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I have had a plantar wart mosaic on the ball of my foot for several years. I tried the over the counter remedies, using a penny, banana peel and the duct tape. Finally about three months ago I was really fed up with it. It was painful and growing. I sat and really thought about what the warts were and how they grew. Something struck me. The thought of smothering them, I mean really smothering them. I took my terra cotta exfoliator and really went to town. I had the warts bleeding some. I then covered the whole area with Super glue. When the glue would start to peel off a few days later I would repeat the process. I did this for a solid two to three months. I'm thrilled to say that I am 100% wart free! It worked. I feel like the glue smothered them out. I am so grateful to not have the pain and embarassment any longer.


I had a plantars wart on my foot for at least 10 years, tried everything, went to the dr. and had it froze many times, then i started getting more, got up to 9 all over my feet and toes a friend told me about the oil of oregano, so thought i would give it a try, i took the oil both orally and rubbing into the warts and where gone in no time......

Thankfully healed

I tried most everything (banana, epsom salts, vinegar, duct table, potato, and who knows what else. This is what finally worked. I would apply this mix on my foot then put a bandage on while I slept. In the AM, I'd remove the bandage and put on duct tape (this kept it from spreading and may or may not have helped remove layers as they died). In about 3 weeks the pain was about half gone. As i kept with it, they completely healed up with no remaining pain (and I was in a lot of pain).

To 1 teaspoon of Jojoba add about 10 drops Cinnamon leaf essential oil (go to a health food store or buy online), 15 drops lemon essential oil, and 10 drops tea tree essential oil. I also added 5 or so drops of essential frankincense and 5 or so of essential bergamot oil too. Blend well, then apply to wart and cover with a Band-Aid.

Blend together in an amber bottle. Then apply. The suggestion is ONE drop once a day, but I did four or five drops at least at night. In the AM, if my foot was too oily to do duct tape, I'd mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda and vinegar and rub that in and then rinse and wipe dry...then do duct tape.

This stuff on a cotton swab seems to be helping my son's warts go away as well (not plantars), but this did not work for my husband.

Coincidentally, I had hypnosis for other reasons about the same time, but I do think it was the mixture (though some swear hypnosis healed their warts).


hey guys, I just wanted to share my experience with plantar warts. I had about 6 plantar warts on the bottom of my feet, with 4 big ones spread out, and 2 sattelitte ones off of one big one.

I bought all the goods to help me remove these: apple cider vinegar, spot band aids, tape, gorilla glue and salycylic acid plantar wart removers.

I hardly used the apple cider vinegar at all, and since i work it was difficult to have vinegar and gorilla glue applied. so my treatment plan went like this:

During work, I would put one salycylic acid spot sticker thing (i went to shoppers and bought their generic brand instead of dr scholes) on each wart, and covered it with cloth medical tape so it stayed in place. I would leave it on all day and even overnight until the next morning when i showered and reapplied the spots. I did this for about a week.

The areas around the warts started turning white after a while where the salycylic spot would be, which is a good sign. After a while I started applying gorilla glue to each wart, covered by a spot band aid, and i taped over it so it stayed in place. I would do this at night every 3 days or so since the other times I had the acid spots on them. One day, after bout 2 weeks, I pulled the gorilla glue off and a huge chunk of skin (the skin that turned white) came off with it... and the plantar wart was attached to the bit of skin! Then i clipped away all the excess white skin with nail clippers and reapplied acid for 2 or 3 more days to make sure it was gone. The gorilla glue only peeled off 2 of 6 warts, so then I used the clippers to peel back the white skin, which all came off easily and painlessly.

Since then, ive just applied polysporin and spot bandaids to the skin that was gone, and its been about a week and all the skin has healed over! I hope it doesnt come back, but it looks great so far .


Vinegar. I had a plantar wart for over thirty years. And I tried liquid wart remover, bananas, freezing, bleach, oxygen starvation, duck tape, salicylic acid, ext. And surfed the sites and tried everything out there. Finally I tried soaking my foot in a large bowl of hot water with about a cup of vinegar and then I sat and watched a movie. Half way through the movie I would scrap off any dead skin and then soak the foot for another fifteen minutes. The more soaking the better. After a good solid week or so of this it seemed that I had it to a point where I could see the black spots showing up. Then at one point when removing the dead skin (I used pointed toe nail scissors and tweezers aggressively but not to the point of bleeding.) I got a plug of tissue that left a hole in the center of where the wart was. I did the vinegar for a couple more days then I put some compound w in the hole and let it alone to see what happened. This was only the first round.

The wart came back but was slightly off set and smaller so I gave the vinegar another try. I keep at it and got to a point were I saw a few small black dots. I continued until they went away and it seemed that the wart was gone. Round too.

