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Urinary Tract and Bladder Home Remedies

35 Home Remedies for Urinary Tract and Bladder


As soon as you begin to feel the symptoms of a urinary tract infection, begin taking cranberry pills and uva ursi. Uva ursi has been used for hundreds of years and is a natural antibiotic. It can be found at any health foods store or even on eBay. I used to get UTI's nonstop until I started this suggestion which I found in a magazine article. I have never had one since!


My gyno gave me a RX for 'Macrobid' which should be taken after Sex or at the first sign of a UTI pain/discomfort. They work great. It's an anti-biotic. Nothing else works...Cranberry juice doesn't do anything once you have the infection. It only helps prevent one but not cure it. URISTAT works great--turns your pee red because of the iodine, but helps alleviate pain within 35 minutes (I've timed it). Good luck.


I get UTI when i hold in my pee. You know how sometimes you are not completely awake and are too lazy to go to the bathroom waiting for the alarm to go off first?... Yeah, not a good idea. Anyway, drinking cranberry juice (a must!), a lot of water, and herbal tees during the day is the key. Just drink A LOT OF FLUIDS at the first sign of infection and you will avoid going to your doctor for antibiotics... which could give you another problem - yeast infection :)


First of all, you need to find out what is triggering or causing your UTI. For me, it was a daily visit to Starbucks (caffeine and sugar) and my kidneys and bladder were very sensitive to both caffeine and sugar. As for the cure, get 3 cans of asparagus, eat one can and drink all the juice. One can per day. The natural sulfer in the spears and juice will take away pain and kill bacteria. Second, get some D-Mannose from your health food store, take it every 3 hours with a large glass of water and a shot of UNSWEETENED cranberry juice. Drink hot tea (dandelion, pau d'arco, green tea) and room temperature water all day long. Before bed, drink 2 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar with 1/4 tsp. baking soda. Do this every day until you feel better, then do it for 3 days more.

Avoid caffeine, sugar, alcohol,chocolate, and sex during treatment time or you could replapse!


I get a UTI after rough sex or heavy drinking, or just when my body decides to revolt against me. What works best for me is to take the cranberry pills and drink plenty of water. The pills are just concentrated cranberry juice, and the relief is almost instant. I felt 90% better within ten minutes of taking them. I took two pills and drank a full glass of water. I did this three times in a day, and the infection was gone when i woke up the next morning. Only drink water on the day of the infection. If you can chug it throughout the day, it will only get rid of the infection faster. This is the best treatment I've found for this horrible pain.

Dr.Tabassum Patel

Prevention of urinary tract infection
• Always maintain good personal hygiene. Keep the vaginal areas clean, always wipe from the front to back after a bowel movement to prevent contamination of the urinary tract.
• Wear cotton undergarments, which allow air circulation and discourage the warm, moist environment needed for bacteria growth Avoid to wear tight underwear to prevent undesirable bacteria growth.
• Urinate before and after intercourse.
• Drink 10-14 glasses of water in a day to prevent urinary infection. As drinking much water flushes out bacteria and other microorganisms which contaminate the urinary tract.
• Drinking cranberry juice is also helpful in treating and preventing urinary tract infection.
• Increase intake of citrus fruits which contains Vitamin C which reduces number of bacteria in urine.
• Avoid caffeine found in coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, and chocolates.
Dr.Tabassum Patel (Homoeopath)


Buy AZO pills from a drug store, they are relatively inexpensive and will take care of the pain. They will not CURE the infection, however...Drink LOTS of water, and a few glasses of cranberry juice per day for several days to cure the infection. Many women are allergic to latex condoms, so if you get a UTI every time you use one, stop using them and see. Do urinate after sex, wipe from front to back, and stay away from caffeine and alcohol until you are better. Caffeine and alcohol irritate the urinary tract; however for addicted coffee drinkers...lots of water and cranberry juice will still help. Many women simply don't drink enough water, and that's the root cause of infection. Caffeine and alcohol further dehydrate the body. Water is the great cleanser of the body; it flushes out bacteria that will otherwise build up in the urinary tract. Cranberry juice is like a broom, helping the water to sweep out the bacteria. Your body can heal itself, given the proper tools. A doctor will prescribe antibiotics which will cure the infection, but for many women, antibiotics lead to a yeast infection.


Stop sitting in the bathtub!!! Take showers instead! ALWAYS!!! This advice that I got 5 years ago has made a HUGE difference for me!!! Sitting in the bath is the WORST thing you can do. (hot-tubs and pools too) Also... ALWAYS keep azo-standard and an aresol can of Solarcane with you at all times! Spray yourself when you feel the first tingle of pain, it makes the spasms slow down from the outside. if you smoke ciggarettes QUIT, they are very irratating to the bladder. douche lightly with a few Tablespoons of vinegar and water whenever you have ANY vaginal discharge(healthy or not it's irratating to the urethra) make sure that you have a stash of antibiotics on hand.Cipro is my fave.if your Dr won't give you an Rx or you don't have a doc. order it on line RIGHT now because when you are in excruciating pain you don't need to be sitting in a waiting room! The most important thing is acting quickly!!!!!


Take 1 tablespoon of coffee, (it can be instant or made for a coffee pot), mix with 1 cup of cold water. Drink completely. It's not the best tasting thing in the world but it worked wonders for me!!!


Go to the store and buy AZO Standard, I just took some about 30 minutes ago and it is already working and i was spending a lot of time in the bathroom, because I felt like i had to pee so bad.

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