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16 Home Remedies for Blepharitis


Cliradex! It's expensive but so worth it. I finally conquered my blepharitis with the following routine:

Every morning I use soft pads with a drop of J and J, soaked in cold water, swipe over eyelids,then soak again in cold water. Compress. Then I put in REFRESH tears. After, I daub a bit of raw honey on each lower and upper lid. At night, I use the Cliradex, swab over each lower lid, upper and eyebrow. Allow to dry then I use Lamosil nipple ointment (find on Amazon, totally pure) before bed. Not only is my blepharitis gone, I look younger than ever! Thank God. This really worked for me, it took months of trial and error, I really hope it helps someone else because I know how desperate I became. Good luck, God bless!


Hi guy, doc said I've got this few days ago. I'm currently doing the eyelid therapy and on some antibiotics and drops. I do the warm compress also. I take the omega 3 capsule also once a day. Is there anything I can do ???? I feel the irritation badly as I feel a bit of twitching of the eyelid occasionally.

Pls advice. Really appreciated.



Hi everybody

I've been dealing with Blepharitis for quite a few years now (read: forever sad... ) and haven't been able to find anything that really helps. I've tried baby shampoo, prescription shampoo, wet ones, special eye treatments etc. and none of those have worked for longer periods. Recently though I was told about a new product by my sister. So last week I bought a Style'n'Clean pen. It's basically an electric eyelashcurler but the difference is that it comes with small sponges you can attached which you can use to clean your eyes. The pen can rotate and heat up so you can clean your eyes way more effectively than anything I've ever tried. I bought it on sale where it comes with cleansing gel that is so good for my eyes. I use is every morning and it has really been a life saver. Hope that this can help some of you.


Warm compresses help relieve swelling and open blocked oil glands. Some have complained about not being able to keep the cloth warm. I bought a stainless butter warmer. I'm now able to keep my compresses warm without the back and forth of refreshing my water when it gets cool. Simple solution which allows for longer compress times, without the hassle. I also add Himalayan salt and lemon to the water, works like a charm!

Miguel H.

I recently got blepharitis, maybe about 2 months ago, I tried using hydrogen peroxide and it got worse. I then looked up some remedies online and found a few that said taking fish oil pills helped. So I was thinking and bam! It hit me, what if I opened up a fish oil pill and applied the liquid to my bottom eyelid, where my blepharitis was located. Well I tried applying some right before sleep that same day and in the morning it looked about 80% better. Amazing! It has been maybe 3 days since I started applying the Omega 3 fatty acids directly to the infected area and it looks about 99% better now. I apply it at night before sleep and in the morning. It seems to be working, so hopefully it works for you too! I use Nature Made Fish Oil One Per Day Liquid Softgel pills. These were the ones I found in my medicine cabinet. Don't know if other brands work. The only side effect I have is the smell of the liquid, it smells fishy. Any ways hope this helps other people the way it helped me.


There is an herb called Eyebright, and for a reason: it helps! Teabag compresses work (no need to make tea, just wet teabags, microwave few seconds til hot, cool until wearable, and put on eyes). Use daily, until symptoms are gone. Green tea also works, eyebright perhaps better. Obtainable at or, if you're lucky, your local natural foods store. It also seems to tamp down conjunctivitis which accompanies (my) blepharitis.


Sounds funny but finally found what works after 3 years. Clean with Makeup Lid care cleaner ( the one the girls use for makeup and sold at pharmacy) then 1x/day, i do it at night, small amount of Organic Coconut Oil ( the type you use instead of butter & sold at heath food stores), on your lids. The oil stops it and works great and you don't need the lid cleaner after a while.

Enjoy, Marty


I've had some great success with an organic medical cannabis cream called 'Citrus Shea Healing Balm, 1200 mg, from Edens Elixirs.' Probably any topical medical cannabis product would work but these are the ingredients of the product I used: '1200 mg activated CO2 extracted cannabis, organic raw shae butter, & essence of orange blossom, lemongrass, & palio santo.' I smear a very thin film in the evenings at bedtime. It's helped a lot, although it still flares up sometimes. Then I smear a bit on in the morning as well. It's quite soothing and works quickly to remove puffiness and soothe the raw redness. If you have access to this like I do in Northern California then I hope it works for you like it does for me. It's such a lifesaver.


Over last 5 years I have been suffering with Blepharitis. I had tried different eye drops my GP has suggested. After different treatments my GP had come to a conclusion & even myself that my condition is not due to any bacterial or viral infection to eyes but it is do with ALLERGIES.

