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So i had severe pain in my back molars from cavites so i seached the internet and found salt and oregano and garlic work some better than others so i combined all three salt garlic powder and oregano. with the hottest tap water and put in micowave for thirty seconds let steep for ten and used like mouthwash leaving in affected area aggitaing so often left in for five and reapeted three times surpisingly no pain after a min or immeaditlly after hope it helps


hey guys so the other night i couldnt get any sleep at all from thge pain in my back molar, i tried clove oil , olive oil, sensodyne tooth paste, wont use mouth wasth,pain killers like tylonal 3 and even perks, and nothing, i found alady who said to use a clove of garlic, slice it long ways so there is fresh garlic exsposed and hold it on the gum beside the sore tooth. I did this and it burned alittle but withen 5 minutes the pain was completly gone, i mean gone, i went from worst pain ive ever felt to nothing in a matter of 5 minutes. yes i tasted garlic for a few hours later, but i could sleep, eat and drink fine afterwards, pain should stay away for at least 3 full days, then can re apply if needed. it works amazing, you will thank me later!


I was sick of taking too many Advil, so I came to this site to see what might do the trick for me.
First night of excruciating pain I tried warm water and garlic salt powder, seemed to help somewhat and was able to sleep.
Pain returned next day. :(
So several times I have brushed my teeth with Crest Pro Health for sensitive teeth, I have a spray bottle of peroxide that I spray directly on the infected tooth.
I felt better, trying garlic rinse again however I smoked and drank coffee-bad idea. Pain returned.
I haven't eaten today. Was too afraid too.
I tried oil pulling, this time is the third time I tried it. Google oil pulling and see what people said, seemed like a natural cure all. Not sure if it is the Advil or oil but for an hour or so the pain subsided. Brushed teeth again, I use the sensitive toothpaste, peroxide spray and then rinse mouth with blue mint Listerine, focusing on the affected area. Tried oil pulling again, longer this time, some relief. Rinsed mouth with warm water. Pain returns. Third time tonight I decided to try something else, I pulled out the powdered organic cinnamon, made a rinse with a bit of warm water and extra Virgin olive oil. I'm letting this stay in my mouth as long as possible, will report my results later. No pain at the current moment and the oil is soothing, the cinnamon isn't a bad taste either.
I cannot afford to go to the ER or doctor at this time so I want to try affordable holistic approaches. I would think the infection is causing the pain and if I can get rid of the infection, then hopefully this will work.
Brush your teeth with sensitive toothpaste. It does give small relief for a small time but if you have a toothache any time that is painless is so wonderful.
Try olive oil mouth evinces, it seems to help somewhat. Mix garlic powder (salt) with warm water and let it soak in your mouth. I do not believe the holistic approach is bad, it is certainly cheap for me to use products in my own home for some relief so I can at least sleep.
Going to try the oil pulling more often to see if it is really helpful, hoping adding cinnamon may help in some way.
Good luck everyone! Stay away from acidic drinks and smoking. I smoke and it aggrevated the pain tenfold.


put some mild mouth rinse on a piece of toilet tissue and hold to the affected area

tooth fairy

for tooth decay brush with little turmeric powder and salt twice a day . this remedy will stop forther decay and pain relif.


For hurting teeth where there is a break or a cavity which is exposing a nerve, relief may be had by first cleaning, brushing, flossing, rinsing the area well and then making a 'temporary filling' out of dental grade zinc oxide powder and clove bud oil.

Mix the powder and oil into a firm paste with a small tool (like a popsicle stick)in a small clean container, (like a shot glass), then carefully press an ample amount into tooth, avoid using too much-it's a bit yucky to get all over the mouth. It should still the worst of the pain...try to avoid knocking it lose by not chewing directly on new will harden a bit, but not like epoxy...but with care may stay in place for days, and can be redone if necessary.

Zinc oxide can be mildly toxic (messes up copper levels) if ingested in quantity over a long time...which can possibly be offset by additional copper intake.

Clove bud oil also 'burns' a bit-especially in sensitive places-keep out of the eyes especially!

Both items can be found online. The zinc oxide a little rare in USA, but fairly common in the UK.


So I have 2 teeth that are decayed (1 decayed down the the gums and the other just starting). I have tried many different remedies. Some of them are:

Peanut Butter on the tooth (worked for maybe 3 minutes for me)

Saltine Crackers chewed into paste (slightly worked)

Brushing my teeth thoroughly (worked for a few days but had to do it about every 3-5 hours)

Swishing soda (still currently working after about 4 days but doesn't last to long)

Clove Oil (worked for a few hours then stopped and became immune)

Swishing Salt Water (still some what works but only for short periods and have to constantly do it)

Ice/Heat Packs (ice packs normally do the trick for after I have tried something else but heat packs make it worse for me)

Swishing Vanilla Extract (worked for a few hours but had to swish it at least every 30-45 minutes)

Salt Water with Oregano (so far it has worked the best, completely takes the pain away)

Bread on the teeth (doing this will help prevent air getting to the nerve and aggravating it)

Chewing Onion on the tooth (worked for about 10 minutes then pain came back)

Mouthwash (it worked for me only if I swished until I couldn't handle it anymore)

Toothpaste (this works great if it is put over the whole in a tooth, but I does not work for me anymore)

I'm still testing things as the pain comes back after everything else fails.


Hey guys, I have been dealing with unbearable tooth pain from a cavity/filling that must have cracked on one of my molars. It seems to come only at night.

Anyways, I found a product at Walgreens/CVS Pharmacy that INSTANTLY relieved my toothache. It's called 'Red Cross Toothache Complete Medication Kit'. You basically dip a very small cotton ball into the medicine, and then place it on the tooth/or cavity for a minute. Instant relief! It costs around $5-$8.

Thank me later!


Not all tooth pains are created equal, but I hope my solution can help someone else. I have a cavity that keeps giving me intense pains in the middle of the night.

I got it to go from a massive throbbing pain to a dim and tolerable pain (at least this I can sleep through).

Here's what I did:

First, brush GENTLY with sensodyne. Second wet a q-tip with peroxide and hold it against the cavity for half a minute (contrary to strangely popular belief, peroxide does not hurt in the least, and doesn't even taste very bad). Third, repeat with clove oil (be careful about this one though--it burns when touched to anything besides your teeth). Lastly, rinse thoroughly with mouthwash, twice (I use alcohol-free Crest Pro-health). Then give it 3-5 minutes to get over the agitation caused by messing with it.

With ALL of these steps, spit but DON'T rinse. The remnants of all remaining on the affected tooth will provide more lasting relief than if you remove it all. And if you finish with a pleasant tasting mouthwash, it wont be too inconvenient either.


Been suffering with a toothache due to decaying wisdom tooth. Took a shot of whisky and held it in my mouth for 5 min and then spit it out. I am now able to sleep. :o)

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