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I had a plantars wart that eventually started growing little ones around it. First I put nail polish all over it (only use that brush for your wart) which eventually le me to scraping off the dead skin around it.
Then I started soaking a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar on the wart then duct tape the cotton ball to the wart.
Later I took tweezers and pulledc the little guys out. It didn't hurt and theres no scar. Make sure you pull all of it out or you'll have to start over again. Best of luck


I had the wart on my foot for three years. Started on the ball of my right foot, and another sprouted next to it sometime later. Alright, here's a bit of science background. The wart is caused by a virus. Viruses are generally not considered alive and cannot be killed like a bacteria. Generally speaking, they're permanent. For instance, Gonorrhea can be cured with antibiotics, while herpes cannot. Now, the good thing about plantar warts, is that the virus is relegated to one patch of skin, unlike an STD which is in the blood stream. The wart springs a root to feed off your blood. The key is to cut off this supply long enough not only to kill off the root, but also long enough to ensure that any dead skin that is still infected does not re-infect the area. Now I tried everything. Acids, creams, doctors shaving off skin, freezing (both home and medical), vinegar, dish powder, etc.... Acids eat away at the skin cutting off the blood supply. Freezing is supposed to create a blister and raise the root away from the blood supply. Duct tape (which causes sweat build up), vinegar, and other soaking remedies cause the skin to exfoliate and reproduce new skin under the old) I have naturally thick skin, and none of this work. I stumbled upon my cure quite by accident (and this will only work presumably if it happens on high pressure impact points on the foot when you run). In short, I started running with minimalist shoes. I bought vibrams, but there are others out there that can be less expensive. My goal was just to get into better shape, not to get rid of a wart. Did it hurt? Yes. Did it feel like a rock was in my shoe? Yes. Did it generally suck? Yes. Running in minimalist shoes did two things at once. It cause natural blisters at first. Running a few days later created new blisters, and turned the old ones into blood blisters. Continuing on, calluses began to form on parts of my feet. The thick skin that once prevented the cure became the cure itself by become even thicker. One day, I noticed a lot of dead skin at and around the wart. I got a razor blade, sanitized it, cut the dead skin off, and under it, was perfectly healthy clean foot. I threw away the razor and the skin as the virus is highly contagious. Also, running helped me quit smoking too. That shit's like magic.


I had a planter wart on my right heal for years. Pain when walking, running even standing was a problem. My feet sweat so it just added to the difficulty. This is what I did and I have never had another planter wart again. I bought Cascade Powder. I would sprinkle less then a teaspoon inside the heal area of shoe. I did this everyday and especially made sure I used extra in my gym shoes. Honestly, I can not tell you how long it took but it is GONE. It was the size of a quarter. I did notice within the first few days small black spots. Actually I almost forgot, Wow it’s been awhile. What I thought was just one was actually 3. Right foot heal, the ball and some place else, so I made sure I sprinkled enough to cover all areas.


I had a plantars wart for about 6 months.It then spread to have 3-4 smaller ones and was painful. I tried
black ointment and essential oils and at first it seemed to help. I also did the Dr. Scho. remedies. However, the
best results came from soaking in Apple Cider Vinegar, then applying Oregano oil and then viola
Nail Polish. The pain stopped after 3 days. First few days it seemed to be worse and now only callus remains and the foot seems normal now. I will continue for a month to make sure. Very thankful for this site to get ideas.


After doing it all the Dr gave me a script for a DNA changer to kill it.that point I knew my sturboness would be the only cure
I kept the very hard wart and surrounding skin moistened with cocabutter skin cream, until the skin was soft and the wart was still hard but seperate. I grabbed the wart with tweezers as hard as I could and pulled.
Blood went everywhere. Two days later I pulled what would appear to be white shards of glass,hard & sharp, blood everywhere again , Packed it and a year later after 15 years of pain its gone

Karema Hammonds

I've had my wart for about 3 hours and started to work on my plantar wart about 30 minutes later. I used hotsauce,salt, a pinch of baking soda, and peroxide. I soaked my foot in it for about to 2 hours, foot every 30. It came to the size of a dime. Good Luck
- Karema Hammonds


