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I promised myself that I would take the time to write a detailed note if ACV ever cures my plantar wart on my heel (I also posted it at a different site.) I am AMAZED it did. 3 years of almost anything possible: freezing, cantharidin, CO2 laser, pulsed dye laser, bleomycin - and finally ACV got rid of this unbelievable nuisance.
I will not write too much about the past treatments, it was a long and frustrating journey. I will just say that CO2 laser was a BIG mistake. (A few years ago I had a good past experience with pulsed dye laser and I thought that only one type of laser exists; the dermatologist I went to did not fully explain the procedure and when I saw smoke coming out of my foot it was too late – he used a CO2 laser on my heel – painful, useless and makes the wart MUCH more difficult to treat). I spent a year trying pulsed dye laser after I finally found it at Temple University but this time it did not work. The wart continued to grow and became unbearable. I still believe in PDL but it was probably the CO2 laser that made the wart very difficult to treat.
So, after I almost lost all hope, I came across this site as well as a mention of ACV in the Mayo clinic site. I decided to give it a shot. My wife is a physician/researcher and she made fun of me, as this is not a scientifically proven method – but I had nothing to lose.
Here is what I did every night:
(1) Shave the wart with an emery board. I found that the pumice stone is not effective. Also, I found that it is best to do it on a dry skin.
(2) Cut a piece of gauze and SOAK it in ACV. It needs to be dripping wet. Put it on the wart, secure it with a cloth tape and then cover everything with a duct tape. Do not press too hard as it will drip all over. My theory is that other destructive methods did not work because they were applied every 3-4 weeks and this thing just keeps penetrating and kills the skin/wart.
After the first few night (~5) all you see is a puffy white circle. I kept going. At some point, it starts to burn BADLY a few hours after you put it. The wart also turns black. More and more black every day. Keep going despite the pain. I used to go to sleep and it woke me up. It is VERY painful. No way you can continue sleeping. When I woke up in pain, I just removed everything, washed my foot and went back to sleep after a few minutes. In the morning, I put Mediplast (40% salicylic acid) – it helped soften the skin for the next “treatment” at night and it is also an analgesic agent.
I kept doing this until I could not stand the pain anymore even a few hours after I woke up in the morning (it was very very hard to step on the foot). The overall process took 2-3 weeks. After I stopped, I allowed it to heal, but I kept the Mediplast on for a full week with a waterproof tape.
After the first round I noticed that the wart had gotten MUCH smaller but it was still there. I was encouraged. I did another round of treatment for about 2 weeks. In the second round it took longer for the ACV to start burning and the black mark was much smaller. Eventually it did become painful though and at some point unbearable and I stopped. Again, I let it heal for a few weeks, this time without Mediplast. I also stopped using the emery board.
Today I went to the podiatrist and she confirmed that the wart is gone. I am still in SHOCK. The described is my personal experience and not any recommendation for anybody to do anything…


FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had plantar warts for YEARS. I contracted them from my sister, who got them successfully removed by freezing. I, however, have lupus and am on medication that essentially weakens my immune system and was unable to fight them off. This resulted in the worst plantar warts I have ever seen/heard of. They took over the whole ball of my foot. I was embarrassed even when showing doctors because they were so terrible. Eventually my dermatologist ran out of options and essentially could only tell me that she was sympathetic. I went through every OTC treatment, freezing, painful ACV, herbal remedies, everything. For years I would avoid taking off my shoes or carry band aids around with me everywhere just in case so I could cover them. Finally I came upon this site and saw that someone suggested putting nail polish on them. I put a massive coating of clear nail polish on the warts at all times and it's been a week and the whole thing is almost gone I cannot believe how painless, quick, easy, and cheap a solution could be! I urge everyone to try this! If you don't see the same immediate results as I did, I did spend weeks weakening the warts with ACV and OTC products, which may have sped up the process. I'm going to keep applying nail polish even after they're gone for a little while to make sure they do not return, but I have faith this will work. Good luck to everyone these things are monsters!


