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14 Home Remedies for Cracked Lips


Drink plenty of water during the day, sometimes people get dry lips from dehydration and don't even realize they are lacking fluids.
Apply a thick layer of Vaseline on lips and even around lips before bed and you'll wake up with noticibly healthier lips.
Apply any lip balm several times per day, especially before going outside. Avoid sleeping with mouth open, this almost always causes dry lips.

Stephanie Salazar

Petroleum jelly
Coconut oil

Works wonders on chapped lips

A normal store bought chapped stick works wonders on making you keep buying their product meaning that you can not stop using it, you will have chapped lips again, and sometimes even worse. Go natural instead.


One easy and simple home remedy if you don't want to use Vaseline or Chapstick (Which is the most worst way to cure chapped lips). Simply dab some honey onto your lips, BUT you cannot lick them. This is very tempting, but prevent yourself!

Also, leave the honey on for a while, and you can later on wipe. :) Then your lips SHOULD be nice and softer then before. If its still chapped, you could try leaving honey on your lips longer.

:) Hope this helped!


I recently started getting the worst cracks in both corners of my mouth, it hurt so damn bad i couldnt eat anything with salt or sour and could barely open my mouth . Tried multiple chapsticks lip balm bag balm, loads of vaseline, i even tried lard but it seemed to be provoking my condition. I finally went to the Doc he said that what i had was not actually a result of being too dry but was actually a small fungal infection from the yeasts that are naturally in our saliva. All i had to do was keep the area clean and dry and apply a small amount of (believe it or not) jock itch/ athlete foot cream ( Clotrimazole) twice a day. Over night results from this inexpensive over the counter ointment. i kidd you not I love that docter. Continue use for a few days for permanent results. oh yeah and drinking water helps too. HELLZ YEAH

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