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Eucalyptus oil. I've tried every remedy thought of. Put on around the outside of the lobe. DO NOT PUT IN THE EAR.i was clogged for 3 weeks, this oil helped within 10 minutes.


I am 59 yrs old, and was a professional musician for 30yrs. I was gifted with great ears,then in 2010, I just couldnt hear properly.I was diagnosed with hearing loss above 4k, with constant ringing,,tinitus. A week ago, I lost almost all of my left ear hearing! Urgent care doc said I might have a sinus infection so he gave me antibiotics and omnaris spray. Its been 8 days and no relief,,,I am going crazy Does anyone have any suggestions?


i found 1 remedy that works completly for clogged ears run a blow dryer 3 feet away from your ear it clears instantly no more questions asked you peroxide afterwards thanks going out to the singer who gave me this remedy


I suffer a relatively rare condition which results in my entire respiratory system becoming imflamed and irritated, including the sinuses. A frequent side effect of this is debilitating ear congestion that is very painful, can result in severe loss of hearing and cause issues with balance.

I have found menthol crystals effective at relieving congestion caused by sinus problems. These are used along with the steaming method and are just dropped in the hot water so that the vapours can be inhaled. They are very cheap and availible from most pharmacies, although they are an irritant so caution is advised when using them and it is recommended that you not use too many at once or in water that is too hot.

In addition to this I frequently flush out the sinuses using boiled (and subsequently cooled) water, common household salt, and a small amount of detergent/soap. The boiling ensures that the water is sterile (never use water straight out of the tap), salt is proven to effect bacterial growth (which is the cause of many sinus problems and infections, and why salt is so frequently used as a preservative), whilst the detergent breaks down mucas which can cause blockages and provides a fertile breeding ground for bacteria.

Flushing is easy. I use a medical syringe, but there are all mannner of devices that can be purchased for this use, or alternatively simply 'inhaling' the solution from a cupped hand will work. Just tip your head to one side, squirt/inhale the water through the raised nostril and it will flush out the sinuses before leaving via the bottom nostril. blow your nose and reapeat as necessary.

Doctors recommend that people with persistant problems can flush safely upto three times a day, although if you do suffer persistantly I would advise that you see an ear, nose and throat specialist as your issues may be indicative of an underlying medical problem such as mine, infections, allergies or intolerances.


Hopi candles really help as they extract excess wax and stimulate the meridians. You can buy them cheaply through Amazon, or from a health food shop.


at first i got colds, countless fever breakouts, for almost 5 days, though it's not that bad since i can move freely, until i noticed it's not just a simple flu, but sinusitis, since my face got pressure and i can almost not open my mouth... Phlegm is too thick, so i keep on blowing hard, until i can hear some mucus being vacuumed out from my ear, then i went to search on the net on how to completely declog the ear, and i saw this valsalva maneuver, but turns out my ears didn't pop but rather a lot of mucus entered the middle ear of my right ear, so it was a failure since i was so hydrated when i did the valsalva maneuver thingy...

Since a lot mucus are clogging my right ear, it was too painful and annoying, and i almost can't survive it, and i hoped i didn't do the valsalva maneuver... So the next morning i ended up buying a nasal spray... But few hours after the spray my nasal discharge (phlegm) was always mixed with blood and i hated it. So what i did is I let the mucus inside my ear to be there and i keep on hydrating myself., it feels funny though, because everytime i move, i can feel a very mobile liquid on my ear going there and here, i even though of sleeping opposite from my

affected ear, but turns out the next morning it hardened, so it was very painful and i can't almost hear anything from my right ear.., then i did some thoughts since my ear has been clogged for 3 days now, i decided to buy some anitibiotics to treat it, and so it works, since 10 mins after taking amoxil, my ear is making sounds and i can now get rid of the mucus build up from my right ear through my mouth.. and it's been back to 100 percent in just a day...


I woke up this morning and my left ear felt like it was clogged. I've been reading on the Internet and this is common. I clean my ears with Q tips and I'm sure that's the reason, I've also read that home remedies prove useful In trying to unclog my ear. But then I read somewhere else that it's bad to drop the liquids like peroxide in your ear. I don't know what to do! Someone help me.


Oil of oregano, wild Mediterranean. Take it internally and rub it all around the outside of your ear, do NOT put drops inside your ear. You can saturate a cotton basil and place it at the entrance of your ear though. I think I tried every other remedy listed nothing worked but oil of oregano.


I have had congestion in my left ear for almost 3 weeks. Worse this morning to point of hearing loss. Tried the peroxide, didn't do much; what has helped now I put some Vick's Vapor rub on outside of canal with Q-tip not to push too far in, then placed hot, damp bath cloth on ear re-heating it in between. Then got a Hall's cough drop to suck on while holding cloth on ear. so far it's better, some clearing. I still need to see my ENT doctor to rule anything out since I have history of sinus issues.

Hello. My ears have been blocked for the last 3 months. It's my middle ear and it's ETD according to the dr. This has been the worst time if my life because my head feels foggy all the time and I click my jaw in an effort to pop my ears about 3 times a minute and as well as feeling bad, being unable to get up and do anything because it makes me feel worse, I also look like a crazy woman clicking my jaw all the time!
First up the dr put me on a decongestant nasal spray. Nothing. Then he put me in decongestant tabs which did help for a couple of hours but then I had to take more and then it worked for less time each time I took one. I realized then that that was not a long term solution for me. It does work for some but I wasn't a lucky one.
I believe it was a combination of the following that helped me.
I got the steroid spray which is supposed to help with the inflammation in the tube and allow it to drain, eventually. I also took about 6 x vitamin b 5 per day and 6 x vitamin C 1000mg. These are to help with allergies which I have usually as a skin allergy but apparently ETD is usually caused by allergies so I figured this couldn't hurt, attacking the CAUSE of the problem not just the symptoms. I also used the Neilmed sinugator. Which is a motorized neti pot. I washed out my nasal cavity 3-4 times a day. Tipping my head backwards while full of water and swishing it around all my sinus tubes in the hope of getting to my eustachian tube and clearing out the mucus in there. I also used the sinugator without water as an earpopper. That is a 250 dollar product you can buy to pop the ears by pushing air up the nose. I used my 20 dollar sinugator and it does the exact same thing!! And lastly I put my head over a steaming bowl of water 2 times a day.
The reason I started doing all these things is because I researched and found that the next step is an operation and I did not want that at all. After about 2 weeks of all of these things my ears felt about 70%, the next day 80%, and today 90%. I nearly feel normal again and I wanted to share this with others because I needed direction and it took a lot of searching to get this combo together.
I hope this helps someone out there. ;-) Linda

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