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54 Home Remedies for Tooth Decay Pain


I strongly suggest 2 pain killers then 2 sugar free (make sure it’s sugar free!!!) screw it until it’s soft on a unaffected tooth then chew it on the affected tooth this serves as a distraction and will also help cover the exposed nerve and remove some of the rot to


Ok so... many of these remedies work...a bit. Cloves, saline(salt water), garlic, ice(if u can stand it.) Love the post about ozone too!!

Ive been suffering with progressively worsening tooth decay. 3 absessed or broken wisdom teeth and 3 absessed molars. Plus a few cavities. Ive had little to no enamel on my teeth since I was about 15 plus my wisdoms growing in, i grind in my sleep etc.

9.5/10 times our broken teeth hurt due to something foreign touching/getting stuck where the nerve ending is exposed causing...??INFLAMMATION! As someone pointed out

ADVIL (ibuprofen) is an ANTI-IMFLAMMITORY. So is ALEVE (naproxen). If u take these orally, yes, they will eventually work.

BUT... if u get either in LIQUID GEL form poke a hole in the end with a safety pin and squeeze a small amount of gel onto a toothpick or q-tip (depending on the nature of your beast) then once youve removed any food debris from the area apply the gel DIRECTLY TO THE AFFECTED TOOTH being very careful not to get it on your cheek/tongue as it burns like a mofo. Keep it there as long as you can without rinsing.Eventually you will succumb to the burn and rinse- try not to rinse the effected area with the gel on it.

I CAN GUARANTEE (once the burning stops) YOUR PAIN WILL B GONE!!! At least Until the next time you eat ice cream or trail mix or whatever your vice is that keeps you doing this time and time again ;)


Acupressure combined with a painkiller. Works every time for me, as long as I keep the pressure up. Get an ice cube & press it on the part of the hand between the thumb & index finger.

Nerve endings in this location connect with the part of the brain responsible for detecting pain in the hands AND face—for this reason you can reduce pain on your face, like a toothache, by numbing that part of the hand.


Take a piece of bread make it into a ball to fill the open part of the tooth it doesn't make pain go away completely but it makes it easier to handle it doesn't last long but it's bread u can just swallow it & the piece you use is so small one slice of bread can keep your pain at a minimal for a day or two


Hey y'all, if you're hear looking for answers, i'll bet you're in a similar amount of pain as myself. I learned about 5 years ago my wisdom teeth were growing in crooked which caused my back molars to hurt every time my wisdom teeth try to come through. Yesterday mine peaked again...

My ear hurts, head hurts, half the bottom side of my mouth hurts, and the tooth decay is bad! My back molar is broken at tip, and having pressure from wisdom teeth.. Here is what I have been trying.

1. Ice Pack- I do not cover with anything but put the ice pack directly on the cheek covering the painful tooth. I let this sit here for approximately 5 minutes until I can no longer take it. My tooth will pulse for several minutes, but the pain declines.

2.Liqui-Gel directly on the tooth. If you grab a push pin and pop the liqui gel you can drip the medication directly onto the painful tooth (It is absolutely disgusting tasting-Like wanna puke, but my pain instantly went away on day 1, did nothing today.)

3. Salt-Water, this is not helping me at all.

4. Orajel- Takes pain down for a few minutes, but then quickly reappears.

5. Keep up on Hygiene- I brush my teeth and use mouthwash after everything I eat /drink it hurts, but I know keeping up on hygiene will prevent this from getting worse.

johnny shaver

ok folks.. here we go take shaving cream. put some on your finger . swipe along bad tooth. wait 30 seconds. rinse and spit. do thisevery 3 to 4 minutes till you can buy a new razor!! when you do' shave that no good rotten right down to the nervy pubic hairs. believe me it worked! good luck to all & to all good luck!!


I have had several decaying teeth and I find that what has worked best until I had them removed was using DenTemp o.s.

It's a crown or cap emergency filler. It's a paste that hardens and has clove oil mixed in with the paste. It comes in a package on the tooth care section of most pharmaceutical stores. The package has a little blue container filled will white paste.

Take any OTC meds beforehand. It's recommend not to drink or eat for about an hour after.

This works great if you have a large whole or broken section of tooth. Just brush the tooth well. Use mouthwash. Just make sure its clean as possible. Wet your figer tips a little. I just lick the pointer and thumb tips. Get a small amount on your fingers. Roll into a ball and try and pack the missing section as much as possible. I've experienced pain sometimes depending how bad the tooth is damaged. But the clove oil will numb it soon. Once inserted bite down like normal to help mode any extra paste. Don't drink for about an hour to make sure it hardens.

It will last for about a week and will help reduce pain big time.

Good luck!


easy i have had tooth pain for years just get some crown royal wisky swish around infected tooth automatic pain relife and also kills germs sallow if wanted


Take a clove of garlic. Cut it in half. Place open side of clove down onto painful tooth or area and bite down. It will sting and burn like hell. Try to keep the clove in for as long as you can. The affected area will become numb and pain will be minimum afterward. Pain relief lasts for hours.


Mix 20 ounces of hot water (not boiling but almost) with 2 tablespoons of table salt. Periodically take sips of the water but don't swallow, slosh the solution around in your mouth until it's no longer warm then spit it out into another cup. Pain doesn't completely go away for me, but it goes from a solid 9/10 to a bearable 1/10.

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