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54 Home Remedies for Tooth Decay Pain


After trying most of the remedies listed below, the only thing that provided moderate relief was 800mg of Ibprofen, and finally after 2 days and 2 nights of little to no sleep I gave in and went to the dentist. Turns out my tooth was indeed infected and it had spread to my gums. **Important if the pain seems to be spreading to the front, (felt like some one had punched me in the mouth, as well as sharp pains when biting). You really need to get an antibiotic to stop the infection. Pain is starting to subside now thanks to Norco & Antibiotics. Schedule for an extraction in 3 days :(

Chode (JRC)

1. roll a fat head
2. smoke it
3.chill for 5-10 mins
4. pain goes down

this will only last on how high you are :D serious remedy this shit works.


I have a tooth decay, half broken moulder and have had the WORST pain EVER in the last 3 days. I have tried everything and i mean everything and the only thing that would keep my throbbing pain at bay was 'cold water' but that would last around 20 seconds and seemed to be not working as-well by the 3rd day. And so i decided to go the other way and used 'HOT WATER' With a heap of salt, Trust me this will work for you but you will initially go through quite a bit of pain whilst swishing it around. Do this a few times at first (every 10-15 minutes) and the 5 times a day and don't be too shy with the salt. This will not treat the main problem but will help you sleep and eat! I hope sooo much that this gets out to everbody because i have had the worst experience and do not wish it upon anyone. Good luck ;)


I tried everything and nothing worked. I went to Duane Reade to check out pain relievers and on a whim purchased Excedrin Migraine. It is the only thing that works. It won't work every time but does the job.


I'm 17 years old and I get some really bad tooth pains from decay, and I looked on this site for a remedy. Mix salt in some water and mix it up, take a swig into your mouth and keep the water on the infected tooth, for at least a minute. it keeps the pain away for like 5 minutes, then do it again.

Jeremy Cross

Firstly, if you are reading this, I know you are in pain and I sincerely empathize.

I have had many teeth extracted, always after it was too late...which causes me a large amount of pain.

My most recent experience led me to this page, where I found a remedy that has worked for far.

I made a solution of water and garlic salt (app. 4 oz water and 1 Tbs garlic salt). I would swish the solution, enough to comfortably hold in your mouth, around the affected area for at least 1 minute. Spit and repeat until solution is finished.

Next, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water. Brush your teeth, to get granules out of mouth and any crevices between teeth, especially affected area.

Rinse mouth with a mild mouth wash.

Give time to allow any irritation from messing with tooth/teeth to wear off.

My pain went from 8-9 to 0-1 within 20 minutes.

Hope this works for you!!


My front tooth has a cavity in it a big one that is eating into the pulp of my tooth. I am getting it fixed in a cpl weeks but for now I deal with my horrific pain with...
-crush up pain relievers standard otc and wipe it all over the gum that is above or below your tooth. (Works very fast)
-vodka (or any hard liquor) w a washcloth and hold it on the painful area...( be careful I think I got A little drunk the other day.
- finally go into the bathroom or someplace quiet I'm in here right now hurting lol. Just keep your head down and for some reason it gets a lot better. Trust me on these. I have had tooth problems for years and I finally am getting it fixed. But I feel all your ppls pain I know what its like to be helpless.... always keep some otc pain relievers in your pocket!


I tried all of the remedies given in this site. Garlic, Vanilla, Pepper, and all those nasty mixtures. It's obvious for some of us to go to dentist and pull off your decayed tooth and it's horrible to even imagine. What I did is 1tsp of salt into lukewarm water and gargle for 30sec before sleep. Then you MUST suffer the decayed pain in other words; you gotta wait till the decay decays until the end of your root canal. It hurts your brain neurons and you cannot sleep. Just for one day. It's normal to be distracted or irritated by heat or light that shines to your eyeballs. So avoid irritations like sunlight and coldness. When I woke up it was ok and my teeth neurons all died and no more pain :]


I know this might sound strange but the only thing that has helped me with SEVERE tooth decay pain has been cannabis in it's edible form. I was in pain for weeks before eating some pot brownies and I am very happy to say I am totally pain free! Only use if it's legal where you are at of course winky face.


had a toothache so bad took 16 OTC painkillers. only thing that did for me was make me sick. IBUPROFREN. it works! was told its an anti inflammatory.

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