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18 Home Remedies for Hair Loss

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1. Do aerobic exercises.

Of course, before starting an exercise program, you should consult your doctor. But aerobic exercise, in particular, instead of weight training, insulin decreases the total testosterone. Both hormones have a negative effect on hair follicles that produce.

Two. Reduce your intake of simple carbohydrates.

You may already understand the negative health effects of simple carbohydrates. Therefore, this proposal may not apply to you. But if you eat too much white bread, white sugar, white rice, white potatoes and junk food, then cut them out will lower your insulin levels in the levels of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and increased blood .

When SHBG levels are high, the hormone dihydrotestosterone or DHT can not attack the cells that produce hair follicles. DHT is known to play an important role in the development and progression of male pattern baldness.

Three. Try some coffee.

One of the home remedies for hair loss is shampoo or coffee spray on the scalp. Research indicates that the caffeine-induced suppression reduces the growth hormone hair, at least in the test tube. The exact dose required to achieve the result has not yet been determined.

April. Try some herbs.

A number of herbal treatments have been advocated in recent years. They are taken orally, no shampoo in the scalp. Like most nutrients, most herbs can not penetrate the scalp can not be absorbed by the hair. Therefore, there is no reason to use herbal hair loss remedies shampoo you are

Green tea and ginkgo biloba have been recommended because they improve circulation. Reduced hair on the top of the scalp circulation can be a factor in all types of alopecia.

Saw palmetto may be effective for men, because it inhibits the absorption of DHT. Not recommended for women, however.

May Take vitamins.

Magnesium, in particular, is apparently absent from the diet of most people. According to surveys conducted by the USDA, most people do not meet the minimum daily requirement of magnesium.

Biotin is a nutrient produced by bacteria in the gut. There are many home remedies for hair loss that contain, due to the lack of it will cause alopecia. A round of antibiotics may be sufficient to upset the balance of bacterial flora and cause a biotin deficiency.




I used to use egg,youghurt and mustard oil it was reccomended by a friend who said the amount of hair she had increased vigorously


I would recommend using Matt Gardson method, proper massage with homemade masks. I have seen countless people have great success while using this treatment. As always it varies with the degree of hair loss one is suffering with and if caught early in most cases you cases you should experience regrowth.


For hair loss follow these remedies;
1. Drink 1 natural vitamin E capsule and 1 biotin tablet daily.
2.Apply oilive oil on your scalp and massage.
3. Always use baby shampoo or a mild shampoo which is recommended for daily use.
4. Never apply conditioner on to your scalp or onto the roots. Flip your hair down and apply conditioner from tips to half way of your hair.
5. Eat green leafy vegetables such as spinach, lettuce etc as much as you can.
6. Dont use any heat on your hair if you are having severe hair loss
7. Be very careful with wet hair. Always towel dry softly using a soft towel.Use only a wide toothed comb to untangle.
8. Protect your hair from sun using sun blocking leave on or hats/scarfs etc
9. Teleseen Product Evermatin is supposed to help but i havent tried this.
10. Massage the back of the head, area just above the backside of the neck in slow circular motions with pre-heated warm olive oil for 20 mins everyday.
11. Apply king coconut oil/ coconut oil mixed with olive oil everyday; keep for at least 2 hours before washing off.
12. Do not use any chemicals in your hair, especially on your scalp if you have severe hair loss


Pure lavender oil makes hair grow!


I eat a diet rich in iron or take an iron suppliment. I found my hair loss was contributed to an iron deficiency.


to give my hair shine and growth i use an egg,3 spoons of mayonnaise and some olive oil and i leave it in my hair for about an hair ..TRUST ME this works.. i used to have thin hair and my hair would fall out all the time

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