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I did ACV for the past 3 anus is a war zone and hurts a lot but everything is gone except for one bump that turned black but hasn't went off yet. I dont dare continue with ACV as the pain was so intense it gave me depression. I guess I'm just gonna wait for it to heal and maybe the remaining black bump will go on its own? Any recommendations? I'm really down because of this process.


I read this forum having found one in the crevice right on the tailbone and having given it a few digs and it kept getting bigger thought I'd try this, only bought it yesterday, left it on all day yesterday in some cotton wool wedged in there then again all day today. It seemed a little bigger but sifter so rather then having another go with my nails and not being brave enough to take a pummis stone to my ass crack I dediced to scrunch up a couple of paper towels shamelessly liberated from work reach behind and starts scrubbing....DRY!

Unbelievably its gone!!

Put some ACV on there and the burning was so much more than earlier, probably because the thing had gone and exposed some delicate skin so gave it a clean with water and dried thoroughly with toilet paper.

Think I'll apply ACV using the cotton wool every few hours rather than leave it on there now just for a few more days

Man this stuff worked fast, I spent the extra 40 pence and went for the organic :p


So I just found out about a week ago that I have anal warts. I have read online that surgery to get rid of them, especially the ones inside, can be a horrible experience. Even after the surgery is done the pain will still be there. My question for everyone that has been using the ACV is how long does it take for the process to go into effect? Also once the warts go away how quickly do they come back if they come back at all? Finally how long does your anus take to heal? These little bastards are annoying and I'm hoping ACV will work for me.


So, I noticed the bumps on and around my anal area about a week ago taking a shower. Thinking nothing of it the first day or so, I ignored them. Then I started looking online as I was annoyed when I touched that area during my showers. Well, after finding out it was warts, I started to panic as I've never had an STD in my life, though I might have HPV as I've had cold sores in the past.

Then a few days ago I stumbled onto this board and looked at people's experiences and remedies. Most of what I've seen is Apple Cider Vinegar is the most used in this situation. Looking at what they've done with the ACV, I decided to take action on this. So I bought a bag of cotton balls and some ACV at the store and started using it immediately.

The first time I kept it in for about 2 hours before I decided to take it out and shower. To my surprise, I saw some lumps of white skin coming off with the soap I used. So I think it started working. So after a few hours of having it off, I applied some more ACV and kept it there for an hour and a half, taking it out and then washing off again. To my surprise, more kept coming off, some of it black in color, but not much.

To confirm it is warts, I checked my anal area in the mirror and saw the white spots everyone else has claimed to see. So I am assuming with thee warts falling off, the remedy is working. I know some people have said that this remedy does burn, but as someone with a high pain tolerance, I am able to handle the burning.

My plan for this is to put the ACV on the affected area for an hour and a half, wash it off with soap and water, see how much gets taken off, wait about 2 hours before I reapply and repeat until gone. If it gets worse, I will contact my doctor. But I will keep everyone posted.

ACV and Tea Tree oil Day #1

Ok so I noticed a couple small warts around my butt hole and got it checked out and turns out it was anal warts... I got aldara creme that took about 2 tubes to get rid of them and I tell you that stuff isnt cheap. I decided to have a good look again tonight (Months Later) and thank god there are none, then i decided to look a bit deeper... I pushed and open my ass hole as much as I could and damn there are alot on the inside, immediately i thought my only option is suicide lol. I cant afford treatment for aldara cream again or surgery so Im going to try Apple Cider Vinegar today!!! I could feel internally a burning sensation from time to time and occasional blood when I pooped and i sorta new something didn't feel wright but i ignored it. I dont care how much this burns Ima douse a cotton wool bud with ACV diluted with some water and im gona shove it wright up my butt hole aswell as drink the stuff. Dont care if it burns as long as these fuckers are gone! I will do it every single day and document my progress on this site and hope it works. I will alternate with tee tree oil as these are the cheapest options.


My experience right now, It started maybe a month ago, i have no clue genital warts exist. the feeling after doing number 2 and wiping it was kind of itchy, to the point that ive been over using the tissue coz it feels good wiping it and it started to bleed a little.

