rid of all the roots! I am soooooooooooooooooo happy!!!!! It took a little bit of time however I was glad that after 2+ years my warts are gone and I can go get pedicures again!

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