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I dident know what I was sure of or how to feel about what was going on down there till I found this site. I learned about the Apple Cider Vinegar from here. Im scared to go to my Dr. I started using the ACV 4 days ago. And already some are going away. It did hurt the first 3 days but now I'm used to it and confindent with the change already. Idk if this will work for everone but it has for me and I couldent feel more happyer. My advice is try it and atleast see what happens. :)


So I bought the Somxl product and it took forever to come. I used it for about 9 days and it burns! I read many comments where it was supposed to take just around a week, mine instead got larger, itchier, and I think I have a hemorrhoid that got enlarged because of the irritation now.

Instead, I started trying a combination of the remedies on this page! I have 3 small pin-head sized warts that are white inside (the opening) of my ass. I switch off between rubbing the Tea Tree Oil with Vitamin E and Aloe for support and soothing. I also place a sliced garlic clove in there for an hour or so (it will burn). Before bed, I will pop a garlic oil capsule and rub it on the spot over night.

Wash well with warm water between ALL of the steps to make the full use of them! I noticed after even 1 day of this that they started going down, hemorrhoid is also MUCH MUCH better!

I am in quite a hurry because I will be visiting my boyfriend in 2 weeks (after 3 months) so clearly I want sex... Haha.

I will try to re-post soon with updates!


Hi! I just want to share this home remedy and how to use acv in a proper way :)

1. clean the affected area with any antibacterial soap
2. clean with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide will do so any residue of the soap will be removed
3. get a cotton ball (must be the same size of your warts)
4. put a very very small amount of acv ( Apple Cider Vinegar ) on the cotton ball
5. place it on the warts and cover with bandaid and soak overnight. repeat this process everyday and night ^^,

PS: at first night of using acv. It will burn. Like putting a lemon in your pimples. :D but dont worry. It will gone in 3-5mins. Its tolerable. The bandaid is very useful so the acv wont destroy healthy cells. Anyway, you will get used to burning sensation when you apply this often. I can guarantee you 100% it will work!

Expected Results:
1st = warts starts to swell (pink)l. dont touch it! just repeat the process
2nd = warts will turn red
3rd = it will turn violet
4th = it'll turn black
5th = then fall's off :D, I literally mean 'FALL' it will fall and will never come back but not if you keep doing unprotected sex. lol

It helps so just follow my instruction


i recently found out that i have genetal warts., consedering the home remedies at this site i'm afraid to use acv for the reasons of burning sensation and we don't have it here in the philippines.,. at first glance i thought i just have 1 big wart at my annus and about 3-5small ones in between., after seing it i rushed up the internet and search for a remedy,.,. i read alot but and here is what i did.,., i just used isopropyl alcohol,tissue and aloevera lotion.,.,
on my first day i clean and dry the area, then i soaked the tisse with the alcohol and put it on the infected overnight.,
the following day since it has burning sensation though tolerable i did not do it again i just clean it and made it dry and put lotion over night.,.,
the following day surprisingly big warts fall down,., but still i continue to apply lotion and booting my immune system.,., hope this remedies would help i'm on my third day of treatment today.,.and it feels great!!


I would give you the whole sob story on what it was like discovering the warts, how sad I was, how I didn't even want my boyfriend (yes, I'm bi) to touch me, blah, blah, blah... you already know this first hand if your here so lets get right to the solution.

1. Shower and wash anal area VERY well.
2. Dry anal area COMPLETELY!!!
3. Place a paper towel (not toliet tissue) in the area of the wart(s).
4. Let the paper towel stay in place, changing it when you see fit, so long as the area STAYS DRY.

The paper towel is obviously not going to feel very comfortable...but it beats burning your anus off with vinegar (not saying that that method doesn't work. I just suggest you try this method before using ACV). I promise that you will get use to it.

Keep a paper towel in at night also.

My warts were COMPLETELY gone after three days of this. I did a check back there and once I saw how quickly they were shrinking I did my happy dance (I seriously did a happy dance!!!!)



