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It took me about 4 months to realize that I had a wart growing in/on the bottom of my heel. It had gotten to be decently sized (1cm x 1 cm) and two tiny satellite warts around it. After coming to this site, I came up with a treatment plan. This wart was pretty deep. I started by soaking a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar (just a store brand 5% acetic acid) then duct taped the cottonball over the wart(s) over night. In the morning I took the duct tape and cottonball off and cut off the dead skin around the wart (very easy since the skin is all dead and basically pickled from the vinegar). For the day I would take a small piece of a cotton ball and soak it/tape it to my foot. I used a small piece so it wasn't as awkward to walk on during the day. I repeated these steps for two days until I finally made it to the store. I got the storebrand compound W wart gel (17% salysilic acid gel). After freshly trimming all the dead skin away, I applied this gel to the wart and let it dry. During most nights (minus a night or two that I slept at my boyfriends)I would put a piece of duct tape over the wart/salicylic gel combo because I figured it wouldn't hurt. I would just put a new layer of the salicylic acid gel on every morning and at night. After about a week, in the shower I went to pick away the layers of dried salicylic acid. Well as I picked away, apparently the wart came off with it! I was amazed because my roommate had plantar warts that took her months to get rid of!!! When I got out of the shower I used some nail clippers to trim away the dead skin around where the wart was, then I applied the salicylic acid as usual just to make sure I actually kill this sucker and it's little friends. It's been a few days and my foot is looking great. I'm still amazed at how fast it worked. I think it might have been the harshness of the apple cider vinegar treatment, and then the salicylic acid treatment just finished it off (but much less painful/messy/smelly). The apple cider vinegar treatment never really hurt badly, it just felt sore when I would walk on it, but it does give your feet quite the nasty odor...Fingers crossed that the warts don't come back!


I HAD (it's great to say 'HAD') a plantar wart on my litle toe for two years. I perservered with it for 18 months, then decided to treat it, and the solution for me was super glue.

I blasted it for 6 months with Scholl home freeze kit (every 2 - 3 weeks), Bazuka (24% salyclic) gel daily, ACV foot baths every few days, filing and shaving with a stanley blade and emery board, tea tree oil occasionally, nail varnish (but it wouldn't stay on long enough to be effective), duct tape and plasters all with no success apart from shrinking it only for it to grow back bigger a few days later. All this whilst enduring evenings of toe pampering and foot baths, limping around all day, not being able to run or go training, and with a throbbing toe in bed.

Then I tried super glue, applying a thin layer daily to ensure that the veruca is completely sealed constantly (starving it of oxygen) and in 6 painless days, my foe the verruca disapeared without a trace.


i had a plantar wart for about 1 month and so my mom took me to the store to get the wart removal pads and so we tryed it for a few weeks and nothing not one thing had changed so my mom took me to a foot doctor and i had the wart cut out first she gave me a shot for 5 min. it hurt like heck and i did scream but i am a little tolarence pain person and it was hard to keep up and rap my foot and keep it clean but it just came back so we did the hole thing over again and it finely went away but it left a big scar and it has been like 5 months and i just recently noticed 4 yellow small growths on the side of my foot around where the first one was my mom says that we are not going to go to the same doctor and my dad says that we are going to freeze it of and i don't no what to do so what should i do ?

happy momma

My 5 year old had a plantar wart under her big toe and I want to add in our success story as I had read through the posts on this page for advice on how to treat her and found many very helpful. I just didn't know how to apply the treatments to a small child! I hope my post will help others of young children with this annoying problem.

We went to the pediatrician and he advised for us to try duct tape first, before resorting to freezing etc. We applied duct tape over the wart and kept it covered for 6 days straight, only taking off the tape to put a new piece on when the tape began to fall off. On the seventh day, we washed her foot well and let it air out for a day. This was also the day we had swimming lessons each week, so we did cover it with a bandaid when we went to the pool. (wish everyone did this if they have a wart as it might have prevented her from picking it up in the first place!)

Unfortunately after three weeks of religious duct taping, we were no closer to the wart going away. The wart was larger, whiter, much softer, and more soft dead skin had built up, but it didn't seem to be going anywhere. The only good thing was the duct tape prevented the wart from being painful to walk on, and my daughter didn't complain that the wart was itchy when the duct tape was on - I don't know why her plantar wart was itchy without the duct tape on?

Anyhow, after this third week I decided it was time to try apple cider vinegar (which was also suggested by the pediatrician). The first evening I put some apple cider vinegar in a bowl and she soaked her foot in it for 20 minutes. This was not painful for her. Then I throughly dried her foot. I soaked the top of a Q-tip in apple cider vinegar, placed it directly on top of the wart, place a regular bandage on top and also used medical tape to hold the bandaid in place. She slept with this overnight and in the morning we removed the bandaid and q-tip and covered with duct tape for the day.

We repeated the same procedure the next night - soak foot for 20 minutes in acv, then q-tip soaked in acv on her foot overnight. The next morning the wart was looking brownish. Something was definitely happening. We placed duct tape again over her foot for the day. That evening, we skipped the 20 minute acv soak as her skin was looking a bit irritated. We just did the q-tip soaked in acv overnight. The next morning the wart looked even darker, and definitely more irritated, but the healthy skin around was also looking red and irritated, so we took a break from everything. No duct tape or acv for about 1 or 2 days.

Then we went at it one last round. In the evening applied the q-tip soaked in acv, she slept with it overnight, then in the morning applied duct tape which she wore for the day. I would say we did this for three days until we could see the wart had definitely turned black and began to shrink in size and pull away from the surrounding healthy skin. That last evening we were able to gently pull the dead skin (that was the remains of the wart) away from her foot. It left a small crater, and that evening we still did the q-tip soaked in acv overnight to make sure we got everything. The next morning I applied anti-bacterial cream and a bandaid to the area.

