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Allan W Polvado

I have anal warts and and tried a remedy that I got off the internet ! I used a mixture of Preperation H and presimmons ! It sounds weird but it took the swelling and itching down on the anal warts !


Hi you guys. I'm Joshua, a 25 year old bisexual in Nigeria. I got AW somewhere along the line a few years back and due to the laws of my country, I've been scared to seek medical help. So Ibe been living with this itching irritating smelly bastards for what seems like forever.

I came across ACV on this blog last week and decided to try it. Started only yesterday so this is the update

Day1: Showered and applied it with cotton. I didn't feel anything till late at night. Is that unusual?

Day2: Applied some this morning for about 30 mins. The sting was epic! At night, applied again. This time I almost passed out. IT BURNS SOOO BAD! I had to take it off. Dunno if I'm doing it right. I been shaking and moaning in pain even after pulling it out.

Any suggestions on how to make the process less painful cos at this rate, I doubt I can continue. I really look forward to a time when I won't have these things again. I need my life back! ????

A Non Amos

Tried ACV on anal warts….. Here’s my experience….

First, a little background: I’m a 49-year old, heterosexual male that contracted genital warts when I was about 19…. Dealt with them popping up here and there over the years…. A lot in the last few years for some reason….

I exercise several times a week, am a distance runner and health food freak… still, my immune system can’t seem to keep the virus totally suppressed….

Anyway, apparently over the years the virus has migrated to my ass… Oh, joy…. Noticed something different back there when showering several months ago, but just this month felt like a wart… Just inside the anal cavity about half an inch, I’d say… Then feeling around I noticed a couple smaller ones about same location…. I’ve zapped the gen warts for years with freeze-off from the pharmacy, but no way would I be able to even contort around and see these things, even with mirrors, let alone zap them with any kind of accuracy with some cryo…. So I hopped on the web and landed here…..

ACV?? Cool…. I actually eat a lot of that in my diet… amazing stuff…. I gave it a shot…

Instead of cotton balls that I thought would get stringy and messy and stick to every damn thing, I bought quilted (not woven) gauze pads and just cut them down to a little larger than an inch square…. Then I soaked it in straight ACV and stuck it up my ass…. It burned pretty good… More than I thought it would…. Ouch….

Kept it in all night till nxt afternoon, then out and cleaned up…. Went for a run and couple hours later followed same procedure….

OHHHHHhhhhh MAMA!!!! Lol…. Holy shit, guys…. I liked to think I have a pretty good tolerance for pain… probably above average… I’ve had concussions, broken ribs, gaping lacerations… even been stabbed in the chest… …. I wouldn’t necessarily say it was the worst pain I ever felt… But holy shit, guys…. Seriously… My asshole was already bleeding a little and plenty swollen and a little distended… When I shoved that ACV-soaked pad up there the second night, after a minute or two the pain was so intense that I got very shakey and knees a little weak….

Like I say… used to like to think I was pretty tough… Now, reading how you guys are gung-ho for this ACV for days or even weeks at a time…. Now I’m thinking I’m just a big pussy!! Lol…

But seriously folks… I DON’T want to scare anybody off from pursuing this treatment necessarily…. I see now that I made a couple mistakes…. 1) I didn’t realize until after the second night that a lot of guys here were significantly diluting the ACV… Big difference…. And 2) My warts are inside the anal cavity on skin that is much more sensitive and exposed…

Well…. I diluted it the next time around, the next morning…. Not near as bad…. Then on the third night, I added some tea tree oil (prob too much… also only recommended for external use…) and upped ACV ratio to water… Burned pretty bad, but not near as bad as night before…. Woke up a few times at night, tossing around… Seemed like maybe that tea tree was really burning, as ACV had tended to dissipate when applied before…. Early morning I took it out…. And decided I was done….

If they had been external, no problem… I could burn ‘em with acid all day long for weeks or however long it took…. But internal….. I just couldn’t do it anymore….

Like I say, don’t want to dissuade anybody from trying ACV…Just for me, where my warts are (internal), and the way I went about applying the ACV (undiluted and liberally)…. My ass was a swollen, bloody warzone and this was a “scorched-earth” tactic….. lol….

…And I eventually began to wonder if what I was doing wasn’t just painful, but unhealthy…. That question began to wear down my resolve…. My asshole was bloody, raw and “weeping” by the second day, like a severe burn or roadrash…. Weeping so much that I felt lucky that I was on an extended break from work…. If I had had to venture out in public I might’ve needed diapers…. Lol… Also, I think the physical trauma gave me an elevated body temp over the last few days….

Perhaps I’ll try it again eventually beginning with much more diluted concentrations of ACV from the start to try to minimize swelling…. But I think that ACV is prob not as well suited to treating internal warts… AM I WRONG, GUYS?? Please tell me…. I sincerely hope that I am wrong…. But it seems that ACV, as an acidic substance, essentially burns the wart out…. Just like cryo or other acid mixtures that used to be prescribed by docs…. Therefore if you are able to apply it repeatedly, directly to the wart (preferably without too much collateral damage to surrounding tissue), you’ll eventually kill it at it’s root…. Hooray!!

But…. In my case, it seemed like bloody scorched-earth devastation…. Like I was gonna have to burn off all the inner lining of the top of my anal canal to do the job…. Am I wrong?? Did I just whimp out?? Please give me some recommendations or opinions…..