I’ve battled with planters warts for many many years over 20 years and after trying lots of removal options have finally found that in my case the warts seems to 'flourish' when my immune system was low. I started taking Zinc and vitamin c tablets to build my immune system and to my absolute amazement...The warts are just disintegrating some are totally gone! And this in without any direct treatment... hope this helps someone fighting these terrible thing 

concerned mommy

I tried this with my 9 year old son after he had somehow gotten several plantar warts on his foot after going to a pool. I applied clorox on a cotton ball and rubbed this over the warts a couple times a week and let it air dry...Wa la warts are gone, Never soak your foot in clorox just dab it a little with the cotton ball. You will be amazed.


I have suffered with plantar warts on the bottom of my left foot for over 15 years. i have had several different treatments for them. They have been cut out. frozen and even injected with an antibiotic called bleomyicin twice. By accident, I found a very simple and painless solution. I was put on B-12 sublingual tablets 5000mg per day. these are over the counter. after a month i noticed that my largest one, the size of a dime, was half its size. after 6 months, they are all gone. My sone age 23, who also has them, is now taking the B 12 suglingual. it appears to be working on his as well. hope this can help some one else who is struggling, in pain, or just plain embarrased. I now feel cnfident enough to have pedicures again!


After many frustrating visits to the podiatrist I have have had success in removing my very painful plantar wart on my left heel. This is what I did.

After reading the many accounts on this website I applied a combination of apple cider vinegar and salycylic stickers(40%).

Day 1- soaked area in ACV for one hour. Applied soaked cotton wool bud to wart with bandaid and tape. Covered with a sock for bed. Very painful. Needed pain killers to sleep.
Day 2 - removed tape in morning and applied salycylic stickers (3-4 stickers) to wart area and covered with band aid during the day.
That night, soaked wart again in ACV for one hour. Very very painful. Applied ACV soaked cotton wool pad and tape for night. However the wart became so painful I could not do entire night.
So removed an cleaned wart and finally slept.
Day 3 - Put salycylic stickers on again
No ACV at night. Decided to give the area a rest. By now he wart was turning black in areas. And the skin around the wart was white tender and raised. The heel was painful to walk on.
Day 4 - Salycylic stickers during day. Soaked foot at night. Could only endure 20 mins. Very painful. Applied ACV soaked cotton will for bedtime. But again could only take a few hours. As I could not sleep with the pain. Took tape and cotton wool off, cleaned area and went to bed.
Day 5 - Applied Salycylic stickers during day.
No ACV at night.
Day 6 - Salycylic stickers during day.
No ACV at night.
By now the area of the wart looked dead.
I shaved off the top dead skin with a schapel. I did this very carefully ( I used to be a model maker) no blood. Just removed top ayer to expose wart.
Day 7 - Salycylic stickers during day
Went for beach run in soft Wet sand.
Decided to soak foot again. Could only soak for 20 mins. Too painful. So painful that I had to take many pain killers to no avail. Pain finally subsided after 1 hour. I later realized that all the wart had gone and I was pickling fresh skin. That's why it was so painful.
Day 8 - By day 8 it seemed like the wart had been killed and new fresh skin was there in the place the wart had been. The skin surrounding the area was still tender.

Over the next few days I kept the area clean and would use an emery paddle to sand down the area to expose the new alive skin. I am now happy to report that the wart has gone! This ACV and Salycylic sticker treatment worked for me. I hope it works for u!

I am so happy that this simple and at times painful method has removed this annoying wart. Over the past 6 months the podiatrist had injected, lazered and tried to burn this sucker away. All to no avail. Actually during these podiatrist treatments the size of the wart increased from penny to quarter size.

I think the key was initially shaving off the top layer of the wart,so that the ACV could do its work and then using the 40% Salycylic stickers during the day. After day 3 I was slightly disappointed. As it was soooooo painful. But fortunately continued and endured the sometimes extremely painful ACV.

It is intended that my experience will give others the courage and faith to use a similar technique. It was my last resort, as I had become completely dissatisfied with the methods my podiatrist had applied.

Good luck.

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