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I cant take it anymore. Iv had the acid treatment, ACV, Caster Oil, Tea Tree, the works. For over 6 months Ive suffered with this affliction from mild irritation, itching, burning, etc. Every daily application seems to have made it worse and worse to the point that I dont think I have an asshole anymore, just a cluster of warts that poop comes through. Im getting so depressed. Its affecting my work, driving, I just cant ever sit comfortably without pain tablets to take the edge off. I am HIV positive but my CD4 T-cell count is so up now on ARVs that its probably better than most HIV- people. Yet I cant get rid of this. Ive stopped doing anything, now I just thoroughly wash down there after every stool movement, drying off well, washing and drying thoroughly when the area starts to moisten. Its not really getting better but its stopped getting worse and there is much less irritation. I think your body must just fight it naturally. And keep clean, dry, avoid wearing undies, wear clothes once and wash clothes with hot water. Dont put on any oils or creams or acids or powders. If sore/sensitive/cracked/bleading just use a little mercurecrome/calamine logion around the area and allow to dry for a day. No longer. I think we are doing more harm than good with all these remedies. Thats how I feel anyway. Another thing - aviod course toilet papers. soft thin 1 ply or baby wipes, and dont go crazy wiping. If you not 'clean' after 2 wipes use soap and water (no course cloths) and rince off. Try get your bowel rhythems to time your home morning and evening routines to avoid the hastle of cleaning. Thats my 2 cents.


I'm a heterosexual female and I discovered I had anal warts even though I have not had anal intercourse. I've seen heterosexual and homosexual males post on here but no females? But I've read the postings and tried apple cider vinegar for the last five days and its working. I went to the doctor and tried the freezing no go just really painful and embarrassing. Then I tried the acv and yes it Burns like crazy but a noticeable difference. I had quite a few small ones and clustered ones now most if the small ones are gone and the clustered ones have shrunk. I use the acv every night on a cotton ball and place it in the area for two hours. Worth the pain of the burning!


Just like many of you, I was devastated when I found out I had HPV. It was around January in 2011. I was so upset and I felt my world come crashing down. Im a male, 22 of age and I have anal warts. Ive read many posts on here and it makes me feel better knowing were helping one another out. Ive gone to get tested for anything and everything after I found out. Im free of all STD's except of course HPV..... Ive gone to the Doctor's and had gotten them frozen off. It didnt hurt. Even if it did I didnt care, I wanted these unwanted guest off! I didnt see any fall off.... I couldnt tell even if they did. I have at lest seven or nine in my rectum. I also received a cream.... but on the cream itself it says for External Use only..... I dont understand why I was prescribed if my warts were internal... well atlest I think they are. It did not but sting for a bit and it didnt help ether. SO I just thought I'd wait it out..... I have a new partner and before we did anything sexual I told him falt out. He still wanted me and its been five months. We always use a condom! I would never NEVER want this to happen to him. Thats when I found this site. It made me so happy! I went out and bought All the vitamins I saw that others have posted. Garlic, D-3, Iron, Echinacea, Vitamin C and Tea Tree Oil. Ive been on these for a few weeks now, I deiced to take it slow and see if they fall off. But nothing. I will continue to take these everyday as well as eat healthier and exercise. A few days ago I just bought ACV. I just used it and it burned like hell! I put some on a cotton ball and placed it right on the area of the warts, It hurt so much I had to take it off. I put the Tea Tree Oil on asap and now Im sitting here and it just tingles. I will post tomorrow morning to see if there had been any change. Thank you all for the inspiration!


Liquid nitrogen burns them off. Also, you can get over the counter wart removal treatments in an aerosol can. Please burn them off as soon as you get them as the spread very quickly. Be diligent.

Elephant in the Room

I've noticed there’s a lot of focus on genital warts on the web, but I haven't seen much attention paid to dealing with anal warts. I am 29 years old and heterosexual. I have never had anal sex, but after getting divorced have spent the last couple of years being promiscuous and severely alcoholic. I’ve been with more than 2 but less than 10 women. Over the last month or so I noticed some little bumps around/inside my anus, which I thought were merely hemorrhoids. But over time they seemed to multiply and so, I decided to stick a mirror down there. Oh my! Much to my dismay (after doing a bunch of research online and viewing countless pictures), I realized that I had ANAL WARTS! I started to wonder how this could happen. Then on further inspection beneath the folds of my foreskin, lo-and-behold, I too indeed, discovered a couple of those nasty little buggers sprouting up around the base of my glands-penis. Very mortifying… I mean, how and where does this come from? What on earth is the purpose for such an unsightly affliction to the sex organs and anus of a human being? My beautiful flower that has brought me boundless joy, tainted!?!
'They’re more pointless than mosquitoes!' I though.
Anyway, I learned about the virus, and that it can spread all over the landscape betwixt-your-nethers. It can spread to your bum and all over! So I tried researching some natural ways to combat this reprehensive condition.
Like I said before, I haven’t heard much in the way of treating warts that affect the inside of the anal canal especially, mostly just the outer anus and the genitals. It’s my understanding though, that these little goblin-bumps can actually find their way up inside of the anus/vagina. The former of which I think they have in my case, after fingering around some. So if any women out there hear my cry, and have some incite into combating the ones that migrate north, I welcome your input.