Anyway…. Just wanted to vent a little about my little adventure and share my own experience…”warts and all,” as they say…Lol… … Perhaps it was more trial and error than success… But we’ll see if the warts are still there after all the bleeding and swelling is gone…. Maybe they’ll slough off…

Finally…. My heart goes out to one and all suffering through genital and anal warts…. Like I said, I first contracted nearly thirty years ago and I know that having them can be a depressing thing…. It fucks with your head… But however embarrassing or stubborn, it’s really just a treatable illness…. Hang tough boys and girls!!


I used ACV and it finally worked! Be patient, I applied almost very day and in the fourth week the stubborn bastard finally came off. There were others that I didn't even know I had until I put on the ACV. Those came off in the first week or two but the bigger noticeable one took awhile. don't fret it does work! yay!


I had to have the operation for anal warts and a couple months after some new ones appears externally. I zapped them with ACV and in 36 hours they flaked off and were gone. It's been about 2 weeks since then. I went back to my doctor an she said I had new warts growing inside me. They were tiny and she wasn't concerned. She prescribed me Aldara but I just bought some tampons and will probably try to apply ACV internally. They say that non-visible warts are high-risk strain, but we genotyped mine and mine are low-risk type 6. I will try to post an update on a hopefully successful cleanse on my inner warts.

Anal warts

hello im a 26 gay muslim living in ALGERIA. 4 months ago ive noticed 2 bloody warts on the high area of my anus i immediately went to google and oh my god when i saw the pictures i was mortified, ive never heard of HPV before or anal warts and imagine having this in a muslim society its just i cant even explain it ..i went to a doctor and he confirmed it was warts and asked me if i was gay ...he was very nice actually .. see im the type of HOT boys ( not to brag) that never had these kind of problems ive never imagined in my entire life having this shit on my ass.. so he said u need a laser removal and we only have one doctor in my town that do it and guess what he's our family doctor so there's no way that i go and see him.. i started searching for home remedies and found this ACV + garlic + green clay mixture .. i tired it . one of the warts fell of but the other stuck there and 1 month and a half later oh my god the horror they spread all over my anus in tiny warts since then i kept using the green clay diluted in water of course every night it seems that it keeps them small .. i dont know what to do im sick of them ..i think of suicide me please.


I did ACV for the past 3 anus is a war zone and hurts a lot but everything is gone except for one bump that turned black but hasn't went off yet. I dont dare continue with ACV as the pain was so intense it gave me depression. I guess I'm just gonna wait for it to heal and maybe the remaining black bump will go on its own? Any recommendations? I'm really down because of this process.


I read this forum having found one in the crevice right on the tailbone and having given it a few digs and it kept getting bigger thought I'd try this, only bought it yesterday, left it on all day yesterday in some cotton wool wedged in there then again all day today. It seemed a little bigger but sifter so rather then having another go with my nails and not being brave enough to take a pummis stone to my ass crack I dediced to scrunch up a couple of paper towels shamelessly liberated from work reach behind and starts scrubbing....DRY!

Unbelievably its gone!!

Put some ACV on there and the burning was so much more than earlier, probably because the thing had gone and exposed some delicate skin so gave it a clean with water and dried thoroughly with toilet paper.

Think I'll apply ACV using the cotton wool every few hours rather than leave it on there now just for a few more days

Man this stuff worked fast, I spent the extra 40 pence and went for the organic :p


So I just found out about a week ago that I have anal warts. I have read online that surgery to get rid of them, especially the ones inside, can be a horrible experience. Even after the surgery is done the pain will still be there. My question for everyone that has been using the ACV is how long does it take for the process to go into effect? Also once the warts go away how quickly do they come back if they come back at all? Finally how long does your anus take to heal? These little bastards are annoying and I'm hoping ACV will work for me.


So, I noticed the bumps on and around my anal area about a week ago taking a shower. Thinking nothing of it the first day or so, I ignored them. Then I started looking online as I was annoyed when I touched that area during my showers. Well, after finding out it was warts, I started to panic as I've never had an STD in my life, though I might have HPV as I've had cold sores in the past.

Then a few days ago I stumbled onto this board and looked at people's experiences and remedies. Most of what I've seen is Apple Cider Vinegar is the most used in this situation. Looking at what they've done with the ACV, I decided to take action on this. So I bought a bag of cotton balls and some ACV at the store and started using it immediately.

The first time I kept it in for about 2 hours before I decided to take it out and shower. To my surprise, I saw some lumps of white skin coming off with the soap I used. So I think it started working. So after a few hours of having it off, I applied some more ACV and kept it there for an hour and a half, taking it out and then washing off again. To my surprise, more kept coming off, some of it black in color, but not much.

To confirm it is warts, I checked my anal area in the mirror and saw the white spots everyone else has claimed to see. So I am assuming with thee warts falling off, the remedy is working. I know some people have said that this remedy does burn, but as someone with a high pain tolerance, I am able to handle the burning.

My plan for this is to put the ACV on the affected area for an hour and a half, wash it off with soap and water, see how much gets taken off, wait about 2 hours before I reapply and repeat until gone. If it gets worse, I will contact my doctor. But I will keep everyone posted.

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