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24 Home Remedies for Bladder Infection


This was my first bladder infection and it came on strong. Pain while uinating, nonstop urgency to go, even when my bladder was empty. I started drinking lots of water to flush my system and taking larger than normal doses of Sliver(colloidal and ionic) (found at health food or herb shops) every few hours. I was rapidly improving and then the last few hours, the urgency was bad so I decided I would go to the walk in clinic when it opened at 7 a.m. When that time came, my symptons were gone. I was amazed.


When I got my first UTI, it was a bit uncomfortable, then in a matter of 3 hours it got so bad that I had to rush to the doctor. He gave me this advice: Drink 5ml baking soda in a glass of water (down it to avoid the bad taste) then after 30 minutes, add 10ml pure lemon juice to a glass of water and drink it as fast as possible. He also told me to buy pills named 'De Witt's'. I am not 100% sure if it's available anywhere else in the world, but it's a snall blue pill which contains Dry Buchu Extracts and Bearberry extract. I took 2 of those pills with the lemon juice, and by the time I went to bed, I was pain-free and had none of the symptoms! It helped a lot.


Alka Seltzer cures bladder infections. Take 2 tablets - pain and symtoms will disappear almost immediately. I did this 4 years ago and haven't had one since.


I tried buchu tea which really helped, and then i found that you could actually get it in a tablet form - the Buchulife UTI Relief capsules. These were AMAZING! The pain literally disappeared over the space of 2 hours. I bought mine in SA, not too sure where they can be found elsewhere though...These tablets will definitely be my first port of call in the future. Bonus - they're also completely natural.


VITAMIN C megadose treatment is safe and works like a dream for the relief of bladder infection as well as clears and heals the infection. A simple urine test will prove that this works as well and much faster than any prescription if you are in doubt. I have used this method numerous times on myself and my dog (with correct dosing for weight) and have never failed to find almost instant relief. It works the same way that most other recommended bladder home remedies do by creating a very acidic environment in the bladder. Bacteria simply cannot survive in this acidic environment and kidneys and bladder are flushed clean when you urinate. The vitamin C used must be the kind with ascorbic acid or rose hips and must be tablet form that you purchase at the drug or health store. This is the most common and basic form of vitamin C. You do NOT want chewable, powder or liquid capsule type. Take 4 single 5000 mg doses of vitamin C every 2 - 2 1/2 hours. Over the course of a 6 - 8 hour period, you will consume 20000 mg of vitamin C. The tablets that I use are 1000 mg tablets, so I take 5 tablets with each dose, for a total of 20 tablets for the day. Some diarrhea is possible with this treatment and is normal and expected, but does not last long. Please share and pass this info along to those that you know who are in pain and are in need of help with bladder infections. It has been such a comfort and relief to me as I have had bladder infections for years and I now no longer have to wait for days in severe pain in order to see a doctor.


Ive had bladder infections reoccurring for years and the other day i got another bout of it while at my friends, I couldn't stop going to the loo every 10 mins. Forgetting that alcohol is supposedly bad for these types of infections I drank 2 glasses of wine and I'm not kidding in an hour my symptoms were gone. I didn't need to go to the loo for the rest of the night, it was amazing, BUT it came back 24 hours later and this time I am too worried to try wine again as a remedy! Weird that it actually does get rid of the symptoms though even if only temporarily!


Liver Tincture from your Naturopath to boost your immune system!


For UTI (bladder infection) I have used this home remedy with a consistant amount of success. Lets face it you have to nip a UTI in the bud early or your going to end up on antibiotics! Before beginning the treatment I found a warm bath or shower relaxing for the bladder contractions that are assoc. with a UTI plus cleansing the outside of the body is crucial to preventing and curing a UTI. Take an anti inflammatory such as ADVIL to ease the pain and contractions, if you desire. Make a solution of a few tablespoons Bragg's unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the 'mother' (natural cider bacteria) mixed with a few tablespoons of unsweetened cranberry juice and 8 oz. warm or cold filtered distilled water. NO chlorine! All of these ingredients can be found at health food stores. Drink this solution immediately and all at once for the fastest relief of symptoms. Take two cranberry tablets each time you drink the solution, for the fastest relief. Be careful not to drink too much cranberry juice because this will make your urine acidic and it will burn to urinate for this reason as well. Drink the above solution every two hours with lots of filtered non-chlorinated water (The chlorine kills the good bacteria in the vinegar). If you only have tap water available boil it first. Kombucha, a fermented tea, which is available at most health food stores, is also helpful in relieving symptoms. Plain greek yogurt is also a good choice. The idea is to rebalance yor natural 'good' bacteria while flushing out the 'bad' bateria that is making you sick. Echinacia Tea is a good idea as well to both hydrate, flush and boost your immune defenses. This part may sound silly but I was desperate to relieve my symptoms quickly so I dabbed a little of the apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and applied it topically to my urethra and felt instant but, alas, fleeting relief. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT... No sex, alcohol, sugary drinks or caffeine until you are three days no symptoms without remedy or you'll find your self back at step one and in pain again. If your symptoms do not improve within a week or your have nausea, fever or back pain seek a medical professional's help. UTIs can turn ugly fast so don't delay too long if you don't find relief using my method. Good Luck! Feel Better!


Cranberry juice is the way to go, folks. I was uncomfortable for 2 days before I got some cranberry juice. Get the unsweetened, 100% cranberry juice. It's yucky but it really works! I drank 32 oz the first day and woke up feeling much better. Drank another 32 oz the next day and it did the trick! I live in a rural area and there isn't any health food store but the regular grocery store had the right kind of juice -- had to look kind of hard though.


Bladder infections cannot be cured on their own. You must see a doctor for it, and they give you antibiotics to take until the bottle runs out. I had one before, it was excruciating. But until you see the doctor, some suggestions to make the pain die down are:

1. Using barrier or zinc cream on the areas where it hurts or where the pee comes out.

2. Going to the washroom in a warm bath.

They both sound weird, but it helps get rid of the pain.

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