I find very interesting that different remedies work for for some people and not others. And we are also in that category. After spending a lot of money on tablets, patches etc our remedy cost us nothing. Our 12 year old daughter has 3 warts on one foot and 2 on the other and were the usual painful. We had given up on remedies and were waiting for doctors appointment at our local hospital to have them surgically removed. In the time we were waiting she went on a school camp and went swimming 3 times during the week. On her return home the warts had begun to disappear. Three weeks later and they have almost gone and the skin is back to normal and the pain disappeared almost instantly after the camp. So my deductions are that pool chlorine is the answer. So go for a swim in a pool first before you try other remedies? I would be interested to see if this works for others. Drop me an email at (


Planters wart in palm of my hand two trips to doctor 150 dollar tube med. Nothing. Clear nail polish did it!!!! Keep it covered 24/7 mine was gone two weeks


Our success using banana skin to treat plantar warts. Our story begins with our daughter picking up plantar warts on her heel 3 years ago while we were on holiday. We too went through the never ending round of using OTC wart treatments which never eliminted the warts and we eventualy went to our local doctor who prescribed the usual salicylic acid solution. When this didn't work, our doctor tried freezing the warts. This also did not work. As many people have commented, the treatment of warts is a never ending task, done every day, is painful for the child (to the point of tears), causes great concern to the parents and frustration to all with no success after months and months of treatment (never mind the cost of doctor's fees). Not only did the original warts not go away, other warts grew around the original 2. Thus, despite all our efforts over more than 3 years, the end result was more warts! I turned to the internet in desperation in seach of an alternative method to eliminate plantar warts. I came across the use of apple cider vingear (ACV) (5% acetic acid), and we tried this every night over 4 months. The strong vinegar smell did not go over well with my child but she persevered, soaking her heel in the ACV for 25 minutes every night and then having absorbent pads cut to size, soaked an ACV and taped over the warts. The white (dead) skin was scraped away once or twice a week to reveal the black dots within the warts. This was faithfully done every night for over 4 months. Several of the 'satellite' warts did die away, however, the 2 original warts remained. The constant soaking and scraping had worked to a degree but we seemed to not have achieved progress with the original 2 warts. The tears and frustration of my child drove me back to tthe internet again. I was not convinved of duct tape, underarm deoderant spray or other such remedies which seem to work for others. I did however come across the use of banana skin. Here my scepticism went into overdrive, but I was desperate to help my daughter finally get rid of her plantar warts. I told her, you are not going to beleive what we will try next; I think she had an image of soaking her heels in a bowl of fruit salad! My thought was, well I have nothing to lose so let's give it a go. And the result: success. Within 2 months all the warts are gone including the 2 original warts after a total of nearly 3.5 years of treatment. What did we do? We placed a small piece of banana peel cut to the appropriate size over the wart (the side that was touching the banana, placed onto the wart), and held the banana peel in place with tape. The banana peel was replaced every evening after washing the foot. The banana peel seems to act like a milder version of the salisylic acid solution we originally tried in that the wart and the surround skin slowly turned white. Why this happens I have no idea. We scraped off the dead white skin about once a week. Over several weeks, the warts became smaller and eventually they were gone. We kept up the treatment for a week afterward, just to be sure. It took about another 2-3 weeks for the skin on the heel to return to normal, but normal it is. So, despite my initial scepticism, I have to say it worked for us and I am writing this blog to pass on our success story. It might not work for everyone and I am convinced persistence is the key. Using banana skin is easy, cheap, not smelly and does not cause tears. I wish I had known about it months ago. Good luck to you all; I share your frustration and the lack of interest by most doctors and their blind belief in salisylic acid solutions, freezing or even surgery. For those who have an interest, I did find a medical paper on the subject: Treatment of Plantar Warts with Banana Skin, by Dr Livia Warzawer-Schwarz in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 1981, Dec; 68(6):975-6.


When my 16 year old son developed plantar warts on his foot, I immediately brought him to our pediatrician for treatment. His warts were fairly large and had spread around several toes. She talked about all the medical remedies that I have seen in this post - freezing, laser removal, surgery etc. But before she sent us down that path, she suggested that we first try a remedy that she had read about - taking Tagamet once a day. I could not believe or understand why an antacid treatment would work for Plantar warts - but I was willing to try anything other than conventional surgical/freezing method.
Well - I am happy to report that it worked wonders. The warts were gone within a month. He took one tablet every day and the warts just seem to dry up and go away. This was several years ago and the warts have never returned.

