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ok plug you nose then blow while still holding your ears closed, it will hurt yet it will work


Okay, people, I just unclogged my ear and here is how I did it!

Since yesterday and today, I've taken nasal spray and earache drops that are also treats ear congestion.

I took them as prescribed.

And today, I took ibprofen, cause I read somewhere they it can reduce sweilling in sinuses and can help with ear congestion. But what I alo did was take 64 ounce mug feel it ice water and dranked it. I mean gulped it down.

An hour later, I help my nose and popped my ear, then I tilted my head so my congested ear was upward and I felt something drain behind my face, then when I righted my head up, the pressure was gone and my hearing was almost normal. No muffling or airy feeling.

It is a little sore though, so I'll continue taking the ear drops for it. But I think my ear is better, but I'll be taking it easy for the rest of the night and tomorrow.

I hope this helps.


This is my first time with ear congestion, and it's been annoying. Hardly painful, but annoying all the same.

Here's something I did that gave me some relief from it. I took a bath.

Just clean water. No waterbeads, or bubbles, or epson salt. Just plain warm water.
I leaned back and submerged my head, but I didn't fill it enough for the cover to cover my face. Just sit back and relax in warm water and listen to the pop as air escapes from your ears. Give yourself a scalp massage, it's very relaxing.

I did this for like five to ten minutes, just keeping my ears underwater and then I lifted my head and let the water drain from them. Then I pinched my nose and pushed the air to my ears and it popped very easily.


I experience ear clogging often (as I refuse to stick q-tips or foreign objects into my ears to 'clean' them...I hear most often that q-tips can actually push wax further down the canal)
I have read other remedies that include pouring liquids of sorts into the ear canal, this is also out of the question for me.
I have found that a trip to the Doc is not necessary providing the clog has not gone to far or too long.
What works for me???
I think the heat loosens stuff up
and the constant swallowing pulls it out
Anyhow worked for me!!!
If it persists and you are a big suck like me who refuses to stick anything in the ears, GO to the Doc before it gets worse....and it CAN get really really PAINFUL!!. Let the Doc flush it out....This has worked for me in more extreme cases

Kelly S

If you have a cold or allergy never 'sniff'. Blow your nose. By sniffing, you are pulling all that mucus and infection deeper and deeper into your sinus and can eventually clog your ears. An anit-inflammatory like Ibprofen or Advil can lessen the swelling of the inner ear which is preventing it from draining properly. The same goes for 'clicking' your jaw. You can do it every once in awhile if you feel you need to but overdoing can actaully make the swelling worse thus preventing the drainage. And laying on a heating pad, infection side down on the pad, can help with pain and ease the internal swelling. If the pain is unbearable or may be caused from Swimmer's Ear, see a doctor.


You can put nasal spray drops in a neti pot and rinse your eustachian tube with it to reduce swelling in the inner ear and drain the clog from the inside (you do this thru your nostrils). See my website to learn how.
google this since I cannot post a link:

tcady clogged ear remedy


Hello everyone,I have been having itching and pain in my ears for the past few days.They usually itch due to allergies,but this time around it's some type of ear infection because this pain has lasted a while and it is 4 a.m. in the morning.I woke up around 3 just miserable,so I decided to gargle some salt water-that kinda helped,but didn't open up my ear way and release swelling,so i decided to make some tea.While the tea was boiling,I drunk a cup of water,that helped drain my ear some.Finally my tea was done,so I let the tea brew in the cup.During that time I went to the remaining pot of water on the stove and put my face over it-to let the steam help drain any congestion up.My ear started feeling better,then my tea was fully done,I sipped while hot and my ear feels better...I'm ready for bed again.NOTE:When you have an ear infection or some type of ear congestion,keep your head upright so your ears can drain..Hope I helped.God bless you all!


After 3 day's of my right ear being clogged I finally started looking for a remedy.
I found this site and quickly found that every one has a different answer on what worked and what did not. After looking at other sites I found that the Hydrogen Peroxide remedy was more recommended then any other.
This method is taxing to say the least. Here are the steps I took.

1.) Gather up the items you need
c.)Towel or napkin
2.)Lay the Towel or napkin on you bed or floor.
3.)Fill your dropper with the Peroxide
4.)Lay on your side with the clogged ear up
5.)Fill ear with Peroxide and wait for fizzle
6.)When fizzling slows add more Peroxide from dropper
7.)After 10 minuets or so the fizzling should stop. This lets you know it has broken up the wax.
8.)Remove Towel or napkin from under you head, place it over you ear and sit up to let drain.
9*.)Place your thumb behind your ear and push forward to loosen the clog

You should feel a difference how ever depending on how bad the clog is you may have to do this a few times (I had to do it 4 times).

*This may not be necessary if after step 8 the clog is gone however after 4 tries I found this to 'pop' the clog.

Do not try this remedy if you have jaw pain or ear pain already present it could worsen your condition.


I had a bad cold (probably the flu) for the past few days, and I was able to get rid of the other symptoms. However, from blowing my nose too hard, I felt that terrible nagging buildup in my ear canals. I tried pseudoephedrine and other decongestants but could not drain my ears.

I then landed on this neat little trick - I stuck my pointer fingers in my ears; not all the way, but enough for the tips of my nails to go slightly past the curve in the outer canal. With tops of the fingers pointing up, I kept my fingers straight and used the leverage to pry that outer opening of the ear up and towards the back of my head. It feels like its pulling on other things farther in the ear, and it doesn't hurt. It only muffles the hearing. I then yawned and kept those muscles stretched for as long as I could.

Within a few seconds, I could literally feel the warm buildup draining down my canals. I repeated a few times and it has not come back. This may be unique to my ear build, but will use this from now on, it was instant!

The trick to preventing this in the first place is to not blow your nose to hard. Like other posters have said, it pushes the buildup not out your nose but up your ear canals.


Ok - I googled 'my ear is clogged' and I stumbled across this website. I was sick with a cold and all that goes with it. I woke up a week ago (Sunday 11-11-07) with a clogged left ear. I didn't think much of it until it happened again the next day. It was like that the rest of the week. I tried EVERYTHING I could without going to the doctor. I irrigated it with a home kit, I did the vinegar and water, the peroxide, etc. I told the pharmacist that my ear was clogged and they suggested Sudafed that you have to ask them for (and be over the age of 18 to purchase). I tried it and to no avail.

A co-worker suggested Rescon GG. Again, a medicine you have to ask the pharmacist for and will set you back about $15.00. It didn't immediately work but, it's Monday (11-19-07) and my ear is pretty much unclogged.

Also, A LOT of yawning!!! Even if you have to force yourself to yawn. Your ears pop and it seems to break up the fluid and allow that stuff to drain.

Hope this helps!!

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