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I am a school teacher, so my work environment is much like a petri dish of germs! Living surrounded by mountains, the change in elevation when driving creates a problem for me when I have a bad cold and my ears are clogged. I asked my school nurse if she could suggest something. She said that when she was a nurse in an urgent care clinic, they would mix up a solution of baby shampoo, hydrogen peroxide and distilled water and spray it gently into the clogged ear. Repeating until the clogging was popped. I guess the shampoo helps to break up the clog. I now carry my little spray bottle with me when I have a cold and it really works for me. My students laugh when they see me spraying into my ear, but the relief is well worth their giggles.


Most of these remedies don't make the CRUCIAL distinction between ear blockage from trapped moisture or wax/grime buildup in the OUTER ear, and fluid behind the ear drum from a blocked Eustachian tube--which can be virally or genetically caused--and which is in the MIDDLE ear. The remedies would be completely different and even the opposite. And unless you have a ruptured eardrum (which is another issue altogether), what you put into your outer ear doesn't go into your inner ear--or through it!! Be clear if you are dealing with outer ear or inner ear blockage. It would be great if someone marked these remedies as to which one it dealt with--though some are obvious if you know anything about ears.


Okay so my right ear has been clogged for like a week and I had enough of it. I have always been told when you are congested eat spicy foods, it helps break down the mucus or something like that so I got some habenero hot sauce and chugged a good amount. My nose ran like a faucet and a minute later I was able to plug my nose and pop my ear, an instant spurt of fluid came out, but promptly clogged back up. I am currently very relieved and can hear so I will try more later


My ear clogged up for 2days, it felt like I had water in my ears and u hadn't been swimming for months. I went to the emergency room, my ear was intitually rised out with a serunge and saline solution (twice). That didn't remove the compressed wax clogging up my ear so , the doctor gave me steril ear drops, and was instructed to put 3 drops 3 times a day... After just 24hrs my ear popped and my hearing was restored. Over the course of 24hrs I did feel and see wax resdue/ fluids come out my ear, so do place a towel on your pillow at night when u go to bed.
Hope this helps.


I had an ear blocked with mucous following the flu. The pressure was becoming really intense and painful but the biggest problem was that I needed to fly in 4 days. So I trawled this site religiously for any clues that might help me clear my ear. I was getting really desperate and if anyone could have seen me in my hotel room they would have thought I was crazy - I was jumping, shaking my head, touching my toes, breathing in steam from boiling water etc.

In the end this is what worked for me. Basically I worked off the basis that you need to be really hydrated for the mucous in the ear to break up and drain out (in the same way that you become constipated when dehydrated). Since I had been taking cold and flu tablets & pain killers for the previous 5 days I decided to stop taking them. (I read somewhere that taking decongestants for too long can have a negative effect?). I then smashed the water, as in about 3-4 litres per day. For the first day I didn't need to pee that often which showed how dehydrated I was.

I'd noticed that the only time my blocked ear had any change was when I was in the shower. I would get a slight gurgling sound but never a pop. I assumed that the steam was allowing the mucous become a bit more runny but not enough to pop and clear. So each time I was in the shower I would try and gently clear ear by squeezing nose and blowing. After 24 hours of smashing water and no drugs I had a small 'pop' in the shower. It wasn't totally clear but I just kept repeating that process and it gradually got clearer.

My ear still wasn't 100% clear by the time I had to fly so I bought Earplanes from the pharmacy (special earplugs for flying) and took a dose of Mucinex (expectorant) right before I got on the plane. There was still a bit of gurgling on ascent and descent but it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be.

So thats my tip - stop the cold & flu meds if you have been on them a while and hydrate!! Hope this helps.


When in doubt, try YouTube. I can't post the url here, so do a search on YouTube for Lymph Drainage for the Ears. Another is trying meditation, hypnosis, or visualization to focus mentally on clearing the blockage. This can help for any kind of ailment. The power of the mind to help heal your body is pretty amazing, and there are so many free resources out there if you look around (especially on YouTube).


I had a blocked ear for almost 3 months, first the DR said ear drops (waxol), they did nothing, then i went on antibiotics as my ear was now infected, that also did nothing (except clear the infection), finally the 3rd DR syringed my ear out and with in 10 mins i could hear again. I wish i did this initially.
I was nervous about the syringing but it is nothing. Just 3 blows of water in your ear.


My left ear isn’t plugged anymore!!!
For 3 weeks, I had a plugged ear due to mucus and congestion from a bad cold. I tried so many ways (including ear drops and pills from the pharmacy) with no luck. But I finally found two ways:

1.)INHALE MINT & SALT STEAM: Fill a thermos (I used a 16oz lunch thermos) with boiling water. Then add 1 Tbsp. of salt and a handful of mint leaves (salt and mint amount may vary depending on your thermos size) Close the thermos for about 5 minutes. Afterwards, remove the thermos lid, place a bath towel over your head to cover your face, and hold the thermos under your nose. Gently inhale the steam. Be careful not to burn yourself! Inhale the steam for 10-15 minutes; do this once in the morning and once before bedtime. After you’re done, be sure to wash your face because the steam has traces of salt in it.

2.)GURGLE OIL: I know this may seem a bit disgusting, but it works! This method actually originated from India. Gurgle 1-2 Tsp. of oil (olive oil, sunflower oil, etc.) for as long as you can. Gurgling moves the muscles that will help remove mucus. Do this during the daytime when you can sit down for a while. If you can’t handle the taste of water, try gurgling water (not juice, coffee, etc.)
After trying these methods for one day, my ear was about 70% better. By the second day of repeating these tactics, my ear was essentially healed!


I had blockage in my ear and so I tried the wax removal solution at the drugstore for 4 days but it did very little. I was bothering me to the point that I went over to Urgent Care and they sprayed very strong air and water and that was the trick. Couldn't believe what came out. Seems the problem was I was using ear plugs at night to cut down on noise but it blocked up the wax to a point that i couldn't get it out myself. No more ear plugs for me. guess I'll have to invest in a 'white noise' machine.


I had mild ear congestion after a bad cold and ear infection. My ear might ring or echo at certain angles. I was fairly certain it was not ear wax because of the cold.

I tried a bunch of things from this site but I was finding it hard to differentiate between ear wax cures and mucus congestion cures. I had little change.

After about two weeks I tried something that worked that I didn't read here. After a warm shower I simply bent down like I was touching my toes while alternating trying to pop my ear (push air out my ear) and trying to suck air down my throat (in the same way you'd suck mucus down your throat with a runny nose, gross, sorry). It didn't take long at all to feel like I was actually making progress. Then I got the ever satisfying pop and air finally was able to pass through my ear. Was totally clear in a couple more days. Who knew bending over would do it for me, wish I tried that a week ago... Good luck!

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