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So I had a tiny planters wart on the bottom/side of my foot for about a year (suspected culprit; Gym shower). I didn't think anything of it because it was basically the size of a pin head. It started growing after a year and hurting, eventually 2 years later was the size of a quarter and very deep/painful. I want to a dermatologist to begin scraping and freezing treatments, about once every two weeks, and using medi-plast stalcilic acid pads in between treatments.

Long story short my insurance changed and with the frequency required of the freezing visits I couldn't afford to go after about 4 sessions. I began doing an at home treatment of Dr. Sholls freeze treatment once per week on the wart, immediately after I would cut a piece of mediplast out the size of the wart and then wrap it in waterproof medical tape and leave it for a week. When the week is over, unwrap dressing and file down dead skin, then repeat for about 3 months.

It takes forever I know, but three months later my wart is COMPLETELY gone, zero pain, and it cost a total of $10 instead of the $2000 it would have at the dermatologist! You can by mediplast online on Amazon and medical tape at any drug store. Consistency is the key here people! Good luck.

B Flagg

Go see a Podiatrist. That is the only way to get rid of Plantar Warts. The sooner the better. Do not waste time or money on drug store products, duct-tape treatments or anything else. Nothing works. Go to the Podiatrist, not a dermatologist. Make an appointment today. Do what the Podiatrist tells you to do. That's it.


I had plantar warts on my feet when I was younger. Several times I had them burned off width acid or frozen off. Then I was wart free for decades. A few years ago they came back. They covered a good portion of my foot. I tried multiple home remedies with no success. Mostly, I soaked them and used a razor blade to trim off the callous. Finally, I went to a dermatologist. He said he could treatment, but that they would just go away after about two years.

So, I stopped treating them. They didn't really bother me even though they were spreading to my toes. After three years, they were still there. Then about 3.5 years after I originally noticed them, they suddenly and quickly began to disappear. Within a month they were gone. it was rather miraculous. I just noticed one day that a very big wart on my toe was a lot smaller. Then I looked at the bottom of my foot. Warts almost gone.

So, if they're not bothering you or aren't unsightly, just leave them alone.


Rotate cinnamon oil and vitamin E oil (one in the morning, one at night) cover with a bandaid.

Nobody ever has to have surgery ever again!!

You will see it start to have holes in it like a honeycomb, watch it die. The pain goes away the same day you start and You'll watch it get looser and looser, then the whole stem will come out.



My daughter had a planter wart on her foot. I've read all of these posts. I tried duct tape,ACV, tea tree oil,lemon oil. She went from having 1 to 3 warts on her foot. I decided to try thyme oil and after 3 weeks all 3 warts are gone!!! I would soak her foot in warm water for about 10-15 min. Pat dry and put some thyme oil cotton ball and rub it on the wart. Put a sock on her foot. Eventually the skin started to loosen along with the wart. PAINLESS!! Thank you to everyone who recommended thyme oil!!! I used the NOW brand.



Careful applications of Clear Finger Nail Polish.

Deprived of oxygen, the wart will die in a few days.


If there is a callus covering the wart, safely remove as much of the callus as possible.

Do not cut into the wart.

Apply generous coats of clear nail polish to the wart daily. Let dry in between coats.

Make sure the wart is covered completely, sealing the edges of the wart well.


I suffered for decades with a plantar wart on the bottom of one foot.

After trying everything, I was amazed that this simple remedy worked so well.


Get some canned air, turn the bottle upside down, and pull the trigger. Let the fluid trickle out onto your wart and freeze it solid. Repeat every couple of days until the wart is gone. It's as fun as it is effective!


I have had a couple plantar warts on my heel for about 6 months. The intense pain from them has made it so I can barely walk. I had good luck with the ACV with mother but it became alot of work & stink. Salicylic acid did not work. I went $

& had them froze at DR & that didn't work. I tried doing my own surgery on them. I tried soaking in hot water. Nothing was stopping the 10 on 10 pain! Today I read all about how awesome Lemon essential oil is for treating these. Went immediatly to the store & bought Aura Cacia brand. 7-8$. I dumped a few drops on them, let it soak in & didnt cover with a band aid. Just put my sock on. I kid you not...within 1-2hrs after applying I was able to put pressure on my heel & walk! Wahooooo!!!!!

Im going to apply the Lemon oil 2-3x per day and see if gets rid of them but for now Im super happy about just walking! I also can touch the area without cringing & the smell is nice!


I got three natral ways of getting rid of plantar warts

1) the sap from a dandelion flower just snap the stalk and apply the sap just on the top of the plantars wart and cover with duct tape. Every day even twice a day for better results ( do not get on any other part of your skin only on top of the plantars wart)

2) castor oil (just apply as above)

3) mix 50/50 tea tree oil with mulukah honey (just apply as above)

And i got two more for normal warts (clear nail polish or pawpaw sap)

And apply as above


Trust me this works for mosaic warts. I had a patch of about 25 the size of a 50 Cent piece on the ball of my right foot. I ordered Salicyclic acid pads from my local CVS pharmacist. I cut a piece of the pad the same size as the patch of warts (50 cent piece). These pads have a sticky side and I stuck the sticky side to the bottom of my foot and taped it with duct tape. I changed the pad every 2 to 3 days. In about a week I could see that the bottom of my foot where the spot was was completely white and skin was lifting away from my foot. I pulled on the skin and a huge patch of skin peeled off. This did not hurt at all. The amount of skin that pulled off was quite thick and I could see all of the wart roots sticking up from the bottom of my foot exposed . I then started soaking my foot in straight apple cider vinegar for about 1 to 2 hours each night while watching a movie. In about another week I could see that the roots were dying. I probably soaked my feet for about 10 days straight and then stopped because I could see that the roots were black and dead. I used Apple cider vinegar with the mother. The warts never returned.

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