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54 Home Remedies for Tooth Decay Pain


I have extremely bad teeth and am unable to afford the 4600 dollars it costs to fix them. I have 3 teeth that are broken off at or below the gum line. I made a paste with ground cloves, oregono, salt, and tequila.(Im pretty sure any alcohol will work but that was all i had on hand) Put it on a q-tip and pasted above the gum line besid the cheek where you would think ppl put where chew. I found it worked very well. If you are reading this you are probably in extreme pain and i feel for you and wish you the best of luck.


My tooth has been excrutiatingly painful to the point where I wanted to pull it out myself... I've tried most of the remedies from pain meds to the vanilla extract. Nothing worked for me until I decided to give up. Fifteen minutes before I went to sleep, I took two extra strength excedrin and a few minutes later, I swished 7up around in my mouth. My pain went away almost immediately and lasted up to 6 hours, long enough to take another two excedrins and rinse my mouth out with 7up again. Warning: It has to be 7up, no other lemon-lime soda will do because 7up is made with Natural Flavors and not artificial flavors.


so ive had this really bad tooth ache for a few months its very bad to where i need to either get a root canal or get it pulled i dont have the money yet and every now and then i get a ridiculous extreme pain on that tooth. usually ill have painkillers that ill take and it works wonders for me. but on those nights i dont have them like tonight. i get to the point i just dont know what to do. i came on this site and tried the peanut butter. started to go away. then i tried the vanilla extract with a qtip and putting it right on the bad tooth. slowly started to work more and finally i did the Oregano put a bit between ur gum and the tooth and chew on a bit and rub it on the bad tooth and within min it was gone! idk what worked but between those remedys something worked hopefully now i can get some sleep. thanks so much everyone for your intresting remedys.


Rinse your mouth with warm water and baking soda, really well. All over, several times. This kills the pain instantly. I just did it! I have a tooth, 1/4 broke off due to decay, aches like the dickens and this really helped. Also take anti-inflamatory ibuprophen and amoxicillin for the infection. THEN.... have the tooth pulled if it is in the back. DON'T suffer needlessly. Fill the front, pull the back!

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