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Hello. It's been little over a month since I got surgery to remove my anal warts. Two weeks later after my surgery, I started seeing little warts come back again on the rim of my anus. I know that warts are a recurring thing so I'm not surprised. Tonight I'm going to try using AVC. I'm going to be using q-tips. I will post an update every other day or so. Hopefully this get rid of them for sure!


I was one pissed off person

ACV does work! I was a little skeptical about it at first but the first two days I used it and it burn like hell and I would put piece of toilet paper on top to help with the burning. I did use a cotton swab then just used a q-tip to apply the ACV and would fan dry until the burning sensation was tolerable. At first, I thought the ACV was irritating the warts more because they were swollen and look like they were getting bigger. I didn't care for the soaking of the cotton swab and sticking it in my butt, the q-tip was a lot more easier because i could insert it inside of my anal entry, and try to catch the ones that maybe inside. And it is thin and small. The third day, I decided to pour the ACV in my bath water. In which, it was a whole lot better. No burning at all! I applied neoporin afterwards and placed a piece of toilet paper on it so it would not get on my clothes. The fourth day I can see how they reduced in size and started to shrink. They turn black and in the beginning my butt was raw and irritated, so that's why I changed to the q-tip and started to pour in my bath water. But they were disappearing and falling off. I will continue this process until they are all gone.


It's been a week since I tried acv on my anal warts.

Basically I soak I tiny piece of toilet paper wipe it on the warts and shove it in the opening of the hole. So painful the entire anus turned white it didn't hurt the first two days I would do this 2 times a day for about 1 hr. Then I started to leave it for 3 hrs the 3rd day on the 4 th day I was targeting the visible anal warts that counted maybe 4. But because of the acv being on the entire anus it activated other warts that showed up from the acv and when I wiped my anus they peeled off on the 4th day and my anus was bleeding when they wiped off. They were two pieces that left a white rim around and the warts that peeled left raw blood skin. The other visible warts stayed white and got bigger also the non visible warts thAt now covered half the outside anus looked swollen and my entire anus was sore. On the 5th day I still continued using acv on the anus this hurt so much because I still wipe acv on the entire anus and put a piece of toilet paper inside a bit to keep it soaked in acv for the warts. The big white wart hasn't fallen I still don't know if it works but since I'm peeling new warts off it looks like it is. So on the 6th day another wart that was next to a visible wart peeled off from a wipe and blood started coming out. I cleaned the area and wiped it with hydrogen peroxide now I'm on day 7 I'm focused more on the visible warts that are 4 of them yet to come off I think this treatment works . I haven't slept with acv inside with toilet paper it's to uncomfortable that's why maybe my treatment is too long but I wipe acv on the warts even when I remove the paper to let it dry on it. I'll be treating the area for as long until they all peel off. I want to get rid of the visible ones so my anus is smooth again . Now I have about 4 or 5 craters on my anus from non visible warts that appeared after the treatment . I can say 100 percent acv does cause a reaction on these warts mines have gotten super big the non visible ones show up and then peeled. When I started first 2 days the whole anus looked mangled and completely white. I guess my entire outer anus had warts the large ones appeared and then started to peel off day 3 and 4 and 5. My anus where the visible ones are are still white and stubborn I will treat my entire anus still I want to clear it up. I also drink acv in water in the mornings. I'll update but my anus looks like a war zone craters and larger white warts. The acv made the visible warts larger and white that was 6 days ago so it must be working. I'm 100 percent believer in acv since the non visible warts burned off. I haven't been diagnosed with gentian warts but since I tied this and they are coming off same reaction I do have GW . I won't stop I read some people have continued treatment for months I'll do the same. Also I am changing my diet and excervising to strengthen my immune system. GW is so gross and anus is raw and trees hope for the visible warts to peel off since I keep reading that the wart virus is buried in the root I will keep continuing the treatment until its not only gone but the root is killed. I'll update everyone. This treatment does burn your skin especially warts I can't wait till I'm completely rid of this. Before the treatment they were small the visible ones now there bigger whiter n grey just trying to peel them off and with the treatment I hope they come off. For the people who said this is a placebo affect I highly doubt that the other warts that were hidden showr up and peeled and bled. Now I'm trying to clear it all up including the visible ones. I'll update more I started last week. It's so painful but if it takes me a month of daily application of acv I'm doing it until this stuff is all peeled off . My anus is half white and raw I won't give up till they all peel off.


