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Oregano Oil drops (high strength), from anywhere like Vitamin World. Once I see a red dot I put it on, rub it in. Do this a few times a day for a couple days and no problem. I too ended up in the ER and had the thing drained and colonized as MRSA. It was between my butt and male part - it was the WORST! Then I had to have the abcess packed for ~6 weeks. I've forgotten to use oil, or just tried not using it when I get these bumps and they do in fact flare beyond control - but oregano oil always works. I travel with it since I never know when I'll get these.


TEA TREE OIL soap, oil and and heba-cleanse. I acquired mrsa from my husband who had surgery. for 11 months I had a slice of wound that remained open.I used RX antibiotics that didn't heal as well as the tea tree oil did. I use the shampoo also. I change my clothes daily, sheets and linens every 3 days.Dilute the tea tree oil on a cotton swab with water. Finally my wound healed! Tea tree kills the mRSA bacteria.


This is a total cure for mrsa if done right. Me and my 3 kids all had mrsa boils for 7 months. We are cured now.Through prayer I was led to jojoba oil. Seriously. It inhibits the bacteria growth. The itchy red raspberry bumps are severely weakened. So cover your entire body in jojoba oil. Next mix oregano oil, eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil together
put on all new red bumps. The next thing is disrespect your laundry, add 20 team borax to all
wash loads. Next wipe down, disinfect your environment. I used generic pine sol that had 8.7 pine oil, Lysol wipes and ammonia. Wipe down all hard surfaces. Do all of these things at the same time. My family was cured in about a week or so. That was two years ago.


I was getting huge mrsa boils one after another until...The doctor at emergency gave me a script for a fungal ointment to use in your nose for 2 weeks at a time. Staph/MRSA lives in your nose so this helps keep the infection to a dull roar. Also, eating Raisins everyday. Havent had a outbreak in 2 years...Cheers Serene


I have MRSA, It started with an open wound on my right ankle and have been hospitalized in two different hospitals, then sent to a long term facility for IV Pic Line to administer directly into my veins, I have Venus Stasis Disease and my veins are so fragile that they blow when having a IV line put in, Getting back to my wound, it all begins what antibiotics will work without being allergic, that is my big Issue- Allergic-Anaphalaxis, to all of the Big Guns Medications,Bactroban, Vancoymicin, Zyvox, that draws out infections drawing salve called Ichthammol, looks like tar but it works on boils and skin infections,very strong smell but it works!
another name would be Prid and it is Organic all natural drawing salve.
I wish everyone free of MRSA.


I have had MRSA for 4 yrs now mainly on my face even though I originally got it through an I.V in my hand during a hospital stay. It seems now I have it more than I don't . I am 35yr old mother of 2 and thank God neither of my children have gotten it. I have tried every remedy mentioned here and have been on all the strongest antibiotics. I recently discovered a website that sells a great product called. Phenomenal water. The main purpose of the water is to alkanize your system. When you have MRSA you have too much acid in your body. They have other products as well which were all nvented by a father whose son had MRSA. I am also using a gel they sell called Spencer gel named after his son. Both products are working better than anything I have ever tried. If you are like me and have tried everything I urge you to Google Spencer gel and check out what they have to offer . The site also has a lot of information about MRSA that suprised me like the fact that MRSA feeds off of sugar so definitely cut that out of your diet the best you can They have a whole list of foods to avoid. Like everything the products are a little expensive which almost stopped me from trying but I am so glad I did. There is actually a woman on the site that offers help those who can not afford it. The site is actually Phenomenal Water. I urge you to at least check it out because no one should have to suffer like this . MRSA has literally. taken over my life . I had to quit my job because I have it so much. I am hoping that if these new products continue to work as well as they have in the past 2 weeks I will soon have my life back. Like I said over the past 4 yrs I have tried everything so if anyone would like to email me for moral or mental support or to ask about a certain antibiotic or remedy please do . My name is Susan and my email is No one should have to. suffer like I have or alone . Best wishes to all of tou


My father had cancer and was in and out of the hospital icu for months and was a carrier of MRSA and had a few small lesions unbeknownst to us. My husband developed what looked to be a few harmless pimples on his nose. But they became very red and swollen over the next few days. Then his nose and an area under his right eye became very red and swollen. Dr's at two ER's were not very helpful...we were asking for the infection to be cultured to no avail because it was getting worse and not responding to antibiotics at all. After praying fervently for the Lord's help, I went to the web and began reading and immediately found Manuka Honey. I could not find one bad experience. I must have read for hours. Everyone raved and said it worked! I ran to my local Whole Foods and purchased a jar (about $30) with a bioactive of 15+. Online it said it needed to be at least bioactive 10+, so I decided 15+ was even better. It worked! We kept it on his nose and bandaged it with a piece of gauze and tape for maximum absorption. It becomes a bit runny, especially on skin that is feverish from trying to fight the infection. 100% gone! (On about his 2nd day of infection it appeared on my cheek where he leaned in to give me a kiss and pressed his nose into my cheek before we realized what he had. I also used the Manuka Honey and because I began using it immediately, mine never necrosed - death of tissue/turns black).


I read online last January that Staph eat one thing and only one thing--sugar. I stopped eating extra sugar, (and actually eliminated wheat and other grains from my diet at the same time). I've had far fewer outbreaks. When I have slip-ups, the Staph population grows again and I have to rein it in. Eliminating sugar is important for overall health. It's especially important for us Staph carriers. I have seen this mentioned only on one website, which I have long since lost, but so far it's the most important remedy I've come across, and one with many co-benefits.


I had MRSA for 2 years. First treatments, from a doctor, were sufla drugs for a month at a time. I was told that it would continue to return. I found the sufla typy drugs unacceptable as you should not be in the sun while taking them. While I was in the hospital for a heart problem, I was isolated due to the MRSA and the nurses would have to wear golves and sterilize when they left. I asked what they used for hands.. they said alcohol....MRSA hates alcohol. I used alcohol, full strength 90% on a red spot, whether or not I thought it would become a boil and soaked it with a swab or makeup type blotter several times a day until it was gone...yes GONE. I recently had a couple of procedures done where they thought they would have to isolate me again... and did... until I had two tests, two weeks apart... that showed I was MRSA free!... alcohol did the trick!


I have found a cure for MRSA that's extremely effective. I suffered a lot with it. I would sit and cry bc I would be in so much pain and I didn't know why I was getting them well I went to a dermatologist who told me I needed to use a antibacterial soap...most body washes aren't even high enough to get rid of bacteria on the skin like MRSA so I started using bars of soap for the HANDS! YES, HANDS! they have the highest percentage of antibacterial medication. I use a brand called SAFEGUARD. I also bought an antibacterial ointment that I buy at walmart like for cuts and after I shouwer I put it on my aftected areas and areas ive previously had boils just to ensure they don't come back and it works! I have a lot of scars from the mrsa but the boils have stopped coming at the rate they were. HOPE THIS HELPS SOME OF YOU! GOOD LUCK!

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