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Urinary Tract and Bladder Home Remedies

35 Home Remedies for Urinary Tract and Bladder


Just like the Alka-seltzer Baking Soda does the trick. I put one teaspoon into a liter of water (the amount of water isn't important but you should be drinking a lot of water anyhow).

Drink 1 tsp twice a day until your UTI is gone. Then another dose or two for good measure.

This raises the PH in your urinary tract so the bacteria can't survive.


Last year I received an e-mail that said to drink original Alka-Seltser (the original dissolving tablets) as recommended on the package at the first signs of the UTI. I tried it and I felt better after a day and the infection went away on its own, I didn't have to go to the doctor like I normally do. Fair warning though, it isn't the most pleasant stuff to drink.


Use the bathroom regularly. If you feel a little tingle go now, don't hold it. It really works. and when you go, don't push it out quick, just let it come. It helped me.


Drink cranberry juice about four to five times a day for a week. Within the first day you will notice the difference. Cranberry juice is an excellent preventative measure as well.


To prevent urinary tract infection or bladder infection, urinate before and after sexual intercourse. Specially after.

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