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41 Home Remedies for Cold and Cough

Miss pud

I have to say I'm not expert other than suffering from a hideous head cold & next 3 things have helped hugely & in quite a short time! Firstly Vicks vapour rub on feet then very thick socks, followed by a peeled onion sat beside me & finally a large measure of spiced rum in hot water & honey! I hope it works for others!


Have a hot toddy . Add a slice of lemon to hot water add some sugar and whiskey(optional)


I have a really bad froght at the moment so I put a few tea spoon in hot water and mix with a fair amount of lemon juice. The lemon cleans your froght and the honey coats it and keeps it protected, it feels a bit like plastic but really helps fight the germs.


Get some fresh Ginger and put it in a juicer. Add some fresh lemon and some turmeric powder add honey or sugar as the ginger is hot in taste.


I find that having a hot shower, then a mug of hot green tea with lemon and honey, then rubbing my feet with Vick's Vapo-Rub then putting on my socks and instantly going to sleep works wonders for a cough, clogged throat, or cold. Hope this helps!


just drink a medlemon with a freshly lemon inside also add a disprin with boiling kettle water.
after drinking the medlemon go straight to bed under the blankets and sweat it out.
next morning you will feel good as new.


Dark chocolate is simple, easy and quick way of stopping cough at night time. Great for children. My 3 years old was coughing a lot. I gave him a piece of chocolate, after 2 or 3 minutes there was no more coughing. Try the same if it comes back.


This is the recipe from india and we are using since couple thousand years it worked in india i guess it will work for you too !
1 lemon
1 tablespoon of honey
1 spoon or as you wish ground black pepper
mix it in little warm water not too hot or else you will destroy the honey.Drink three times a day and see the magic.and if you notice no matter wt you take for cold and flu it will take its time but this will help a lot.


Hi every one i had a really bad cough once and while i had it i went to my great grandmothers and she gave me elder flower cordial it worked like a charm


For pulqm in children honey can b useful.take half tea spoon of honey,keep the spoon on fire.when bubbles come sprinkle little salt,and two drops of ginger juice.when it lukewarm give ur child with ur finger.give this for two times a day for two days.Gf
Do not use honey for long period.
For cold:breastfeeding mothers can eat ajwain.just chew some ajwain and then feed the baby.u can also give ajwain smoke.put ajwain on fired charcoal.
Another one is use betel
leaves.just heat the betel leaf on tawa just for while
,then put the leaf on baby's chest,on head,back.repeat this for three times.

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