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It's Working...

Hey everyone. I feel like I have to share my story here, even though I discovered the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) recommendation elsewhere. I felt a bump on my anus while taking a shower last Thursday. I have hemorrhoids too so I thought it was just that. Then, I took a photo. I had a few warts at the base of my penis a few years ago and what I discovered looked EXACTLY the same. Except this time they were around my anus.

I wasn't too terrified because the warts on my dick went away almost 7 years ago and never came back after I had cryo surgery at a dermatologist. That said, I decided to try ACV before going to a doctor.

It's only been 4 days since I applied ACV to my anus, and I still plan on seeing a doctor for anything internal, but I want to write what's happened so far. Basically, it's miraculous.

I soaked two cotton balls and sat on them for about 1.5 hours. I had a couple beers to numb the pain (it stings) and then removed the cotton balls and took a photo. To my horrow, the entire anus was covered in very wart-like white spots. Healthy skin seemed totally unaffected by the vinegar. I'm not positive that the white marks are warts, but they DEFINITELY looked like warts - irregular surfaces, small black dots, etc.

I went to sleep and took a photo the next day. Let me just say that it was NOT pretty. I hope I never have to see my ass in that state again. Each wart (about 50 if I count them in the photo) had turned green and swollen. The green was presumably pus. Pus is a result of leukocytes (white blood cells) that either indicate infection or immune response to the area. This is technically called contact immunotherapy.

In any case, it's been only four days since I applied the ACV (once) and the warts SEEM to be extremely reduced and falling off. In every spot where there was a white wart (after applying ACV) there is now pink, healing, healthy-looking skin. Once the area is fully healed, I plan on applying ACV again to see what's left and, if necessary, re-do the treatment.

I'll note that after the ACV application, I used a variety of spray on talc, anti-perspirant, and cornstarch to keep the area dry day and night.

It's really just communicating with your body and understanding what you can handle. In my case (I have very sensitive skin), one ACV application was potent enough for this initial reaction.

Theoretically, the reason your immune system doesn't rid itself of warts in the first place is because it doesn't know it's there. For some reason, ACV seems to activate an immune response in the region (in my case, the anus).

Take extreme care because the skin here is very sensitive. If you're hesitant to see a doctor (which you should do anyway), use ACV sparingly as not to damage yourself. Good luck everyone. I'll repost to this forum with my final results.

PS. Regarding internal warts, I don't know if I have them and if I do, I don't plan on using ACV to treat them. The rectum is simply too sensitive to shove acid up in there. I plan on talking with a doctor and assessing the options if I do indeed have internal anal warts.


I fought with anal warts for over a YEAR. I would apply ACV with overnight treatments, it would leave my butt RAW, sometimes with open sores, sometimes caused bleeding from those sores. But it would heal up, and there would always be fewer warts than before - the itching would subside, and I'd forget about my butt for a few months, only to notice the itching and bumps return a few months later and I'd do the entire process again. I started to think I might never be cured but I was confident that the treatments DID work just not completely. I finally realized that I needed to kill the warts that had formed inside at the very front of my anal canal. I inserted cotton balls soaked in ACV nightly, taking a night off every other day. This left a lot of pain, soreness, and open red sores where the bumps had been burnt off. This is NOT for the faint of heart or for those with low pain thresholds. I finally did notice that there were no bumps left, and yet I CONTINUED treatment once every few weeks for two months after I was visually 'cured'. Every time a FEW bumps would appear raised and white, and eventually fall off. It's now been three months since I've stopped treatment and I have to tell you that I am CURED, not a simple bump down there, it's as SMOOTH AS A BABY's BOTTOM. It took a lot of blood, pain, discomfort, but it WORKED. Don't let these people scare you about 'infection' and pain and try to get you to go to the doctor. Just bite the bullet and KEEP DOING IT. Even after you think you're cured, keep doing it until not a single white bump appears after the ACV treatment. You WILL beat this, ACV DOES WORK, it's all you need, that and some high pain tolerance.



Follow these steps! Trust me!