We are now two weeks out and her foot just looks like nice healthy pink skin, so hopefully the wart is gone for good. The skin in that area still looks a bit dry, but this treatment was literally pickling her foot!!! But moisturizers are helping with this. It the wart does return we will start with the acv treatments right away as that is what did the trick for us.

To note, we never did use an emery or pumice stone to get rid of the dead skin build up, she would not let me near her foot with anything like that. Also she never complained that the apple cider vinegar hurt her foot. It might have been on one or two of the nights that she said the q-tip was stinging a little bit, what she actually said was 'it felt like a bug was pinching her.' But this pain literally lasted for only a couple minutes. I actually took it as a good sign that maybe we were getting somewhere.

Hope this helps someone, and I know all warts seem to react differently, but this is what worked for us.


I also found success using banana peel. When I was about 7 years old, I had two persistent warts: one on my finger and one on my heel. My mom heard something about banana peels on the local news, and we tried it: taping a small square over the wart every night. After about two weeks, both warts just sort of popped out on their own. They left small craters, but the skin wasn't open or painful, and they went back to normal within a couple days.

As an adult, I've had less success with this, but I'm also not not being as persistent. I think the trick is to keep banana peel on the foot at all times or almost all times, and to use a new one every day. Also, I've read that rubbing the peeling into the wart before taping it on helps as well.

Although my current wart is still around, the banana peel definitely changes the wart. It turns it white and seems to make it smaller. I'm trying again and this time plan to stick with it. My podiatrist recommended NOT cutting it out, because that can be so painful and scarring.


I have had a deep plantar wart on the ball of my foot for about 3 years, and just kept thinning it and using compound w to keep it at bay, however, I had had enough, so I tried freeze away, more compound w, cutting it out etc., so I turned to google to help me out! After some reading time, I went with what I had at home and got to work! I soaked it with salt water for 10 mins., used a nail file to get off excess bits, then I put a sterile gauze soaked in white vinegar over it and took a giant adhesive bandaid to secure it, let that soak in for an hour, removed the gauze/bandaid and then coated it with clear nail polish to seal it off. I did this morning and dinner time, and then just before bed I would soak a third time, dry it, and put a compound w plantar wart foot pad on it and put another Elastoplast knee/elbow bandage on top so it was held firmly in place overnight (they tend to move around and fall off if you don't). Repeat for another joke in 2 days it dried up, I pulled at the wart which was its own little circle now, and it tore out! I have a giant crater now, so I dumped a little vinegar in the hole (not for the low pain tolerance people might I warn) it burned like heck, but I want to make sure it doesn't make a re-appearance like some people have mentioned!!! Best result I've had in 3 years, and it was quick!!!


I used to have 2 medium sized warts on th back of my right heel and on the inside of my left big toe. They were gettin to big and unbearable so I had them lazered off. A couple weeks later they both grew back with a raging passion. I told the doc to hold off on zappin them again because, at the time, I was about to go to the beach. In the middle of my vacation I noticed that the one in my heel stopped hurting and turned white with black pores. I dug out the pores(no pain) and in a couple days the rest crumbled away. I don't know if it was the sand or the salt water thy helped it its completely gone now. Now I'm considering found ACV treatment on the other instead of lazering it and risking it growing back again.
Hoped this helped someone ; )


I had plantar warts on my foot for over 5 years. They are finally gone after getting 4 treatments using a Pulse Dye laser by a dermatologist(about ~$200 per treatment). Not sure if it made a difference but I also sprayed Lysol on my bathroom and shower floor after each treatment to reduce chances of re-infection. I also did the same for the inside of all my shoes.

Prior to that, I had tried almost everything over the years. None of these worked for me:
-Soaking foot in hot water every day for weeks, soaking with apple vinegar.
-Freezing with Dr. Scholl's (2 cases worth)
-Acid & laser treatment from podiatrist.
-Duct tape, duct with apple vinegar cotton ball (every day for 4+ weeks at a time, changing tape every time).
-Salicylic acid wart remover.


I had a very deep and painful plantar wart on the bottom of my foot for almost a year that kept getting worse. One day it came to me to use apple cider vinegar and epsom salt on it. I took a cotton ball and put about a capful or two of organic apple cider vinegar on it and sprinkled epsom salt on top of it and put the cotton ball on one section of the wart. I put the strongest medical tape I could find on the cotton ball. It gets kind kind of sloppy. It was summertime so I wore these sandals throughout the day so it wouldn't get too sloppy and tried to keep the cotton ball in place for as long as I could. And wow was I surprised! I don't know if this will work for everyone, but it worked like magic for me. In a day it turned greenish deep under the skin then dark, it was like something deep under the skin was dying off and healing all under the skin. In two days everything was just starting to heal naturally deep underneath - like a scab on a wound. It was the most amazing thing! I didn't need to go to a doctor to cut it out, the skin on the outside wasn't at all damaged. It just healed all on it's own. Within a few days it was gone completely! I was so amazed and grateful. If this remedy works for anyone else out there it's worth sharing. It's simple enough and inexpensive enough and it truly saved me a great deal of suffering.


Currently on day three of using ACV/Duct tape.
How I'm doing it:

After I shower in the morning I wipe the wart with a cotton ball soaked in ACV then cover it with tape and go about my day as usual. Right before bed I remove the tape and put a cotton ball soaked in AVC on the wart and cover with tape.

Only three days in the wart is turning black and has shrunk!

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