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24 Home Remedies for Bladder Infection


I would get bladder infections often I finally found a remedy that worked. Cinnamon and honey tea ! Since I got bladder infections from sex I would drink a tea as soon as possible after. Drink this tea as soon as you feel a burning when you pee. Start with 3 cups the first day then 2 the next 2 days and you should be good. I have been getting bladder infections since forever !

1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon
1 tablespoon of honey. (raw works fine too )
And warm water.

* be sure to continue to stir the tea as the powder cinnamon fights the ecoli which causes bladder infections.

Worked for me and my sister and grandma hope it helps anyone who suffers

much better!!!

I had trouble with bladder infc. For years and finally found a herbal cure. Corn silk. You can get it at health food stores and it saved me.


My granddaughter at age 5 recently experienced frequent painful urinating and I knew that she is having or starting a UTI. We immediately gve her 2 Tablespoons of Virgin Coconut Oil and also apply some coconut oil directly in her uterine tract entrance. In just less than 15 minutes, she already experienced comfort and she already stopped her frequent urination. After another 2 hours, we added another 2 Tablespoons of Virgin Coconut Oil in her ice cream and she loved it because of its crunchy texture. Her discomfort and frequent urination totally stopped that she no longer had to see their doctor anymore. I recommend the Virgin Coconut Oil by Teopical Traditions. It is not the same as the refined coconut oil being sold in stores that is labelled as 'virgin' as well.

james oglesby

DeMannose. Plain and simple. I tried Cranberry. It did help but didn't cure severe bladder infection. DeMannose is unbelievable.


insert turkey baster filled with apple cider vinegar into genital, acidity in vingar kills all bacteria!


Sometimes you find out that there is no bacteria present. However you still have discomfort and urgency. What I found worked for me was taking Cranberry capsules. I was able to buy over the counter at the pharmacy 20,000mg strength. Just need one a day. After 3 days I felt much better. Also drink diluted cranberry juice and lots of water. Wear loose clothing and try to feel positive. Hope this helps someone


I usually get bladder infections quite often. The remedies I have found useful is taking the Cymalon sachets course, depending on where you are from you can get it in any supermarket and comes in a small box and take one sachet with water three times a day; it usually comes in cranberry flavour and contains sodium citrate. However, the best pain reliever I find is placing a hot water bottle on your abdomen (depending on how many hot water bottles you own) place one behind your back to soothe your kidneys also. Taking cranberry tablets daily will also help lessen the risk of bladder infections and drinking a few glasses of cranberry juice. Avoid all acids. I hope that helps!


I had a bladder infect bad enough to have blood in the urine and got rid of it very quickly by taking 1 clove of raw garlic 3 times a day (mince it very fine, set it at the back of your tongue, if you don't want to taste it, and wash it down with water or juice) and also drinking about 350-400 ml of pure unsweetened organic cranberry juice (Lakewood or Knudsen) throughout the day. I also had green tea with fresh ginger root throughout the day. In a about a day and a half, my urine was clear, but I'm continuing this remedy for a while, then I will reduce dosage and continue as a preventative measure.

Garlic does wonders to boost the immune system. Take raw garlic in this way to cure a bad cold very quickly. It will amaze you. Ginger root also boosts the immune system. Garlic and ginger are good preventative measures for cold, flu and infection.

Avoid sugar, as sugar weakens your immune system.


I have treated many people with bladder infections over a number of years and I can tell you that while antibiotics will kill an infection, over the long run they will do nothing to remedy the cause of the problem. In many if not most cases, the problem will eventually return again and again. As a result the person will continue to be treated with antibiotics and still the underlying cause of the problem will never be addressed and it will worsen over time, yet this will in most cases never be recognized by the doctor or the patient.

These infections are a result of a diet and lifestyle that creates optimal conditions for the infection to develop. Stress and anxiety (often unconscious), is also a key factor yet this is also often hereditary.

The person has got to eliminate sugar, alcohol and refined foods from the diet. It can also be very helpful to eliminate cold foods and drinks as these can stress the kidney/bladder system.

If you want to get off the antibiotic merry go round and correct the underlying imbalance or weakness in the system that is behind the infection problem, you should find a well recommended licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. You will be very glad you did.

One simple procedure through which I resolved every bladder infection I ever encountered was a treatment from traditional oriental medicine called; 'Moxibustion'. Moxa is the herb mugwort and it is used in a burning form to apply heat to specific acupuncture points. The treatment normally feels very good to the patient and usually produces very positive results almost immediately. It takes about ten or fifteen minutes to do.

Other than the dietary changes it can be helpful to drink pure, unfiltered, unsweetened cranberry juice.


I get bladder infection very often sometimes 2 times a month and went to doctors countless times and even had operations nothing. Worked so these days if I feel the infection is starting I bathe in hot salt water, drink citro-soda and use bennets baby bum cream it works like a charm. Also baking soda and water works well. Hope this helps

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