Maybe a month later. A wart started to show up. I ignored it. I thought when i was wiping, it felt not normal. Like theres a tiny 'bump' and still continue on 'over using' or over wiping my anal.

I ignored it and thought oh it will go away. Then i didnt know it multiplies. When i look in the mirror, the shock and horror on my face. I started searching for warts and ended up on this website.

I tried ACV, it did work for two days. But the pain and itch even the burn is just hard to tolerate. I dont know how u guys can do it but boy i feel like im going to pass out. Sitting is just too painful. It itches like a mfkr.

Maybe a week using it. It still feel like the warts on my anal is just moving around. I hate this feeling of doing the acv and then feeling all the pain etc.... But then i have to endure it til i can just so it would go away. Its my second week using it and im just depressed.

Now i just bought, sleeping aid gels, recticare (lidocaine) just to numb the area and it does work wonders. (Highly recommended to get a local anesthesia) i would say. I just used this today, and hoping in a week, everything is gone.

I am even drinking ACV diluted with water of course. But i am watching since i feel like my digestive system was affected by my anal warts.

If you know a better way of dealing the anal warts besides ACV, let me know pls... I could use all the help. Thanks!


24 years I've been going through this every single day ,, I've been using cornstarch what seems to help with the pain and itching and dries them out takes a little while to work though,,, I'm going to give some of your guys advice a try and see how it goes these fucking things hurt everyday sick and tired of being sick and tired.


Reading this entire thread gave me so much hope, particularly people's stories so I thought I'd share mine.

About 8 weeks ago, I felt two tiny lumps just above my anal cavity. Upon feeling them I asked my wife if they were piles (as she has them often) and she said 'probably' so I didn't think anything of it. About a week later, I was curious so decided to awkwardly bend over in front of the mirror and check them out. To my horror, they weren't piles, they were two tiny warts!

I'm a little naive, and didn't even think they could be an STI of some sort given my only sexual partner in ten years has been my wife. My train of thought was simply that it was my body reacting to being run down and unloved. For a bit of context, my diet consisted of 20 cigarettes a day, 8+ cups of coffee during the day, 2 glasses of wine a night and fatty, processed, greasy foods for my meals.

After seeing these two little invaders, I wanted to get rid. I've never had a wart, so was unaware of how they behaved. I just thought I could cut them off and be done with it!

Stupidly one evening, I washed myself down there, sterilised a pair of kitchen scissors, got a towel ready and simply snipped them off. Cue loads of blood and a slightly white looking man about to faint.

Two days later, all healed and I thought everything was fine.


Call it three more days and i had a look at my ass to see what the damage was. This time, I could see not just two, but four small warts. Three at the very bottom of my anal cavity and one just on the right hand side. I was mortified.

I instantly googled 'anal warts' and felt a bit sick when I read into it. These things WERE sexually transmitted, and at some point I'd received them and they've been almost hiding inside me waiting to come out. If I had them, surely my wife did too?!

I've always had cold sores, so it was no major surprise to see I had HPV, but I never envisaged this could spread somewhere so private!

I didn't want to go to the doctor, so I did some research online and decided that 'Wartner' was my best bet initially. I bought the freezing product and that night dabbed my ass with it as per the instructions. Now, I waited.

Four days passed and there wasn't any difference. So I dabbed again. Nothing for a week.

In desperation, I clicked on an Adword online when I googled anal warts and found 'SomXL'. It was only £20 so I ordered it and four days later it arrived. I started using it, once in the morning and once in the evening. The stuff stings and I noticed my warts not receding, but actually getting bigger.

Now I was panicking.

The whole episode started to get me down. I was worried that the warts would never go away, that they would blow up and be like the worst case scenarios you see on google images (NEVER look there people!). I was embarrassed and ashamed.

My wife could tell I was down and asked me to talk to her. I did. I said I had a 'wart', still scared to say 'warts'. She was so good, simply brushed it off and said 'I get cold sores all the time down there, we've always had them since we met each other it's not a big deal' and told me to go to the doctor.

I felt better instantly. She was right, we both sometime 'flare up' as a result of an STI one of us (we don't know who) passed to the other when we first met. It's a non issue for us, given we've no intention of meeting other partners anytime soon!