1) Shower at night and clean the area well.
2) Dry the area extremely well.
3) Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and using a hand mirror place it exactly on the warts on the anus. (Put on a tight pair of underwear to help keep it in place)
4) Leave it in for a minimum of 2 hours. Overnight if tolerated. If too sensitive to leave overnight, soak the cotton ball in water first and ring it out, then soak in apple cider vinegar to dilute the vinegar.
5) In the morning shower and dry the area well.
6) Do this for 2 nights total. Then let the area rest for 2 days.
7) Check the progress after the 2 day break. If they are getting smaller DO NOT continue the ACV. Just keep the area very clean and dry.

The last step is the most important i feel like. Get on a VERY HIGH QUALITY probiotic. Probiotics have been proven to improve the health of the GI tract FIRST! Then your overall health second.

Lastly let go of the junk (soda, greasy processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, red meat)

This has worked tremendously well for me! Mine were very stubborn and this worked.


I had several cauliflower shaped warts on my anus and I applied ACV to the effected area with a cotton ball for two days, right before bed. I kept it there for 1-2 hours and removed it. The day after my second treatment, the large major warts had fallen off completely during my bowel movement and when wiping.

The ACV is quite painful, especially if you move around a lot but it will NOT damage healthy skin. Once some warts have fallen off, you will NOT want to apply anymore ACV as it will be extremely painful on your lesions. It is best to then apply Vitamin E oil to help heal the lesions, while also fighting the remaining warts. When the lesions are healed, you can continue to treat the remaining warts with ACV.

It is important to keep the area dry as warts thrive in a moist environment. I recommend getting a foot powder with Talc and Salicylic acid to keep your anus dry during the day, OR you can apply a paper towel in between your butt cheeks to absorb any moisture. Conveniently, Salicylic acid is the main ingredient in many wart removing products. During my showers I wash my anus gently with a gentle, sensitive skin face wash with salicylic acid in it.

Be sure to blow dry your anus completely before treating the warts with anything. I'm sure supplementing treatment with immune boosting vitamins does help!

My progress is astounding, and I'm so relieved!


Any doctor who is judgemental or who would embarrass a person seeking treatment for anal warts should have their medical license revoked. An instrument called a cryo gun will freeze
them off in a few treatments or even less. Larger ones may have to be removed surgically in an office procedure by a qualified proctologist. Neither of these treatments are all that painful and the ones surgically removed are deadened first with a local antisthetic.lm not against home remedies, but some people may not be capable or too squeamish to do it theirself. Or have other medical problems and would be best served by a qualified physician. Infections can be problematic or even life threatning. Nothing to play around with folks. Best of luck and you have nothing to cause you shame. These are facts of life that happen and any good doctor should be glad to help you. If not report their ass to the medical board.


If you are looking into this, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING:

Be really careful with the vinegar treatment. I am 34, pretty good shape, etc. I did ONE vinegar treatment on a Wednesday night for a few hours. The following Sunday, I was in so much pain I almost went to the ER.

The following is kinda graphic:

The vinegar/acid destroyed the skin around my anus, and about an inch or so inside my rectum. The vinegar created open sores, which soon became infected. As I described above, four days after the treatment I was in the worst pain of my life. I cannot overstate this. My anus became a mess of infection, mucus, puss, blood, etc. Eventually, I had to have a bowel movement, and the pain became even worse. The pain was unexplainable. I wanted to go to the ER, but was in too much pain to move.
Fortunately, I went to the doctor several days later. They were genuinely freaked out by it. My doctor left the room, and I heard him talking on the phone with another colleague. He sounded alarmed. Several days later, I found myself in a doctor's office, in a hospital gown, with two doctors and an PA looking at my butt as if was a gruesome crime scene. They glanced at it, gasped, covered their mouths with their hands, and turned away.
Ultimately, they put me on two antibiotics, and what I believe to be placebo pain meds. After the initial visit, I have seen the doctor every other day for about two weeks. I finally had my last visit today. The wounds are not completely healed, but the infection is gone, and I no longer have pain.
Ironically, they gave me a full STI check, did a culture of my sores, and all tests came back clean.
Dudes out there, and woman too - don't fuck around with this. Organic apple cider vinegar seems harmless, but it will tear up your asshole. Literally. Be safe.


