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17 Home Remedies for Blepharitis


Hey everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that despite what doctors tell you, it IS possible to cure yourself of blepharitis!!! I am living proof!

Just to give you my story…

I started suffering about 7 years ago (I was 17). I started getting those little crusty dandruff bits on my lower eyelashes then it got worse and worse with painful little sty type things that would fill with what seemed like white puss (not nice), followed by pretty much all my lower eyelashes falling out or by me having to pull them out from where the follicles were so inflamed. Not to mention how RED it made my bottom eye lids look…so horrible!! Especially when people would ask the dreaded question ‘what’s wrong with your eyes??’ Eughhhhhhhhh!!!

The doctors said I would never be cured and would have to live with it. Absolute BS.

I did EVERYTHING to try and get rid of it from the baby shampoo cleaning, to the prescribed creams, to the gels, to the lotions but nothing seemed to really work. (Maybe because I had to carry on wearing make up for my singing work).
….The only thing that did actually make it go away was the medication doxycycline. But as soon as I stopped taking it, it would come straight back….there was no way I was gonna be taking that my whole life.. No friggin way!

I then had a conversation with a friend who had recently cut out gluten and wheat which CURED so many of her life-long skin/health problems (psoriasis, rashes, skin allergies) so amazing! After telling her my problem, she was 100% convinced that blepharitis is a big symptom of a gluten/wheat intolerance.

So after tonnes of research in to the gluten/wheat + blepharitis connection, it was just pointing massive red arrows to the cause of this horrible eye disease monster (there were so many other things I’ve had all my life that I thought were just ‘part of me’, that actually turned out to be a sign of gluten intolerance too i.e. dots/pimples on the back of my arms, bouts of depression, feeling tired quickly, spells of dizziness, feeling bloated after meals etc)

So to get the point……..I NO LONGER HAVE BLEPHARITIS after years of believing I would forever - and you don’t have to suffer anymore either! Diet really really is the cure. But doctors won’t tell you this; they work for the pharmaceutical companies who want you to keep buying their products hence never telling you the actual cure for things - the sad truth :(

“Let food by thy medicine”

Here’s a list of things that I’ve done on my blepharitis ridding journey, that, whether are direct reasons for it going away or not, may just help you too:

-Cut out gluten/wheat (it’s difficult but man it’s worth it)
-Being on a mainly vegan/plant based diet
-Sprinkling turmeric on pretty much everything I eat (HUGE contributor to getting rid of blepharitis)
-Sprinkling pink himalayan salt on most things I eat (absolutely magical healing type of salt)

…And just generally taking care of myself more - going to the gym regularly, yoga, meditation and giving myself a little more love you know? Our negative emotions and self-hatred can definitely impact these things too. I would recommend trying all the above for at least 6 months and see if it works for you. It’s not easy, but it’s so worth it. You deserve to feel good and shine your beauty out to the world :) not hide away because of some completely unnecessary crusty eye crap.

Please please feel free to email me if you want to know anymore or just want some support… I’ve totally been there in the deepest darkest depths of blepharitis and am more than happy to help you get through it too.

livefromtheheart “at”

Lots of light and light !


I did a ton research regarding Blepharitus and I finally found resolve by adding a few things suggestions together: 1) Warm compress soaks a couple of times daily helps with itching, 2) Remove eye makeup thoroughly ... I use Clinique's take the day off makeup remover on a 100% cotton pad, 3) Then cut one pad of a pre-moistened pad (can use other half next night) Occusoft Lid Srub Plus Extra Strenth as you scrub your eyelid. I believe this stimulates the eyelid. 4) I use ONLY Clinique high impact mascara and neutrogena's nourishing eye liner. These are literally the only products which do not cause my blepharitus to flare up.


Heal Blepharitis with sage tea placed on eyelid with cotton balls or tea bag. Moisturize with melted Shea butter. (first cleanse eyelid with a gentle soap or baby shampoo). Relieves swelling and irritation.


I used to have really bad blepharitis and everywhere i looked couldnt find anything and baby oil sucked to put on to my eyelids and never actually worked too well... i tried the same type of treatment as baby oil (using a q-tip to rub onto my eyelids) but with CASTOR oil and havent had any redness, swelling, or tearing (outside of when theres a ton of pollen or i stay up for a few days) since... that was like 3 years ago


Previously I had made a moisture bar for my skin. When my blepharitis flared up I noticed that when I applied moisture bar to my face and eyes that it soothed my itchiness. Ingredients were beeswax, olive oil, vegetable shortening and lavender and tea tree drops. I simply place on my eyes and let body heat do the rest.

Rose Arthur

One drop of Tea Tree aromatherapy oil on a cotton bud. After usual cleansing, gently hold back the eye-lid and brush across infected area. It stings momentarily if it gets in your eye, so continue to hold the eye-lid away for a minute. I tried this (my own idea) and it has worked really well.


buy johnsons baby shampoo (no moe tears) and take a cotton bud, ug and some boiled water. place the cotton bud in the shampoo the swish the shampoo (from the coton bud) in the boiled water. leave for 30-35 mins and then take a clean cotton bud and dab both ends in the solution. then gently rub ariund the top of the eye lid working your way to the very tip of your eye lashes. this really works! i got told to do this by the doctor at moorefields eye hospital.

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