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13 Home Remedies for Stuffy Nose


I get stuffy noses a lot, so here is how I cure it.

I get some boiling water and put garlic in it. Next, i put my head over the poy with a towel over my nead to funnel the steamm to my face. Works wonders for me!


Here are a few that work quite well! I did not make them up, but my children have tried them and they are wonderful!

INGREDIENTS: one clove of garlic (or more if needed)
or a piece of an onion
little bit of honey
a piece of an aloe plant (just the tip of a leaf thingies)
INSTRUCTIONS: This is what my grandmother did for me when I had a stuffy nose. Grind up the garlic so the juice comes out, mix it up with honey and squeeze out a bit of the juice from the aloe plant into the mixture. Then soak two cotton balls in this and stick them up your nostrils... Maybe five or ten minutes?

Ingredients: A cup of hot water
A cold bath cloth
Instructions: First you stand up straight and put the cup of hot water to your nose. Then you suck in the water. The water might burn a little like water would burn if you were swimming and you got alot of water in you nose. After that you blow your nose in the cold bath cloth. You might want to do that every 4 hours.

Sniff an onion, that usually works.


Boil water
add vicks vapor rub about a teaspoon
mix the water and vapor rub
pour it into a container with a lid.. Let stem accumulate... Be close to the lid.. Not too close, close your eyes( or else vicks will cause an uncomfortable feeling in your eyes)...
Now inhale the steam with deep breaths

guaranteed to feel amazing and help you out....

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