I have been deployed for 4 months and was diagnosed with anal warts. I never had them before and have been happily married for 15 years and never had any homosexual escapades in my life. However, I am living in a place where we have to through used toilet paper in the trash can next to the toilets. They get filled and overflow in the stalls. There are so many other unsanitary practices that it is disgusting just going to the shower or bathroom. I am positive I a got these things out here, but the ignorant medic had his own ideas.

He proceeded to ask if I was homosexual and when I told him no, he acted like I was lying. Instead of dealing with him, I just asked him how to get rid of them. He told me that it would take multiple trips to the doctor on a different base and possibly surgery. As you would expect I left devastated and pissed.

First thing I did was jump on the Internet and lookup 1. how it is contracted, and 2. how to get rid of them. I found on multiple professional websites that HPV can be contracted from sharing a towel, or other garment. I am sure HPV in these cesspools we call bathrooms and showers!

I also, found this amazing site and I read the many posts of people curing themselves with ACV. Being deployed I did not have ACV, but I was able to get white vinegar from the dining facility, So I thought I would give it a try.

OH MAN!!!!
Night one, I did like others and soaked a cotton ball in the vinegar and stuck in in between my butt. I also bought these big bandages and applied it to hold the cotton in place. Day one I had some burning, but nothing to painful. I left it on about 6 hours through the night. The next day I looked and say them turning white. I had a pea sized one, two confetti sized ones and about 5 smaller bumps. The bigger ones were again turning white and the skin on my entire anus was red and irritated. In the morning I showered and used cotton to dry my anus. It looked worse because the made the warts swell and the smaller ones were raised more. It looked bad, but I knew after reading on this site that this was expected.

The second night I applied the cotton soaked vinegar and this time it burned terribly. I had to bite down and bare it because I knew it was working. The next morning I took a shower and now the warts were not only white, but turning a black color and they skin was softer. Seeing this I decided to apply another cotton after showering and left it on during the day. This burned like a fire for about 2 hours. I was squirming like I had ants in my pants at work!

But, that night my anus felt very wet and when I took a shower and cleaned my anus with antibacterial soap and my fingers, I felt a very slimy like texture on my hand. As I washed, it started noticing there were no more bumps, the pea sized and confetti sized warts were completely gone! I almost screamed in joy, but contained my self.

I rinsed and dried off. This time I applied peroxide and antibiotic ointment (Neosporin). My anus was completely raw and swollen, but it was 80 percent better. I went to work with a swollen, sore anus, but it was nice to know the big warts were defeated. I cleaned and applied peroxide and Neosporin twice that day. The third morning I took a shower and this time when I cleaned the area, it was completely smooth! I thank everyone on this site for sharing your experience and your positive encouragement!

I am no just trying to heal and keep it clean over the next week. If you are in the same situation, just stay positive and don't let doctors or others get you down. Three days and my warts are gone! I know HPV could still be in my system and they can come back, but I will definitely be watching carefully.

Thanks everyone!


Been soaking cotton swabs in ACV and putting it right on my ass nearly every other day for a week. I might go through three or four swabs over the course of maybe an hour. I lie down on my back or side and just hold it there. My three warts seem to be diminishing in size quite a bit and are almost(hopefully) gone. My warts were not painful but who needs them, right? Different methods seem to work for different people but this seems to be working for me.


