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My 8 yr old son had multiple planters on his big toe and surrounding area. I tried the bandaid discs in the store but they were too big for his young toe and started burning off good skin. I tried the brush on wart remover and it did little. In fact seem to make things worse and new warts spread on his toe.
So I called a foot dr to make an appointment for him. The receptionist who answered did make him an appointment (first available was 8 days from then)but told me a home remedy to try first. She said to take a piece of bread and soak it in white vinegar. Then put that on his foot at night and wrap his toe up while he slept. (We use duck tape to keep the bread on as it was wet with the vinegar.) During the day she said to remove it all and leave it be. (We actually decided to use clear nail polish to keep it covered and not let it get air during the day). We did this for 7 days. It took about 3 or 4 days to see the roots turn black and come to the surface. We took tweezers and pulled at the roots (this was painless as my son did this to his own toe)each morning. We cancelled his appointment as the home remedy seemed to be working. After the 5th day some of the smaller ones fell off on their own while he slept. (There was a hole where the wart had been). After the 7th day there were still 3 large (about the size of a large pea, which is large on a young toe)warts that were black but not gone. We decided perhaps they will need to be looked at by the dr to be removed. 1 week later after just leaving the toe alone the other 3 warts fell off on their own and they are now all gone. We didn't need to go to the dr's after all!

I see a lot of posts about using apple cider vinegar and how painful it was for some people. I will tell you I specifically asked the receptionist at the dr's office what kind of vinegar and she said white. The entire time doing this treatment at home my son wasn't in any pain and it was a very good treatment as it worked well with a little patience and persistence!

I hope this helps someone out there!
Especially the ones with little ones!


i have heard somewhere that dandelion milk works i tried it for awhile and it seemed to be working really well but then winter came along and all the dandelions died so had to stop butt if you have dandelions then you should try it i mean you are killing two birds with on stone removing the weeds and your wart good luck !!


I'm just... I'm just so happy!

I'm still working away at it, since I have a couple tiny satellites. BUT! I tried out this ACV method and it WORKED!

I've had a wart just to the side of the ball of my foot for at least 14 years, likely longer. I've tried using wart removers recommended by my doctor, and also freezing. Neither worked, just made my normally painless wart angry... and spawn two tiny satellites.

So I left it alone. It only would hurt if my feet remained wet (and saturated) for long periods of time. But recently I wanted it gone! So I looked around and came upon this site.

I soaked my foot for a little in water, dried it, and then filed away at the skin with an emery board for a bit. Then I applied ACV to a cotton ball and put it, a bandaid as well as duct tape over it and left it over night.

In the morning it was a little painful, but mostly because the skin had been wet all night, so my skin was saturated.

After this application, though, I switched to just soaking the wart(s) for a few minutes with an ACV soaked cotton ball, removing that, and getting the pad on the bandaid wet with ACV and then covering the bandaid/wart with duct tape. By the second day the wart was already turning black.

On the 5th day, I let it dry out enough so that I could have a go at it with an emery board again. The wart just looked big and black.

Well, last night (the 6th day of this treatment), after filing away at it a little more, it just... looked so ripe for the poking. So I grabbed a tooth pick and poked at it. And it went right through! No pain!

I dug out and cut away as much as possible. I now have a crater in my foot about 5mm by 2mm.

I washed my foot and then applied more ACV, bandaid, and duct tape. This morning it was a little sore, but again, saturated feet tend to be that way. I've let it dry out some, and it's only as tender as I would expect any flesh wound to be.

I'm going to continue with treatment for a few more days to make sure I got everything. But, my joy just can't be described!


I used a product called PediFix Wart STICK. It's a dry, odorless and wax based, and it is 40% salicylic acid. A lot stronger than Compound W or the comparable generics. It's cheap, and the stick will last forever. You can get it at the drugstore or online. It took about 2-3 weeks of use, and worked for me.


Neeeed heelp.... Pleaseee
Ok so i have a plantar wart on my right foot right below my fingers. I had a for maybe 8-9 months now. I have usedmany over counter medication but i never finshed because i euther forgot or i it just wasnt doing anything. Anyway lately its hurting a little specially when i wear high heels. I went to see a doctor about a week ago a d he said that he had to remove it with laser but after the procedure i have to wear a special shoe which will help take the pressure off and that i cant walk or use my foot alot and it will talk about a month to heal completly started. So i came home because this months i have many weddings and birthdays to go to and i have to wear heels i told him i would go back in november. But then i found this website that suggested using ACV. So ive been doing it for two days now and i dont feel anything. Many people saay that ACV made their wart to sting like CRAZYYY but mine doesnt hurt or sting or anything. Yes it is turning white but i think thats just because its been wet and moist.
Anywaay what i do is that i put some ACV on a cotton ball and put it on my plantar wart and tape it.

