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When my ears are blocked from congestion (cold or allergies) I force myself to yawn, and that to unblocks my ears.


Thank you so much to Yoli. I have been suffering from congested ear for a week till today. As per my doctors suggestion, took Tylenol colds started last Sunday hoping that i'll have some relief come Monday. None. Tuesday - research online at 12pm, consulted it to my doctor at 1pm, bought Claritin D 24hr at 2pm, took it at 3pm and my ear got decongested at 8pm. Amazing. Please try to research first and ask your physician. Good luck to you all and may you hear normally soon.


i'm 21 and have been suffering from severe ear congestion and earaches ever since i was 2. doctors assumed i would grow out of it, but because i have underdeveloped ear canals i never have (and most likely never will). after seeing many doctors including several specialists, and even being recommended fur recontructive ear canal surgery, i had pretty much given up.

a friend recommended ear candles to me. i have never been one to try 'alternative treatment' but after my ears being clogged for almost a month, i decided that it couldn't hurt. i tried them, skeptical of course, and after doing them my left ear was cleared in half an hour, the right ear cleared shortly after.

i know that there is some controversy on ear candles and their negative and positive qualities, but if you're in a position like i was, i would strongly suggest trying them. the idea that ear candles pulls wax out of your ears is a myth. the debris you see inside of the candle is actually just debris from the burning process. they are shaped like a small cone whit a thin opening at the bottom. the smoke travels down through the cone and into your ear. i'm not sure exactly how this helps, but it does. i know it doesn't work for everyone but it certainly did for me.

i know how paiful and frustrating ear congestion can be, so i hope that you find this information helpful.


I've spent the past 3 weeks with a severely clogged ear and a bad ear infection. I've taken sudafed and benadryl, used steroid ear drops, steroid dose packs, antibiotics, everything the doctors suggested. Finally a compounding pharmacist told me to use 2 drops of Pure Grain Alcohol (from the liquor store) in the ear once in the morning and once at night for a couple of days. This has dried up the moisture and the ear has finally unclogged. Now that we have air moving through there again, we're working on drying up the infection. That worked when nothing else would!!


I've come to this website a few times for the past 4 weeks. which is how long my ears have been plugged up. I tried everything. Sudafed PE, Sudafed maximum strength, ear candles, antibiotics for an ear infection, and some other things I can't remember. None worked. Finally I read someones suggestion. Go to the doctor, which I did yesterday. The doctor told me that the reason why none worked is because it seems as if I have allergies and my allergies aren't giving my sinuses enough time to decongest. So she told me to buy some Claritin D the 24 hr kind. So after spending $40 on co payments and meds my ears are finally startig to pop. As a matter of fact my left ear totally popped and I could hear again till I blew my nose. But at least I know there is hope again. Good luck to all of you.


After a hot shower, place a few drops of hydrogen peroxide inside the ear and insert a small bit of wadded cotton to keep the liquid from spilling out. Next lay on a low setting of a heating pad with a thin towel over it to keep from burning yourself. Take an oral decongestant and Tylenol.


For ear aches, infections and blockages, I highly reccommend using ear candles. These can be found at any GNC 'general nutrition center) and are quite affordable. You simply lie down with the infected ear facing up. Please an ear candle into the affected ear (following the package directions of course) and light it as you would a regular candle. then blow it out. It will continue to burn down. When you are finished, the blockage and pain are gone. My husband used this when he lost complete hearing in one ear because of blockage. His hearing was restored immediately. he decided to cut open the rest of the candle and see just what was in there. These things pulled out years of old, deeply burried junk. Try it once and (if you do not have a weak stomache) open up the candle afterwards and see for yourself just what was in there. I know many elderly people that do this either annually or semi-annually. all still have excellent hearing and swear by this product!!!!

Jason X the 3rd

If you have a clogged up ear, just add proxide in it, make sure you hear crackles.

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