Well, my daughter just recently develope warts as well and I remembered the remedy we had used on our son.
Again - my daughter has been taking Tagamet once a day for about a month, and again the warts are going away.

I hope this remedy works for others as well. Quick, simple, cheap with no duct tape, ACV, Gorilla Glue (although I believe these home remedies work as well), freezing, laser etc or pain. Good luck


I noticed my plantar warts while climbing a ladder to paint my house so I think I caught them early. I read a bunch of remedies and a common theme for a cure seemed to be acid and waterproof bandage.
I used a crushed aspirin mixed with a tiny bit of white vinegar to form a paste that I applied to the plantar warts with a waterproof bandage and waterproof tape and left it on for 24 hours a day. The skin under the bandage turned white like you would expect wet skin to look. After less than a week most of the pain was gone. I kept applying the paste for a week and a half with the skin staying white. Then I left the bandage off and the skin still stayed white where the bandage had been for another half a week. Then that patch of white skin about the size of a quarter fell off like a blister taking the plantar warts with it.
In the past I have used acid drops and freezing kits but this method worked the quickest.
When I was a kid the Dr. would use radiation to take them off. That was the least painful but I don't think they do that any more. They used to use xrays at the shoe store to see if your shoes fit too.


I have had multiple plantars warts on both feet for almost 10 years. I have had them burned off multiple times and tried every treatment known. I found this website and tried Apple Cider Vinegar, it was smelly, painful and seemed to be killing the warts. I endured the pain for months with the apple cider vinegar treatment while digging them out every few days. I thought it was working..... Wrong, they came back and larger than ever. It seemed like I was only creating more warts with every treatment I tried until 3 months ago when I read a wonderful post. A women talked about her sons warts and using Gorilla Glue. I thought 'why not' I have tried everthing else. I tweaked her suggestion just slightly and all my warts are gone and NO PAIN with this treatment. All of them gone and new skin has grown back, I have normal feet yippee!! Here is what I did:
I used the over the counter liquid wart remover on each wart, I put a little on each wart and let it dry and put a little more on. Once that dried I used Gorilla glue over the top of the liquid wart remover. I would add some gorilla glue each night, keeping the wart completely covered. I kept covering with gorilla glue each night for 2 weeks (I never added more of the liquid wart remover). After two weeks I just stopped the treatment and a few days later after a shower, the glue came off and warts were gone. I can't believe they are gone, after all the pain, picking, digging, bleeding and hassle. I still can't believe that the treatment that worked for me was painless and easy. Hope it works for others. Good luck!!


I have had a plantar wart for the last 4-5 years . I've tried everything to get rid of it to no avail. Found this site yesterday and decided to try the acv last night before I went to bed.. Now im in so much pain even after I removed the cotton soaked with acv it continues to throb. I cant rven put any pressure on my foot. anyone have any ideas that might help


I had an plantar wart on the ball of my left foot that was becoming increasingly painful over the course of a few months. Without medical insurance or coverage of any kind, I looked for a home remedy that worked. Because I have a skin condition, vinegar or other astringent/acidic remedies did not appeal to me, but there was similar advice about using various types of plant oil. I chose lavender oil, at a cost of 99 cents for a tiny bottle. (1 oz.)
Lavender oil soaked compresses (very small and duct taped on), along with rubbing and massage on the area to take off dead material during compress changes and bathing, worked in less than a week. I was left with a small pink crater of new skin when the wart root fell out.
This was a deeply rooted wart in the middle of the ball of my foot. The lavender oil soothed the pain of walking immediately by softening the wart and reducing the swelling around it. I did not need to cut or grind away at the wart with anything; massaging and rubbing at the area firmly with my fingertips was fine. The oil dissolved the hardened skin around the wart, and it just fell off after less than a week.
I've never been more pleased with a home remedy. The removal was painless, quick, and my shoes have never smelled better!

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