I am here to help people that might think they have anal warts but instead have an anal yeast infection. If you have an itchy anus and feel tiny pusticles its probably a yeast infection. The best thing to do is to keep that area clean and dry as well as use a topical cream that contains Clotrimazole. Its over the counter at any drug or grocery store under jock itch usually. May also be under as a vaginal cream. Use it 2x a day for at least 7 days.

I hope this helps people and please do not use ACV. Go see a doctor if you have anal warts and they will treat it with multiple treatments of cryo freezing. Don't be embarrassed it isn't something they haven't seen before.

I wish you all well and I wish you good luck in your treatments.


Using Cortizone helps to reduce the problem with anal warts. It's right there at Wal-Mart for less than $5. It takes about 2 days for everything to go down. Even when the bumps are not around, rub the cream into the area. Using apple cider vinegar (ACV) directly on the infected area will cause scarring. Be careful of that.


Ok.. This year I developed anal warts.. Probably from last girlfriend. I had bad eating habits, high blood pressure, and was drinking too much alcohol.. I had 3 anal warts the size of peas on outside and just inside anal canal..

To treat my high blood pressure I stopped drinking too much, started eating fruits and veggies, whole grains, lean meats, vitamins, lots of vitamin C, and a daily dose of Apple Cider Vinegar with lots of water. I also started working out and doing cardio more consistently. I lost 10 lbs and feel great. I applied nothing to the anal warts.. Its been 3 weeks.. They are completely gone!!!!! NO JOKE... I addressed the main problem which is a low immune system and bad health.. It worked.. This is all I need to change my lifestyle forever.. The proof is in the pudding..

Gay and Proud

I'm a gay male and I first noticed a breakout back in April. I went a few weeks thinking they would go away on there own but no luck. I tried hemmorhoidal cream at first thinking that they were the cause. When that failed to work, I went to the doctor and was told I have anal warts. I had a big one about the size of a pea and a smaller one. I had them surgically removed in May (this was a very scary time for me, being 18 fresh out of high school and I scheduled the surgery and had it without telling my family. I didn't want them to worry. I felt really alone but I was determined.) but around the end of June, one began to reappear.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands since the surgery is too costly (trust me) and it didn't fix the problem for long anyway.
I bought ACV (unfiltered With the Mother), Bio Oil, and Vitamin B & C supplements. The ACV is really cheap (a pint sized bottle for about $2). The bio oil however is pretty expensive ($13 for a bottle about the size of a shot glass, maybe smaller) the vitamins were like $6.
As of tonight, I'm starting the ACV treatment and will let you know of my progress. Let me warn you, it burns like HELL. But it was only for a few minutes. If it burns too much, apply some bio oil then put the ACV on top of it. I'm using a cotton ball soaked in ACV.
The bio oil helps with the burning and any scarring/discoloring.
Make sure to keep the area dry during the day, because before the wart reoccurred, the area would be really moist from me doing a lot of walking at work. It also causes some itching, burning, and unwanted odors (which I believe may be from an infection). It made me feel dirty, uncomfortable, and plain disgusted in myself. I started taking antibiotics and it cleared up the odors and burning. Now, I use tissue to keep the area dry during the day, just tuck it in back there and voila :) Now I'm using the ACV treatment to get rid of this wart that reocurred and to prevent sspreading. Wash your area daily and keep it dry. Trust me you all, it may not seem like much but it will really help. You will be way more comfortable during the day. If you experience pain having bowel movements due to the warts then I suggest using KY Jelly then immediately clean it off afterwards (remember, keep it dry). A sitz bath also helps to shrink the wart a little but that was only temporary when I tried it.

Back to my story at hand, I'm keeping the cotton-soaked ball directly on my anus and the wart (it's on the outside right by the perineum) and it stung for a minute but now it's sort of dulled. After that, apply the bio for healing (or damage control as I like to call it) then take a shower so that the smell won't stick with you. (Yes, the ACV STINKS. Of course that is expected since it's vinegar.)
This is what I am trying and I will relay my progress tomorrow night maybe.
P.S. REMEMBER to eat healthy, exercise and use the vitamins. Mine have immune system support.

Until next time!

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