3 days after continious application of the ACV and garlic, my warts are completely gone, though I think I should continue this for at least a week for the bacteria to be complete burned inside out. Though when ever I apply the mixture the part where the warts used to grow has a small bleeding so make sure apply it very gently.
Also I feel some discomfort within the opening of the anus I hope this is just normal and will pass after few more days... I'm not a doctor but I guess this mixture aren't for all type of warts so be cautious as well. Like I said I will repeat this application once a day for 1 week. Will give an update after a week. Last, use cotton buds in rubbing/damping the ACV and minced garlic solution in your warts alone as the mixture can be extremely burning hot.


Forgive my grammar and spelling!
I just want to share to you guys about my experience.
I'm a 21 year old gay man, my friend and I used to be FU-BU for a year at first I was afraid to contract hiv or anything because we had unprotected sex but for a year no warts or anything and the following year 6 months after our last I decided to have a test but the result came out non reactive so I was relieved. After my FU-BU I met this 2 guys and had protected sex with this them however the condom 'snap' for the both of them (a bit weird why). To cut the long story short...
After them I had an oral sex with a guy and he told me he's only into oral no penetration so i was a bit relieved. Months after that oral sex with that guy i had another hiv test and it turned out non reactive again.

However months again after that test i started to develope warts in the opening of my anal similar to the anal warts I saw from the net, It started from itching then a small skin bumps which grew and followed by another one so i searched for a home remedy since i don't have enough 'golds' to have a clinical remedy so i read that APPLE CIDER can do the trick also garlic and other oild mixed together can also be use.
BEHOLD! In my curiosity I DECIDED TO MIX APPLE CIDER VINEGAR AND MINCED GARLIC AND APPLIED IT TO THE WARTS. At first it was burning hot but instantly the warts reduces half of its size and continually applied it every hour the warts became very soft. So the next morning i checked on it and applied the same thing the warts was almost gone though there are still patches remaining

Ill give you an update soon


Update 8/17/2015: Got laser-surgery on the 13th, they cauterised the internal warts. I am still sore and bleeding from my anus, but the warts seem to be gone. They removed four. Going back in a few days for post-op check up, will update then.

Be careful with ACV, dilute with water if needed, and use Neosporin/triple antibiotic-ointment after the treatments.

Be safe, don't fret too much, things will get better eventually.


I went to the doctor and got aldara cream to rub on my anus. It seems to be working after just a week as the two or three warts I had have nearly all disappeared and my ass looks nearly normal now. I still have another week left with the cream I have and want to get more after that probably. I also live in China and the doctor here said I should have laser surgery. I am not ready to do this as I don`t trust hospitals here 100% Whether you have the surgery or just use the cream, the hpv virus is still in your system. I suppose if the warts hurt a lot you should have the surgery but I would hold off. I guess people respond to different treatments though. Just sticking with the cream for now and eating as healthy as I can, etc.


DO NOT USE APPLE CIDER VINEGAR ON YOUR ANUS! I saw some small white spots inside of my anus a couple months ago. I had no clue what they were but assumed that they may have been anal warts due to their color and texture. I will confirm when I meet with my doctor next month.

This was most likely my mistake, but I got a clean paper towel and poured some apple cider vinegar on it. I then stuck the paper towel inside my anus for 10 minutes to rid myself of the warts. I didn't stick the paper towel in that far, maybe half an inch.

This completely burned my skin inside of my anus. It's been 3 days and I haven't put any apple cider vinegar near my anus and don't plan on doing so ever again. My anus still burns (getting SLOWLY better) and ESPECIALLY burns when making a bowel movement. My anus (and anus inside) is basically red, inflamed and very, very slowly getting back to normal from being BURNED from the apple cider vinegar. I also have a few inflamed hemorrhoids that seem to have formed from using the apple cider vinegar as well.

Taking bowel movements are a pain, but after each one I quickly douche in the shower with warm water to keep the area clean from bowel debris. Basically, my anus is sore and I'm waiting for my body to heal itself and get back to normal. I should have never done this as my warts weren't many and my anus was practically fine and I never had problems with bowel movements.

I just wanted to warn everyone as I got the apple cider vinegar idea from this site. Perhaps it works with warts further away from the anus, however, DO NOT put apple cider vinegar anywhere near or inside your anus ever. You have been warned!

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