I am an Indian & an UK resident as well. I have observed that during the summer season in UK and also during my holidays in India my eyes are in very bad state swollen, itchy, greasy water running on my eyes blurring the vision and I narrowly missed an accident while driving because of this.

I have done all the ‘routine’ things done to reduce the inflammation like daily eye care of washing with shampoo etc. but nothing worked as there is no particular treatment anywhere for Blepharitis.
I looked for old Indian 'Ayurveda’ guidance for treatment to eye allergies. The first thing I came across is to change diet. To follow it I did the following:
1) Reduce/avoid Alcohol and Caffeine intake
2) Reduce ‘added’ sugar foods (Cakes, pastries, chocolates etc.)
3) Avoid all the dairy products (Milk, yoghurt, cheese, butter etc.)
4) Avoid bananas
5) Increase your daily water intake
6) Eat more vegetables. Especially dark green and leafy vegetables.
7) Include Onions, garlic, ginger in your diet

After following the above diet I should say that my eyes are back to normal as they were 6 years back. It has been three months now and I don’t see any symptoms. I am yet to use Sodium Chromoglicate 2% prescribed by my GP for eye allegies.
Hope this solution works for you guys. I am going for a holiday to India now and need to see how my eyes will behave!


Hey everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that despite what doctors tell you, it IS possible to cure yourself of blepharitis!!! I am living proof!

Just to give you my story…

I started suffering about 7 years ago (I was 17). I started getting those little crusty dandruff bits on my lower eyelashes then it got worse and worse with painful little sty type things that would fill with what seemed like white puss (not nice), followed by pretty much all my lower eyelashes falling out or by me having to pull them out from where the follicles were so inflamed. Not to mention how RED it made my bottom eye lids look…so horrible!! Especially when people would ask the dreaded question ‘what’s wrong with your eyes??’ Eughhhhhhhhh!!!

The doctors said I would never be cured and would have to live with it. Absolute BS.

I did EVERYTHING to try and get rid of it from the baby shampoo cleaning, to the prescribed creams, to the gels, to the lotions but nothing seemed to really work. (Maybe because I had to carry on wearing make up for my singing work).
….The only thing that did actually make it go away was the medication doxycycline. But as soon as I stopped taking it, it would come straight back….there was no way I was gonna be taking that my whole life.. No friggin way!

I then had a conversation with a friend who had recently cut out gluten and wheat which CURED so many of her life-long skin/health problems (psoriasis, rashes, skin allergies) so amazing! After telling her my problem, she was 100% convinced that blepharitis is a big symptom of a gluten/wheat intolerance.

So after tonnes of research in to the gluten/wheat + blepharitis connection, it was just pointing massive red arrows to the cause of this horrible eye disease monster (there were so many other things I’ve had all my life that I thought were just ‘part of me’, that actually turned out to be a sign of gluten intolerance too i.e. dots/pimples on the back of my arms, bouts of depression, feeling tired quickly, spells of dizziness, feeling bloated after meals etc)

So to get the point……..I NO LONGER HAVE BLEPHARITIS after years of believing I would forever - and you don’t have to suffer anymore either! Diet really really is the cure. But doctors won’t tell you this; they work for the pharmaceutical companies who want you to keep buying their products hence never telling you the actual cure for things - the sad truth :(

“Let food by thy medicine”

Here’s a list of things that I’ve done on my blepharitis ridding journey, that, whether are direct reasons for it going away or not, may just help you too:

-Cut out gluten/wheat (it’s difficult but man it’s worth it)
-Being on a mainly vegan/plant based diet
-Sprinkling turmeric on pretty much everything I eat (HUGE contributor to getting rid of blepharitis)
-Sprinkling pink himalayan salt on most things I eat (absolutely magical healing type of salt)

…And just generally taking care of myself more - going to the gym regularly, yoga, meditation and giving myself a little more love you know? Our negative emotions and self-hatred can definitely impact these things too. I would recommend trying all the above for at least 6 months and see if it works for you. It’s not easy, but it’s so worth it. You deserve to feel good and shine your beauty out to the world :) not hide away because of some completely unnecessary crusty eye crap.

Please please feel free to email me if you want to know anymore or just want some support… I’ve totally been there in the deepest darkest depths of blepharitis and am more than happy to help you get through it too.

livefromtheheart “at”

Lots of light and light !

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