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Well, I had severe sinus pressure and ear congestion for over 2 years. I had wistling ears too. I live here in germany and recently by accident i got two off the counter drugs that worked very very well.
Both are sprays that you puff through your nostriles.
First one which is anti-inflammatory is called 'nasic'. This is good if your congestion and sinus pressure is mild.

Second one is an excellent one which has immediate antibiotic effect and opens your nose ears right away. It is called 'Beclometason 0.05%. So you guys who have severe infection problems in your sinuses or ears use this. You will be saved. Specially for those of you who are sinusitis sufferers.

the solution

steps to unblock your ears
1.stop smoking a.s.a.p
2.take sudafed or claritin
3.don't blow your nose hard
4.chew gum
5.boil some water in a pot and let the steam go through your ear and also breath in & out the steam.

All these steps will loosen the backed up fluid and unclog your eustachian tube. It can take up to days or weeks depending on how much its backed up.
eventually you will feel it pop and crackle and clear out.
Get Well Soon Guys God bless !

no more blocked ears

It starts off you having a cold or flu or sinus issues. Then your constantly blowing your nose and blowing it hard BAD MISTAKE ( DONT BLOW HARD NO MORE ) the mucus will travel to places you never thought you had Its called Your Eustachian tubes that's being clogged by mucus/fluid. then out of nowhere you hearing is not so clear as before asif your under water it can happen to one ear or both.
OK dont panic, yeah its awful and gross
But very cure-able some cases will take a few days or few weeks. But its ok .
when i first got it i freaked out but when i do get it i know what to do now and now i'm in control of it :)
Now, first thing if you are a smoker... STOP SMOKING RIGHT AWAY (RIGHT NOW) I know its hard to do but its not helping to clear out your blockage and it WILL get worse if you continue to smoke or secondhand smoke ( i learned that the hard way ) second thing you will need to buy sudafed or clairtin pills. third thing boil a pot of water then carefully let the steam hit your ear/s get close enough to the steam also you can inhale & exhale the steam this will loosen the mucus/fluid. and what you can also do is get a clean sock ( new one if you can ) put a handful of rice in it then tie it in a knot, run warm water on it then put the sock in a microwave for around 30 seconds or a minute. let it cool down a bit so you can pick it up and place it on your ear until it goes cold. you can lay-down on your side where the ear is blocked during this is best.
this is what i have tired a worked but alot of cases are different it depends how clogged your ears are first time took 2 weeks. second time few days. and now this is my third time i hate it but what can you do life goes on the best thing is not to overstress this issue be patient and dont think about it so much keep yourself busy and tell yourself its ok you will be healed from this also i prayed alot to Jesus Christ and god to heal me i had faith and trusted him :)and he did heal me thank you my king ! and now i'm quiting smoking for good its been 5 days so far. i think the smoking had alot to do with it for my ears being blocked in the first place due to the cold. but anyways i hope i was of help to you guys, get well soon :)


BACKGROUND: Growing up in high altitude, I have had chronic ear problems most of my life that tend to just go away on their own and come back every now and then. This most recent time, it wasn't so much of an aching, rather just a 'fogginess' for lack of a better description. It didn't hurt, but it was incredibly bothersome and if you've ever had ear problems that lasted for more than a day or two, you know it is SUPER annoying!! SO, this last time, it was going on for about 2 weeks and I've been trying everything: heat, tiger balm, hydrogen peroxide, my trusty rubbing alcohol... but alas, my ear fog remained. Ugh.
REMEDY: So, on to Home Remedy #5..6?? OIL! I've learned from reading that really any sort of olive or tree oil will work (I used sweet olive oil), but OMG, did it WORK!! YAY!

Here's what your do (best if done just before bed):
1) HEAT THE OIL TO BODY TEMPURATURE (just place the SMALL bottle under your arm/between your legs/inside your hands, whatever is warmest on your body) until it is body tempurature and no longer cool to the touch (about 10-15 minutes).
2) USE AN EAR DROPPER: just excrete enough oil for ONLY 3-4 drops into the dropper.
3) LAY ON YOUR SIDE with the aching ear upward and place dropper all the way inside the ear canal and release the oil into your ear.
4) PUT A LITTLE OIL ON YOUR FINGERS and gently massage the part of your neck directly below your ear lobe down to your lymph nodes; the back/bottom of your ear; and the bottom of the external canal in a downward motion (remain lying down). Continue the massage until you begin to taste the VERY slight flavor of the oil in your mouth (this means it's draining!!) Finally, simply continue to lay there for a good 30-45+ minutes. You can then roll onto the other side and place a cotton ball/kleenex/papertowl/towl under your ear to catch any excess oil which will drain out of your ear.
RESULTS: I did this last night and by this morning--POOF! GONE. Total miracle! My ear is about 98%, so I will likely do this one more time tonight to completely drain any blockage that has built up.
On a side note: the most important tip I've learned is that no matter what sort of fluid you are putting in your ear (peroxide, alcohol, oil, etc) first always warm it to body tempurature! It not only soothes the aching, but the cold can be somewhat harmful or shocking, which can sometimes make it worse.
That's my two cents!