I booked an appointment at the docs and the next day went up.

The doctor who saw me was an older Asian woman who wasn't my normal doctor. I said I was concerned and asked if she could help me. At that point, she told me she'd examine me but would need to have a colleague in with her to supervise. I could feel the embarrassment kick in already.

Without a choice, I simply agreed and she told me to go behind the curtain and undress. I sat there waiting for her to come back into the room, and when she did she said she was with a lady called Claire. Both came through the curtain and as Claire simply stood staring at me, the doctor proceeded to take a peek at my ass and say 'OK'. Ordeal over.

I got changed and sat back down as the doctor started looking something up. She was silent for all of a minute but if felt like hours. She turned to me and said 'you have warts'. Her tone had changed. I said, 'OK.'. She then said 'have you ever been in a same sex relationship?'. I just looked at her and said 'well, no. The only relationship I've been in for the last ten years is with my wife, why?'. She then just said 'well I don't know how you catch this, who gives who, if you've been with a man..' and shrugged at me!! I was getting agitated at this point when she printed off a pile of paper and said 'read this and make an appointment at the Sexual Health Clinic, I can't help you here.' I asked her if the warts can be treated and if so how to which she said 'read the leaflet and make an appointment ok'. She really was quite rude.

I left, feeling worse than ever. Properly embarrassed, ashamed and confused. I couldn't book at the clinic as the hours weren't favourable with my working hours and the clinic was not commutable easily by public transport. I was seriously stressed out at this point.

I went home and started researching more about these warts. I read how diet can impact them, hat smoking was making it harder to treat and then I stumbled on this forum. What a lifesaver!

ACV was ultimately my last hope. That night I bought some and left a cotton wool ball in my ass crack on the warts all night. The next morning, I took it off, showered and went to work. At lunch, I came home and cleaned the area, then applied a new cotton wool ball with ACV to the area and left it in all day.

The next morning, I had a feel of the area and it felt smaller. I started to feel better.

I applied a cotton wool ball that night (it stung like a bastard this time) and left it in. In the morning, my ass was incredibly painful! I left it and that night had a look at my ass - warts had gone!

I couldn't believe it! That was a week ago, and truth be told my ass has been so painful since (bleeding when wiping, a bit itchy, generally uncomfortable etc).

Tonight, I looked in the mirror and thought that the wart to the side was still there. I thought I'd do ACV on it again to get rid, but upon closer inspection it's not so much a wart as it is a white skin Mark. Not sure if this was the wart once upon a time or what but I've applied ACV any way.

Overall, ACV has been a god send. It's not the easiest to apply and it does have its drawbacks but it's a quick method that gets rid of anal warts. Amazing.

I will also say, people sort your diets out too.

This whole experience has given me a wake up call. I'm two weeks a non smoker, have cut the caffeine out and I'm eating healthy, raw foods and supplementing my diet with vitamins. Keeping this up will hopefully keep those warts at bay and if they do come back, I'll have ACV ready for them.

Thanks to all for sharing your stories on here, and I hope new visitors who are looking at this site in a bit of a panic like I was will take some solace in my tale.


Day 1 and i just bought a organic apple cider vinegar at whole foods. I bought a terrasil but that didnt help on my anal warts.

I started having and itch on my anal every time I poop. Then drying it, it started with simple just bleeding. But apparently it feels good 'yikes' to wiping but i guess im causing trauma and a wart starts to appear. I ignored it until it felt it gotten bigger and then seems like its spreading. It did.

Thats the time i look on google for answer.

I ran on this page and hoping that ACV really helps since Terrasil didnt. I used terrasil for AW for 6 days and it seems like it made the warts slowly progress, now its my day 1 trying the Organic ACV. I cleansed it with rubbing alcohol and boy it does sting.

But I told myself it will work. Pain didnt kill anybody. And i hate having AW. So yeah. Wish me luck. Thanks for all the help posting your treatment on this site and ill keep you guys posted!


I have been sitting here using the apple cider vinegar with the mother organic version, in the past it seems to have worked but now it seems they just get bigger and more appear, is this typical?

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