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Hey guys its me again the person with 2 big anal warts and 3small ones.
ACV (Apple cider vinique) and aloe ddnt work for me. Now that i used my own remedie (Placing a toilet paper betwen my bottoms) it really help.

Good News:
All my warts are getting small. This is my 8th day of applying toilet paper. I cahnge them 5 times a day every 3 hours.

Try it ,it works.


I've been living with Anul Warts for 7 months now, i really hope this avacado, apple cider vinegar (acv) and aloe.. Will work.
I'll come back with my results when they have worked or not.

Thank you all.


Hey guys
This is my second day of using ACV (apple cider vinegar) and my small bumps is gone. I use it twice a day. Its burns like forever but its worth it. And no I did not sleep,but as I said its worth it. The big ones is shrinking and I hope to be wart free by the end of the week. I apply ACV on cotton wool and put it in between my but cheeks in the morning for the whole day until I go take a bath in the evening. I repeat it before I go to bed and sleep with it. I don't get much sleep thou. But I'll take a sleeping tablets for the time I'm using ACV. It works guys. Just hang on there. U can also drink 2 teaspoons of ACV if u have warts inside ur anal. I'll be back at the end of the week hopefully with a success story. I'm keeping good faith. Burning the whole day and night for a week is worth it. Instead of walking around with it for months. And years to come. So make urself proud


Hi, I know what you guys in pain on this thing. I have a remedy to share. Though I am not sure which one that works but I get better from it, I'm not going to go back one step to see which one really that works, between using medical marijuana or eating avocado regularly. I am more confident on avocado oil.

Lately after I bought a whole bag of avocados and ate them regularly I feel pain my anus. I found that it's the process of loosing of its structure. The oil when it passes through the bowel coat and heal the wart area naturally. But if you don't like the taste you can try to blend it and apply inside your anus.


well i do not have a home remedy however i just purchased and received a cream online that is guarranteed to work or your money back. it is an antibiotic cream called somxl that i bought online. just did my first treatment today so cant say if it works yet. burned for a quick second and then seemed to releave the itching so i'm crossing my fingers this stuff works. ( somxl) check it out if your home remedies dont work. will let yall know if my cream works.


I am 23 bisexual guy .got these ugly anal warts .. thanks to this site i started usin acv and the small ones are gone and the big one is gettin smaller in size .. apply aloevera gel at night cause it got healin properties . Big thumbs up for this site


Okay, I'm a 51 y/o heterosexual male that has had numerous relationships and a few one night stands. That being said and out of the way... The past 5 months I've had terrible itching and odor for a couple of months. I thought it was piles but discovered that when I went to the doctor for a check up it was something else. The doctor described it as a scaly growth but wouldn't give it a diagnosis till after it was biopsied and sent to a lab. Thankfully the results came back negative for cancer and my pile surgery went well. However a couple months later after the sitz baths the scaly area started to multiply and became very irritated especially when having bowel movements. I was told that it was a yeast type infection by a doctor at a clinic and began treating it with different yeast infection type products but had very limited results. So, I decided to try a combination of bi carbonate baking powder with 2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar and a 1 teaspoon of grape seed extract oil mixed into a paste. I cleaned the area first with a baby wipe that I rinsed in warm water to rid of any harsh chemical then dried the area. I then applied the paste and it felt great; no burning as described in other posts. I'm hoping that this will help kill the virus and I can go on to a normal life. I'm going to apply this for the three weeks twice a day and I hope I have some encouraging words to write after that time has passed. Thanks


I have putting tea tree oil and acv (apple cider vinager ) on my warts and after about 2 days there almost all gone so I'm gonna keep this up but seems to work pretty well it can burn a little and have itchy irritation but there disappearing and I also use medicated baby powder to help with itching and to keep it dry


I have had anal warts for the past 8 years and I have not had an outbreak until recently after reading a lot of these Post I have tried the apple cider vinegar. I soak a tissue and put it back there for at least 15minutes. It burns like hell but after 3 days. The warts seem to be shrinking. Now I think the trick to it is you have to keep the warts as dry as possible. When I was diagnosed my Dr told me the warts like damp places to grow. If you bleed after a bile movement I would do a sitz bath (salt and water in the tub). Then immediately after a shower I always take a hair dryer back there to make sure it is completely dry. Also I keep a tissue back there just to make sure. Hope this helps.


I feel like jumping so high with joy.This website really is useful,well I used my own combination but with the help and guidelines from remedies from here.I am a 33yr female have not had sex for six months or any unprotected sex for that matter but got very depressed when I saw these things on me.It started with a clustered wart onthe lower lip of my vagina,I ignored it cause I did not know what it was,then this little things started speading to my anus,then I read up on them here. My remedy was mixing castor oil with barcabonate of soda make it into a paste but before u apply clean the area,wipe with antiseptic alcohol wipes then apply the paste.I took exactly 3days the small ones are gone and the big one is shrinking away.Big ups to you alll with your remedies.

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