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After having a stuffed ear for several days I was looking for relieve. I had tried Sudafed, but it only helped a little, and then the congestion returned. I put a bit of tobasco sauce all the way up my nostril. It did burn a bit, but it made the mucus flow. I also used some saline nose drops, Afrin nose drops and a hot compress. In the morning I took sudafed. It got much better and by afternoon the congestion was gone.


I read all the posts on this page and tried to piece them together. Then I went to the kitchen, poured a little hydrogen peroxide into a cup and heated it in the microwave. Use your brain. You don't want to boil your eardrum. Just get the peroxide warmer than room temperature, do not us it if it's not comfortable to the touch.
I got a syringe that we used to feed a kitten, and, turning my head to the side, dropped some of the warm liquid into my ear and let it sit 2-3 minutes. Then I held a folded paper towel to that ear and turned over to let it drain. I did this 5-6 times with my left ear and then 5-6 times with my right. It loosened the plug of infection/wax/whatever and I can almost hear normally. After not hearing for 2 weeks, I'm pretty excited about this. The warm peroxide apparently warmed the plug enough to let it start to dissolve. The drainage on the paper towel was not attractive.
Thanks for all the other posts, everyone. So happy to hear again.


Try this to get your sinus's working, hopefully to drain your ear blockage. I like to take hotsauce, or even pepper and put a big on the tip of your little finger. Then try and get it as far up your nose as possible, even inhaling to get it further up. This will cause you to start 'burning' which will start sinus flow naturally. This worked after having WEEKS of clogged ear that wouldn't go away. Similar to when you eat really hot spicy food, it causes your nose to run.


My ear was blocked for 7 straight days during a bad flu recently. I had to fly on a Saturday and knew that I couldn't do it with a clogged ear, so I woke up on Friday and threw 4 Ricola cough drops into a pot of water and boiled it. I put a towel over my head and held it in the steam until it got too cool. I repeated this for four pots of water, each time blowing my nose while boiling the next pot. Finally, after the fourth pot, I blew my nose while blocking the nostril of the normal ear and blew out the blockage in the affected ear. The ear had a hard time stabalizing and was popping like crazy and moving liquid through it. It would start to fill again pretty rapidly, so I went on the with steam and the nose blowing for another four or five pots of water. Finally, I left it alone and went to the gym. Several hours later, I could feel it start to drain on its own. It was still a little wet and sloppy when I got on the plane, and the pops were intense, but it all worked out fine. The key for me was boiling water- not the bathtub, not the steam room- and patience.


I had ear congestion in my right ear, so I looked everywhere on the internet for easy ways to get rid of it without the use of a doctor. Most of the people suggested to hold your nose and blow. I would not advise this. When you blow too many times it can damage your hearing and make you develop problems with your ear drum. I ended up putting a heating pad just under my ear as hot as I could stand it for 30 minutes. This helped with the pain but didn't help the congestion. Right before I went to bed I heated the heating pad as hot as I could stand it, and laid it under my congested ear while laying down. I kept it in place and fell asleep on it. The next morning my hearing was fine and I didn't have a congested ear anymore! This is easy, simple, and it works wonders! Hope this helps!!!


I have ears that have been clogged since 2008. I looked at this site and the remedies here didn't really help me. my clogged ears have only drained when i drank hot tea.Peppermint tea is the best to help with this but any type of tea will work.


Im not sure if you would call this a remedy but anyway. I have suffered with blocked ears when I get a cold for as long as I can remember. I once saw a doctor who told me that the key to it was my throat. So when my ears are really blocked and driving me insane I find relief by either drinking cold water with ice cubes or a good old slurpee from 7 Eleven. Wait a minute or two then hold your nose and blow and your ears will pop. My only reasoning behind this is that the ice must reduce swelling in the throat enough to allow the pressure to be released from the ear passage way. I hope this helps someone


I tried almost every one of the remedies listed here, and none worked. Then I rinsed my sinuses. It was the best feeling I've ever had when my ear popped after that.


My ear became clogged last night. Before going to bed I used one of those rubber things that you typically use for cleaning out babies noses and filled a large cup with warm water a couple of times and forced the water into my ear. When I woke up, it was still clogged so I did the same thing with a couple more cups of warm water. Then I boiled some water and put a little bit into a cup, holding my ear over it. Then forced more water in and eventually a ton of wax came out and my ear was clear! It takes a little patience, but when it works its way loose, it's a miracle. I couldn't believe so much stuff could come out of such a small place. I don't know if this remedy works for congestion due to a cold, but it definately does for wax build-up.


Go to Ehow site and search How to Use Peroxide to Remove Ear Wax. I just did it this morning. My left ear was so congested b/c I had a bad cold. Then yesterday I decided to stick a qtip to clean it out...WRONG MOVE! I made it worse. So i was desperate to find an at home remedy. Hydrogen Peroxide works wonders. Follow the instructions and don't let the bubbling bother you. I told my hubby I will be cleaning his ears tonight using this method. Try it out it doesn't hurt.

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