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54 Home Remedies for Tooth Decay Pain


The winner so far is Oregano Oil. Its quick acting and works very well. It not only relieves the ache but it naturally kills bacteria and aides the overall infection. I've had a decayed tooth for a couple years now and sadly haven't had it fixed because I don't have dental insurance and haven't had the cash out of pocket. Generally it doesn't bother me but every once in a while if i chew on it too much or grind my teeth in my sleep I'll have a horrific toothache that will last anywhere from a day to a few days. I've tried everything under the sun including heavy painkillers which would help for a short period of time but I never liked the foggy feeling.

Luda chris

hi, i've looked at all of these and have seen that alcohol works, im 20yrs old and have had a really bad tooth ache, i cant afford the dentist bills, so i decided that i would get a piece of tissue and soak it in pure alcohol, yes it can be hard to find but you can always order small amounts online, then i just put it between the crack in my tooth, and left it for about 10mins, and boom the pain is gone, if you only have vodka or some other drink with a high percentage then you may have to apply it a couple times, but it does work for me, it may not work for you, but its still worth trying.


I have a very bad decaying lower left wisdom tooth, and I am constantly having a dull throbbing pain, especially when I am digesting food. I jave an appointment to get all my wisdom teeth removed, but I have to wait a month and a half!

I have tried numerous remedies, but the only one that has worked is mixing clove oil with Listerene mouthwash...The one with the highest alcohol content! I simply mix some Listerene with 5 drops of clove oil, and swish it in my mouth, specifically where my decaying tooth is. Hold it there until the burning is gone, about a minute. My pain was gone for 4-6 hours!


last year I had a rotten tooth (a filling fell out) and it was the worst pain I have ever had in my life! Ever read about torture in war? Tooth ache pain has this all best to H3LL! Anyway, I called our local dentist and told him that I was broke and could not afford to get in to get the tooth pulled. He told me that it was the swelling that irratates the nerves. He told me to take Ibprofen (generic brand from walmart) (small brown round pills). I did this and it took some of the pain away but it was still there after an hour so I called him back and he said I could take more. I figured at this point I would rather be dead then feel this type of pain anyway so piss on it. I took 8 Ibprofen on top of the 3 I had taken an hour earlier. BINGO! 15 minutes later (no kidding) I was absolutely pain free. I made myself eat one piece of plain white bread so my stomach would not be empty. It worked! No stomach ache and my tooth was pain free for about 12 hours! No kidding. Ask any dentist. Ibprofen is not like asprin in that it will not upset your stomach like asprin will. It does however take the swelling away WHICH IS WHAT IS IRRATATING THE NERVES! Try it and post back here to let me know you are pain free.


I took darviset and i took antibiotics which helped very well. i tried vanilla , tried brandy, tried warm pad, none of which worked, the pain pill and antibiotics did wounders for me till i could get to the dentist


i tried the peppermint oil & it did not work as good as i had hoped. But in my efferts in finding the pepperment oil i ran across some white vanilla flavor (double strength imitation) so i decieded to experiment. Onions are supposed to kill bacteria in your mouth so i chopped up some onion & soaked it in the white vanilla flavor, with a q-tip. Instant dullness, the flavors even out each other, with a long, 30 min so far & still chewin on the same q-tip.


I don't know, it differs among the folk who use different things and many work wonders temporarily of several minutes to near permanent.

My teeth are terrible. A lifetime of neglect. Reasons major is cost. Never been afraid of the dentist or pain. And I've had super severe pain in these teeth. If you get though it without infection, is the miracle worker you are.

Then, keeping a dead tooth intact is impossible. Once the nerve dies, the tooth starts to crumble and becomes like really old concrete.

All you can do is keep the mouth clean as possible every 24 hours at least. That's because of that plaque that forms from bacteria. If you can keep that down, you won't have pain.

However, teeth that have pieced themselves out over time, tend to move. Especially when eating. Right now I have a situation of an upper eye type tooth, left side, long, long, ago decayed away. What happened is I ate something and the gum tissue moving maybe, moved the still in the gum leftover, piece of tooth up.

I thought it was infection, but, know now it is not that. That jagged piece has moved like a needle stabbed into tissue, which, causes pain. There is no swelling, like an abscess. It is a tiny swollen as with a minor cut to cause inflammation.

I put tooth ache med on the area up to that mouth part, it's nearest where the front cheek and muscle area meet, it helps some. The Eugenol gark.

What has helped is the old fashioned take enough pain killer to kill yourself, if they find me in the morning they'll never believe it was suicide. Or end up with liver cancer caused by too much pain med.

This is not an infection pain, it is like someone cut the tissue up in there with a tiny knife, and that's the problem. I just have to wait till the body heals it.

One time I went to a dentist to get these teeth out, he would not. He recommended me to an oral surgeon, which I ended up going to costing around $700. The guy had to saw out the tooth it was so tough. My teeth are deep rooted and long.

Now a days, they are so bad I would have to be hospitalized and go that route. Can't do that. Cost.

One person here posted mind over body thing. Yes. Works. Our bodies heal, and better if it's not in pain. I have found just powering up the mind to control pain, and have had success for a very long time.

Maybe I have super high pain tolerance, I don't know. Right now I'm pumped on pain killer. That will keep inflammation down, and gradually I will adjust to the sensation. This time it was severe as I have ever encountered. I must have really bit down on something to cause it to move in the jaw like that. I usually don't have this type trouble.

Anyway this is my post. A lengthy pondering about me teeth. It does seem true that we are modern in every which way some, yet we live with 19th century teeth problems.


i had a terrible pain in the root of one of my teeth which was stuck in my gums, i took 2 paracetamol, 2 other even stronger pain killers and i smoked a joint of weed it really worked i had no more pain and i fell asleep from 7:00am until 5:00pm after being awake all night i took more pain killers when i woke but the pain was gone after i took the pain killers. PS. only smoke weed if you need to sleep cause it will put you to sleep after taking the tablets!!

R. Burns

i have had a toothache all day tylenol and excedrin only took care of the pain for awhile so i came up with a plan 1.) get warm water and mix with some salt swish around for 60 sec. spit out water 2.) get some oragel put it in the infected tooth 3.)then make a paste with some hydrogen peroxide and goodys pm and put the paste on the q-tip and put as much as the paste on the infected tooth tastes nasty but this is only thing that has helped all day


never expected this to work, but it did
i was lying on the floor in pain, tried the saltwater trick
i think i can function enough to get through till tomorrow

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