Anyyy ideas and suggestion would be much appriciated. Because i really wanna get rid if this already and i wanna try to avoid spending a few hundred bucks on a stupid wart since in a studeeent.


I posted earlier to use the dr scholls plantar wart pads... It wasn't dr scholls! It was the compound w plantar wart bandaides. My son and I used compound w and our plantar warts were gone in 2 weeks. My daughter got one and we used dr scholls. A month later and she is still battling hers! So we went back to the store and bought the RIGHT one! She is now on the road to recovery.. It has turned white after a week. I expect it to fall out any day.. After it does, we will soak a cotton ball with listerine and apply for 2 minutes killing any remaining virus. Which is completely painless. Good luck guys! Hope u have the same success.


Acv for Plantar Wart!!!


I've had a very deep and painful plantar Wart on my left foot for TEN YEARS!! My GP burned it out, it came back. Another doctor froze it. It came back!! A podiatrist fitted me for a plastic shoe insole to take pressure off it. (Right on the ball of my foot). I work long hours and after only an hour on my feet I'd start limping. Which threw my back out. Add chiropractor. No more high heels. No more flip-flops. No crocs, clogs or sandals. I've been in ugly orthopedic shoes for the past ten years. I even wore ugly shoes on my wedding day and STILL had to concentrate on not limping down the aisle. I've tried the medicated discs, loofah, Dr Scholls .... Almost every thing!!

A month ago I invested $25 on the home freeze away kit. NOTHING!! I was sick and tired of this thing so I grabbed razor blades and started sawing. I managed to get past the callous that had formed over it and expose the bright white part of the wart. Then I used an exacto craft knife to cut around the wart. I'd managed to sepperate it from the healthy tissue all the way around but could not make myself cut any deeper.

And then I stumbled onto THIS sight!!! Grabbed the acv, cotton make up pads and duct tape. After an hour my foot was stinging like CRAZY!!! Had to come back to the site and re-read more comments. Realizing that this was normal I kept it up. Changing it every morning and after work. Always keeping it covered. A few nights the pain was so bad I'd have to rip it off to sleep, but it went right back on. The two days that I could just not bare the burning I only used duct tape.

Two nights ago I really went at it with a pumice stone. It looked like it was cracked in half, very shriveled looking and not nearly as painful. I did grab my left over freeze away kit and did 3 rounds before again covering in acv (now down to Qtip head and duct tape.)

Been sick all day yesterday and honestly skipped my shower and didn't even look at my foot. Still didn't feel all to well today and hasn't paid any attention to it (because it wasn't hurting!!!)

Just now I peeled off my tape and all I saw was an ashy looking scab that flicked right off!!!! Pushed down on the surrounding skin and NO PAIN!!' I've had pain (excruciating at times) in that foot for TEN years!!!! I'm going to continue treatment for another week just to be safe. And then I'm going to go out and buy my first pair of high heels in YEARS!!!


With a Q-tip dab Vicks Vapo-Rub or eucalyptus oil directly on the wart and cover with a waterproof bandaid. Repeat this every day until the wart dissolves.


I successfully removed my plantar wart with apple cider vinegar, q-tips, band-aids and tape. I have had a plantar wart on the bottom of my foot for years with no pain, but decided it was time to remove it. I soaked my foot in water for 5 mins each night before bed, dried my foot, cut off the top of a q-tip, dipped it in apple cider vinegar and placed a small square band-aid over it so that it directly covered the wart area. I would add regular tape if necessary to hold it onto my foot. This can sting. In the morning I would put a bandaid with neosporin on it for the day. Then repeat each night, and clean off the skin as it dies with a nail clipper. Black spots (dead blood vessels) and white, dead skin will fall off. When the wart is getting ready to fall off it will turn black. Wait for that to happen. I tried to cut the wart out before it turned black. I wasn't sure if it was the wart or not and it started to bleed a lot so I repeated the apple cider treatment for two more days. Then the wart was black and easily came off. When it falls off put duct tape or regular tape to cut off the oxygen supply to that area for several more days. This will help make sure it doesn't come back.


I have had plantars warts since I was little, tried having them dug out by the doctors, lasers to burn off small ones, even the acid stuff that makes them blister. The EASIEST (and cheapest) thing I've tried is to use a bleach/water solution, equal parts, and soak in for 10-20 minutes a day for a couple weeks. They start to turn black and eventually grow out of your skin and are gone. No scars or anything. Just gotta be careful because the bleach can stay in your skin and bleach shower towels, etc. So have a pair of white socks waiting while you're doing it and be careful until the yellow discoloration from the bleach goes away by itself.

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