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I've been 17 days with ears so congested after a sinus-cold that started as a bad cold at the beginning and transformed in a sort of chronic sinusitis. I was desperate looking for a quick fix for my annoying congested ears and tried every single piece of advice in this site. Nothing helped until I decide to try the holistic approach, meaning to heal the cause of the imbalance rather than the symptoms. Today I would say I'm 90% hearing. So my advice is to look through your symptoms and try to see what's going on on your life. For me was depression and lack of purpose, so my energy was completed imbalance. I started a program to balance my energy points (chakras) and did some research. I found out that ears, eyes and nose are related to the seven chakra (third eye) I stared some meditation (Youtube is a good source to find them) to unblock and balance my chakras. I started to be more grateful and see more close at my relationships with friends and family. I basically stared a spiritual healing and loving more myself. I assure that powerful meditations, prayers and a lot of insightful looking will work wonderful in your ears blockage. At least it worked for me. Every illness has an emotional and spiritual cause that has to be address in order to completely heal. There are tons of help and literature on healing from the spiritual side, and it works for any other illnesses. So take your time don't desperate and start know to heal yourself.

Simi H.

I have had a very bad cold for the past week. My colds, which I get often, are usually first associated with a sore mouth/throat, sinus problems, and a light cough. They almost always end in sinus infections. This time, however, I blew my nose so much that some fluid went into both ears, and I felt terribly congested for days. I looked around for relief and this is what I found- antihistamines do the trick. I have allergies, but I know for sure this cold was not allergy-related (doctor confirms). I'd been avoiding antihistamines because they thicken mucus, making it harder for sinuses to drain. I finally relented and took an Allegra in the evening, and the next morning I woke up with my ears back to normal. As the 24 hour dose wore off, my ears started feeling stuffy again, but I just took another pill and hope I'll have just as good results tomorrow. My congestion was terrible, so I'd tried everything- antibiotics, saline rinse solution in ears, heating pad, vaporizer, Sudafed, Advil, etc. This is the only thing so far that has worked: good luck!


It's been four days since my ear's been all clogged up, and after reading all of these home remedies, all I decided to do was take a hot bath, drink some tea, and hold my ear over the hot water from the tea and now it's all better, seriously just try it. You don't anything fancy.

Glenn Taylor

I'm 20 year old and have suffered throughout my entire life with ear infections/problems. Congestion is the latest problem to hit me, at one point it was so bad when I woke up I was practically deaf in one ear due to my eustachian tube gluing together (glue ear).

More recently it is just muffled sound (behind water etc) - my mum suggested this one to me and it did work - get a tub of menthol crystals from your local chemists, add it to a large cup of hot (not boiling) water and breath it in for 5 - 10 minutes (I advise you close your eyes, this is strong stuff) once you have finished breathing it in pinch your nostrils and gently blow until your ear pops - that should be it then!


I took 2 Sudafed then immediately a menthol cough drop and while sucking on the cough drop inhaled through my nose right over the top of a little bottle of eucalyptus oil for about 5 minutes. My ear started to clear within about 5 minutes. I then put a lot of drops of the oil into a teapot with about 2 cups of water and breathed through my nose over the steam. My ear got even better. It's now been about 3 hours and the Sudafed is working as well and my ear is near normal. I expect to have to repeat this tomorrow as my ear pain/block is from a sinus cold. Good luck!


For those who have access to a beach, a very popular Caribbean remedy for blocked sinuses and painful ear pressure is to dip your head under water for about 4 seconds, holding your breath, but not pinching your nose. When you come up for air, you will have a runny nose, but it will release excess mucous and tension from your head in general. Don't know if a pool can be substituted as the salt water has its own healing properties. Has worked for my children. Hope it can work for someone else also.

in Hawaii

For plugged middle ear which felt like water in ear (ENT diagnosed as allergy related) which often became infected, Mucinex D, 12 hour; one/day; remarkable. My sinuses are able to drain, I can hear clearly, no longer sneeze & cough throughout day. Comfortable in airplanes. No more earaches.


I have had my ear blocked before by ear wax and have simply gone to my regular family doctor. She simply took one of those big plastic syringes that work as a small water gun, put luke warm water in it and squirted in my ear and with a tip of my head everything was better.

However, recently I have gotten a serious throat cold and sinus congestion for the past 5 days. I was reading these and managed to pop my right ear and it is clear (for now, I feel pressure and it might come back), by plugging my nose and slowly blowing. I know for a fact that it is not ear wax, and that it is probably fluid from my congestion. - any home remedies besides blowing my nose? because it's all I've been doing for the past 5 days and I didn't start off with blocked ears, I only have had my ears blocked for about 3 days now.


I have been visiting this site and many others like it, daily for the last 3 weeks. I came down with a chronic sinus infection, of which has been horrible. Since then, my ears have clogged and not budged for 3.5 weeks. I just had a cat scan done and do not even have the results yet. I have tried everything from meds, antibiotics, chiropractor, ENT, ER, Sinus washes, homeopathic, sticking garlic in my ear - need I go on? Well today was a break through. Just in time, too - cause I was about to have a break down. I tilted one ear to the ceiling and pinched my nose and blew. I felt an overwhelming amount of air - and an incredible amount of 'gunk' leaking down the back of my throat - then I did the same to the other side adn the same thing happened. I cannot say my hearing is back to normal - as I have to keep doing this over and over to get more and more gunk out....but I am hoping and praying that this is a step in the right direction. I saw another girl unclogged her ears the same way - well, it works - but it may take some time. I did a bunch of soft blows - I would not recommend blowing hard - cause it does hurt a bit when they pop. Good luck - this has been by far the worst illness I have ever endured!


Get some rosemary plant crumble up the lil leaves off the stems and wrap them in cleanex and also add a little bit of vapor rub on the leaves (just a little). Make two seperate balls of rosemary wrapped in napkin and put them in your ears and waaaaahlaaaa the mexican remedy has worked!

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