It came back again but this time it was decidedly weaker and encouraged I jumped on it right away and now after 30 years I am wart free. All that is left is a small hard spot under the skin that I am keeping a close eye on.

I also treated another wart on my index finger that showed up that is also gone.

I am not saying this is the best or only way but I can tell you that I spent months using every other method. From bleach pens digging the dead skin out till I had a raw hole in my foot to twice daily treatments of liquid wart remover for almost a year. I went to a doctor to have it cut off and he told me that I would have a huge scar and a lot of pain for the rest of my life if he did that and that freezing it off would have been extremely painful and would not work. So the fact that the vinegar has worked is a miracle and I just had to share this. I think that if a wart is not very old a lot of the cures work but if you have one that is persistent like mine you have to get more persistent.

I used both apple and white vinegar in a gallon jug. Didn't measure it out just poured out about two cups into a large stainless bowl of very hot water and soaked my foot for at least an hour. If you do it after a bath or soak in a hot tub the better as the skin is soft to start with.

This is the first three months I have not had a wart in over thirty years and that has to count for something.


I have been using Oil of Oregano on my planters wart for two weeks and it is much smaller. Which makes sense as the planters wart is a virus and Oil of Oregano cures viruses. I am grateful it is working as cutting, burning and freezing the wart seem to harsh and the freezing hurts like way too much. Good luck with the Oil of Oregano


I have 4 very active children that all came down with plantar warts. After trying just about everything that people told me, I heard about soaking their feet in corn meal. I know it sounds strange, but it really works. I spread a layer of corn meal on the bottom of a cake pan, filled with really warm water and soak, for as long as they want. Within 3 days the warts turned black. With each child I repeated once a week for 2 or 3 weeks. They are completely gone...Amazing..


I had a plantar wart years ago and the dermatologist froze it several times and eventually had to burn it off. A few years ago I got 3. I tried freezing them but didn't work. So I decided to try apple cider vinegar. I put some in a Pyrex dish and soaked my foot for 3/4 hour before bed. Then I would put some on a cotton ball, tape it over the wart with duct tape. Put a plastic bag over my foot held on with a rubber band so my bed sheets would not get vinegar on them. Next morning I would shower and put socks on until night and then repeat the process. After about 5 days the warts turned black. I continued the treatment for a few days and then peeled them off. They never came back!


My daughter had a planta wart, we home froze it, nothing... Went to the Doc - he froze it - then within days she had 6 planta warts.... Nail polish people - I read this site and treated her with a thick layer of nail polish - nothing else, within days they just started clearing up. Now - 2 weeks later - no pain, no fuss and really only 7 treatments if nail polish before she went to bed, my 9 year old has just pulled the mother wart out - we are wart free! Try it everyone and thank you sp much to this website.


I have had a plantar wart on the ball of my foot for several years. It started small and grew slowly, so I didn't take it seriously until about a year or two into it. But by then it was pretty deeply established. I tried compound W and Dr. Scholls plantar wart treatments, at home freezing, discs with pads, and just regular compound W. I have gone through periods of up to 2 months at a time of consistent treatments with these topical approaches. I could get down to the roots pretty quickly, but never really kill the roots.

After reading a half dozen pages of this thread, I was inspired to try apple cider vinegar, crushed aspirin tablet paste, nail polish, and gorilla glue. It's been just over a week, and I can report MAJOR progress and possible complete cure.

The main treatment has been the vinegar soaked small piece of cotton ball, taped to the wart using athletic tape that holds really well even with some moisture. On day 1-2 of treatment, the wart and skin around the wart swelled significantly and turned white due to the vinegar. I used a knife to cut/scrape a top layer of dead skin away, exposing the wart roots. Over the next two days or so, the swelling continued and the whole area became VERY sensitive and painful. For a couple days I really couldn't walk well, couldn't put hardly any pressure on it. I gave it just a little break, and after a couple days of extreme sensitivity and great pain during vinegar treatments, the pain eased significantly.

After about day 5-6, I applied nail polish and gorilla glue during the day instead of vinegar, similarly directly to the wound, but with small cotton ball on top. Two days ago, when I removed the cotton after work, all the dead skin around the wart came off with the gorilla glue, leaving the wart suddenly protruding without any protection! I have continued vinegar at night and gorilla glue during the day. Just came home from work today and removed the gorilla glue. the wart looked vulnerable, so I cut with a knife into the dead skin at the base of the wart. Clear liquid came out, a lot like bursting a blister. I then was able to cut off the entire wart and some surrounding skin, opening a large open crater. I believe that area of skin has been dead for several days, as there are signs of rotting skin. I cleaned it out and am now applying more vinegar to make sure the wart is truly dead.

If it is, I'm truly impressed! I was having doubts around day 5-6, but now just a few days later I've had two major successes and could be completely free of it after just over a week of treatment! Very impressive and quick results!

Keep at it people!

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