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15 Home Remedies for MRSA


I have found a cure for MRSA that's extremely effective. I suffered a lot with it. I would sit and cry bc I would be in so much pain and I didn't know why I was getting them well I went to a dermatologist who told me I needed to use a antibacterial soap...most body washes aren't even high enough to get rid of bacteria on the skin like MRSA so I started using bars of soap for the HANDS! YES, HANDS! they have the highest percentage of antibacterial medication. I use a brand called SAFEGUARD. I also bought an antibacterial ointment that I buy at walmart like for cuts and after I shouwer I put it on my aftected areas and areas ive previously had boils just to ensure they don't come back and it works! I have a lot of scars from the mrsa but the boils have stopped coming at the rate they were. HOPE THIS HELPS SOME OF YOU! GOOD LUCK!


I've been dealing with MRSA ever since 2007. In the beginning I did rounds of antibiotics a few times and had 3 trips to the ER to have boils drained.

The most painful thing I've ever experienced in my life! I even saw an infectious disease specialist who let me know I'm stuck with this for life now. I went a while with no outbreaks, a couple of years actually. Then it started happening again.

I had been using Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (I use Bragg's) for other things like acne and spider veins. I had read a lot about it's healing qualities and said to myself what do I have to lose?

I saw how quickly it worked on pimples, I figured it HAD to work and guess what?? IT DOES!! You really need to apply it as soon as you see a red mark which we know leads to those little white head looking things that grow too quick. But even when I didn't use it right away, it still worked.

It helped one or two small ones drain. I would not recommend this on anything big. Don't let it get to that point. As soon as I see a red mark now, I get out my apple cider vinegar (It HAS TO BE ORGANIC to work), I soak some vinegar onto a folded paper towel, you could use a cotton ball.

Whatever you need to use to apply it, apply it a few times and do it 2 - 3 times a day. Within a day or two it will be gone or one it's way to being gone! I kid you not! I would be lost without this stuff!

Also, make sure to keep your skin hydrated and to apply lotion regularly. I noticed that if my skin gets dry or if I get an area of contact dermatitis, I get a flare up?

But when I keep my skin hydrated and apply lotion regularly NO FLARE UPS. And always make sure to keep hands clean, especially after wiping your nose or anything, we don't want to spread this around! I hope I've helped someone!!

Elizabeth in OK

I have found an excellent remedy for MRSA! I have been very prone to the MRSA Boils for years...and I have a low immune system even at 21yrs old. I still get them but I found out that if you mix a paste of Bacitracin and ground Turmuric (you can get it in the seasoning isle of your local grocery store)...and apply it onto a piece of gauze and tape it there and leave it for a few hrs and then change it again it will help the boil also is a natural anti inflammatory and pain reliever. It reduces the pain and the swelling. Put it on even while it is draining and you will see it healing much faster. Sounds weird but I PROMISE it works! :)

Use SCARZONE and liquid VITAMIN E for the scars as SOON as the boil heals. Will reduce the appearance of scars from it.


Myself and my 2 young kids all had MRSA boils, reoccuring monthly. I had to have surgery to remove one in my armpit, my kids have been lanced open I can't tell you how many times. We tried the Abx, that just made things worse and alot stronger. I was able to eat raw garlic (minced and crushed and let sit for 15 mins) then swallow with water, and got rid of another one forming in my armpit that would have required surgery again to get rid of it. It was gone in days. I have the kids on pHenomenal water every day and when they get boils I put Black Salve on them. It draws that boil right out, it is amazing! not sure if this is healed or not but we have not had a breakout in months! And that is a long time for us!!! There are alternatives to this!


For anyone out there suffering from boils caused by MRSA. Get oreganoll p73 capsulse and liquid. I swear it works. I had outbreaks of MRSA boils for months. i had to get an incision and draining performed on one in the hospital it was so bad (not to mention they kept stuffing and unstuffing the wound with treated gauze, which was like hell on earth). So anyway my mother started researching home remedies, since the boils kept coming back no matter what cocktail of antibiotics the doctors put me on. We found a lot of information on oregano oil killing s. aureus (staph bacteria, MRSA). So i take one capsule every morning and one before bed every evening. Use a qtip and the liquid to swab out your nose, that's where the bacteria build their army. (This burns and makes your eyes water, just a warning). You can also buy an oreganol cream to apply to anything that looks like a pimple or boil forming, but I really hate the smell of it, so i apply tea tree oil to anything that looks like the beginnings of a pimple or boil. i would also recommend starting a vitamin and mineral supplement regiment to help build up our bodies natural immunity. I had break outs from August until January when i started using oreganol and tea tree oil. I swear it works.

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