Here’s my mode of attack starting tonight:
-I plan to try the Apple Cider Vinegar approach on my glands-penis just to test the theory.
-I plan to try the Tea Tree Oil approach by soaking a woman’s tampon and sticking it where the sun don’t shine.
-I plan to put “Bring Me to Life” by Evanescence on repeat for a good solid Three hours or so.
-I plan to submit updates every day on this thread by replying to my original post.
-I plan to keep all copies of my postings as well, to start a web log in the future.
-I plan to never wish this on even my worst enemies… Scouts Honor.

In conclusion, be healthy. Don’t be an alcoholic or abuse harsh chemicals. Try to eat well and get good rest and exercise. Take your vitamins. I hope peace of mind for all.
My best advice for anyone; Find someone you love, take it slow, and make it last forever.


Went through all the painful stuff with GUM clinic and after a yr stopped going as it wasnt working. Imported tea tree oil and tablets from and it worked. It burns for a while but its worth it. Now I'm using crushed up garlic. Stings like hell but does the job.


I've suffered with these now for two years. Had the frozen several times(very painful) and tried two creams/ solutions. One was a cream(aldara I think) and the other was a solution which was very painfull from my local gum clinic which seemed to literalt burn me a new arse hole and leave the warts behind. I was about to go for another painfull freezing session when I found this site and tried the apple cider vinegar method. What did I have to loose. So I went to the store and purchased the product along with some plasters and went home to give it a go. It was a bit tricky trying to stick wet cotton wool to more than 3 clusters of warts around my ringer but I managed and packed dry loo roll around and donned a tight fitting pair of boxers. I left it on whilst watching telly for about 2.5 hours and the went and washed off. I immediately noticed it had gone all White in the are and brought to light more smaller ones I hadn't noticed before. I know it's working because this morning I have seen a few of the smaller ones fallen off already. And there are a couple turned black. I am going to give it another dose tonight and keep taking vitamin c supplements. This is far less painfull than other methods and so far seems to be doing the trick fingers crosses good luck people. Give it a try.


Hey im a 19 year old male and im writing to tell the dangers of stds(genital warts). It all started last year when i was having regulary one night stands with random girls. I used to be very popular and done alot of sleeping around which think was my problem. Last year i had up to 15 one night stands and after a wile i noticed red lumps appear on the front of waist line, i paid to heed and couple weeks later i noticed warts underneath my fourskin, i was to embarrassed to visit the std clinic. About a month later they appeard on my anus and weeks later multipled and grew in numbers. It was then i started having problems, everytime i went to the toliet i had till bath and shower after. And when i was out my friends started laughing and making jokes behind my back. I realised then thr was a smell of me, i started to bath and shower more everyday but even after a bath i still stunk. I then visitd my Gum unit were the doctor sprayed them and gave me cream. They reduced in size after wile but shortly reaapeard. This has to be the worst thing to happen anybody, am i alone?? I never left the house, gave up my job and became very insecure. I went to the clinic 3 times after this and the same process happend, went away a bit then came back. At one time i thought the only way outa this was suicide.. I tryed vinger i tryed everything, they all stung very bad and i was in bed for days in pain and itching. I tryed the clinic a last time and now there looking clearer than ever before, Ive started back at mass and pray to god every nite, If i could roll back time i wud have been alot more carefull. Thanks for hearing me out, my point being think twice before unprotected sex, this ruined my life and il never be right for a long time. Im off sex for along time and condoms will ALWAYS be used. thanks


well i tried using thuji oil, it worked before (took a few weeks), but then a few years later ive had a flare up again, I must suffer with HPV,
Anyway i tried using thuji oil again but it was burning my skin alot and making the skin on my bum really sore, so i stopped using the oil and applies E45 cream to the whole area..And after a couple of weeks the wart was starting to shrink..its nearly gone now im so pleased..

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