I tried what this poster suggested and it really does work! My ear is not completely clear but less clogged than it was 3 minutes ago!

Submitted by bri at 2008-02-20 23:37:06
I had a bad cold (probably the flu) for the past few days, and I was able to get rid of the other symptoms. However, from blowing my nose too hard, I felt that terrible nagging buildup in my ear canals. I tried pseudoephedrine and other decongestants but could not drain my ears.

I then landed on this neat little trick - I stuck my pointer fingers in my ears; not all the way, but enough for the tips of my nails to go slightly past the curve in the outer canal. With tops of the fingers pointing up, I kept my fingers straight and used the leverage to pry that outer opening of the ear up and towards the back of my head. It feels like its pulling on other things farther in the ear, and it doesn't hurt. It only muffles the hearing. I then yawned and kept those muscles stretched for as long as I could.

Within a few seconds, I could literally feel the warm buildup draining down my canals. I repeated a few times and it has not come back. This may be unique to my ear build, but will use this from now on, it was instant!

The trick to preventing this in the first place is to not blow your nose to hard. Like other posters have said, it pushes the buildup not out your nose but up your ear canals.
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I just got back from skiing, we drove from 10,000 ft to 5,000, usually my ears are fine but i already had a little bit of a cold so my ears got so badly conjested that i could nearly hear. So I tried Sudafed and Ibprofine but it didn't work. I came to this website and tried plugging my nose and exhaling hard. It worked! But I found that holding a hot damp cloth to the infected ear helped a lot! Hope it works for you!

Mary S

Never had plugged up ear before and it was getting really painful after several hours when I checked this sight and was trying some of the suggestions. My friend called and told me to try cider vinegar and rubbing alchohol..just put some in my ear twice in an hour and now feel much much better and the ear is now clear and pain free!! Yeah!


I got a cold... after driving from a mountain (only 900ft) to sea level my right ear got blocked badly. I have been like that for 7 days... really bad. So... I went to the doctor two days ago, a smart one thank God. He said 'first of all, please never blow your nose to try to relieve the blocked ear, you can break your ear drum'... second, 'you have two options: it's blocked bcause of a virus and will open in a cople of days more or it's got infected. Use Nasonex Nasal Spray for 3 days (actually he told me Sudafed Congestion is also very effective, but this is even better), and if it doesn't get better, it may be an infection, so, dont panic, have this antibiotic (Amoxicilina) to deal with the posible infection... whatever you do, dont fly/dive/drive to a mountain... and dont worry, you will be fine'. After 2 days using Nasonex - and having some water vapors from a pod ...and 7 days having something called Mucovital, to disolve the mucus) today I can say my right ear is open. It did it by itself, no yawning, no blowing... Please guys, take care of your blocked ears just in case it's an infection (if it lasts more than 2/3 days). I'm glad Nasonex worked and I dont have to deal with antibiotics... I'll still have to take care of my cold and be careful for some days but Ill be fine. Hope this helps. I really did my homework and researched through internet before and after seeing the doctor (some wrong/dangerous ideas out there, please be careful, some people doesnt know what are they talking about)... so, after my happy ending, I wanted to share my case/knowledge/experience/solution to try to help you guys if you are in this uncomfortable situation. Don't panic, just take care of it soon. You'll be fine. Love :)


My ear was congested from a wicked cold, and I didn't have a lot of the ingredients for some of the remedies on here, and a lot of them didn't work (DO NOT plug your nose and blow, not only is it painful, it can seriously damage your eardrum. Common sense, people). All I did was boil somewater, pour it into a cup with a ridiculous amount of sea salt in it, and hold your ear over the steam until it cools off. I did this a couple of times, then I simply mixed more sea salt and warm water, and sucked it up my nose with a spoon (very classy) and rinsed my sinuses. Worked like a charm. No more pain and it doesn't sound like I'm in a giant plastic bubble
anymore, which is a plus. Try it, peeps.


My ear was really congested for 2 days and it was driving me nuts and I didn't have a heating pad or anything.So right before I went to bed I put two washcloths under the sink.It doesn't matter if it is hot or cold water but hot work's better.I put it in the microwave for 2 minuets and wrapped them up in a towel when I got in bed I laid on my ear with the towel under it and when i woke up the congestion in my ear was gone.

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