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3 Home Remedies for Weeds


I usually pull them...the ones I don't not to use uncertain chemicals. (The cooking oil is probably okay.)

Think white vinegar works without being significantly dangerous to people, pets, or environment.


One day I had been cleaning my kitchen and found that my deep fryer oil was nasty looking from all of the cooking that I had been doing with it. The oil was old looking and needed to be changed. I knew not to pour it down the sink drain. I contemplated pouring it in the trash. The bags wouldn't hold. I thought for a moment or two. Then I came to the conclusion that I had some weeds in the backyard and wondered if the used oil would kill them. I was deadly accurate. The used oil almost immediately killed the weeds. The same night, the weeds were wilted and gone. The only problem though was that some of the grass around the area that I poured the used oil at was gone as well. I concluded that the acids contained within the used oil had to have something to do with the breakdown process of the weeds and grass.


pour boiling water on weeds to kill them

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