Hello buddies.. Am a bi who contacted anal watts thru unprotected anal sex. At first i was ignorant n didn't think d funny stuff on my anus were anal watts until a frnd wntd to fuck me n saw them thr. I was so worried n depressed about it for 5months without having d faintest idea on what to do since i had no money which made seeing a doctor less an option. Few weeks i stumbled on dis site n read all d remedies provided. Like i said, i had no money, so acv n d rest were not options aswell. I decided to settle for one amazin n easy to get remedy i read about. Indeed it worked wonders. SOLUTION: first, clean the anal area wit methylated spirit,then put some toothpaste(any wud do buh i used Oral-B) ur index finger n rub on d anal area, dip into d anus if watts are inside the anus.after this,put some methylated dusting powder on toilet paper n place thr. Leave it for the whole day n repeat process after shower @ nite. The watts should b completely gone within one week. Also use antibiotics i.e ampiclox, one per day then proper diet wit enough fruits.. I bet u wud b smiling seven days time. Am xoxo happy i hav my sweet ass back to be sucked. No more unprotectd sex!!! Big tanx to u all... Mmmmmmwaah.

healthy Hayley

This is for anyone tempted to try acv for anal warts. I do NOT recommend this method. Not because it don't work but because I have found a less painful way. I tried acv when I first developed my warts thinking it was a quick fix. My Warts decreased in size but I burned a good amount of healthy skin along with it. I used acv 3 times a day until it got too painful. The rash I got looked worse then the warts themselves! I only had a few but after acv they spread to my my labia so I gave it up. When you first develop warts I think the first thing you need to worry about is keeping them from spreading not ridding what u have. First thing I did after acv was heal my skin using desatin cream mixed with neosporin and aloe Vera. It worked wonders! Second I starting taking vitamins. A regular multi vitamin did it for me I also took a vitamin to strengthen my immune system. Worry about your overall health NOT the warts because at the end of the day your health is what will either cause them to spread or cause them to go away. Clearing hpv itself should be your #1 priority not clearing the warts. Hpv is cureable with good health habits and patience. Quick fixes wont always work anal warts can return!!!! I have to say i am satisfied with my progress (: they look more like ingrown hairs not ao warty anymore!!! Bottom line, eat healthy work out build your immune system stay abstinent and stay CALM hpv is not like herpes or aids 70% of sexually active people will develop it. Some people just get different strains. We happen to get the anal warts strain :/ it sucks but it's not the end of the world. Good luck (:

Also, I still use acv occasionally to check my progress because acv turns warts white. But only for that I rinse it off immediately.

wart b gone acv yes

Im a 29 y.o. male who had anal warts from direct unprotected penis to anus contact. I wash my ass daily and noticed one day a strange bump. I grabbed my phone and snapped a pic to see whats going on down there and find a white headed lil booger near the rim of my anus. No doubt i had known where it came from, my bi-curious interaction smh. Its sad that someone would knowingly spread disease.
Anyways reading this same site i discovered the home remedy - ACV
(apple cidar vinegar)
And let me tell you, it Works!

This is what i did and got rapid results.
1. Get regular apple cider vinegar 5% acidity

2 get cotton balls

3 get paper towels

4 get bio oil or tea tree oil, or even neosporin

Now that you have these use as follows
1 clean area thoroughly

2 dry thoroughly

3 saturate cotton ball in acv and drain excess so it doesnt drip

4 place cotton ball on the infected spot, squeeze buttocks and fold a paper towel and place behind cotton ball for support and moisture collector

Do this at night after your last shower and keep it there over night. The next morning, clean and repeat this time keep the treatment on all day until your next shower. Repeat until condition clears then use the tea tree, bio oil, or neosporin to heal the area.
My condition cleared up in 2 treatments and the wart is gone - turned black and fell off.
Totally worth the little pain trust me.
Thank you all for the help. My ass is happy now.


Hey guys its me again the person with 2 big anal warts and 3small ones.
ACV (Apple cider vinique) and aloe ddnt work for me. Now that i used my own remedie (Placing a toilet paper betwen my bottoms) it really help.

Good News:
All my warts are getting small. This is my 8th day of applying toilet paper. I cahnge them 5 times a day every 3 hours.

Try it ,it works.


I've been living with Anul Warts for 7 months now, i really hope this avacado, apple cider vinegar (acv) and aloe.. Will work.
I'll come back with my results when they have worked or not.

Thank you all.

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