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Urinary Tract and Bladder Home Remedies

35 Home Remedies for Urinary Tract and Bladder


This may seem like a lot, but it really works! First, get an OTC medication called Cystex. I found it at Wal-Mart. Unlike AZO, it has a low-dose anti-bacterial medication. Also, take the following vitamins/minerals: turmeric, vitamin C, cranberry, and echinacea. If you want to skimp, the last two are really the most important! We all know the benefits of cranberry for women, but echinacea is like nature's antibiotic. Use the recommended dosage on the bottles (I usually double up on the cranberry). Constantly drink water, water, water only. I just carry a huge bottle with me at all times. If you're going to drink cranberry juice, get the 100% juice - all natural - from the health food store. Don't drink alcohol or have sex while your body is healing. I felt much better within 24 hours. After a few days I was definitely on the road to 100%!


I have recurrent UTI's and have found they occur less frequently when I use KY lubricant during intercourse. Maybe the friction was causing more bacteria to get forced into my bladder?
My gyno suggested taking cranberry extract supplements every day, and that has been helpful so far. She said cranberries have a natural active ingredient that prevents bacteria cells from adhering to human cells in the bladder. She said cranberry juice has high sugar which feeds bacteria so the supplements are much better.
That's all I have apart from the usual preventatives. I am jealous of everyone that can get relief from alka-seltzer. I could not survive without my prescription strength pyridium.


First up, if you see no improvement within 24 hours GO TO THE DOCTOR, as this can move on to a bladder infection and ultimately to Kidney infection, which is not only VERY painful but also life threatning. Get some vinigar (apple cider works fine) and take 1-2 tablespoons followed by eating some plain Yoghurt - at least twice a day. Drink lots of water and cranberry juice, and you should see an improvement usually very fast, within a few hours. Otherwise again, PLEASE SEE YOUR DOCTOR for Antibiotics.


Urinary tract infection- everyone differ in remedy because their body is different. I read a lot of remedies and I can agree with taking the cranberry tablets . You should take 2 to 6 immediately after feeling that burning, urge to urinate after just urinating. Secondly for the burning sensation get some original alkaz-seltzer tablet and dissolve one in at least 2 oz. of room temperature water and pour directly on vagina slowly . Trust me it is a relief until you consume sufficient fluids to flush kidney. Hope it helps someone! Also stay away from scented douche and minamize douche usage , try the mild vinegar if you plan to douche.


Oil of Oregano in combination with garlic capsules (buy the odorless garlic!)taken 3 times daily works well. I have had recurring urinary tract infections since I was a kid (I'm 57 now). I tired of the side effects that antibiotics cause & have found that the natural way is better.

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I used to get bladder infection after virtually every intercourse and was getting desperate. I was on antibiotics daily. Then a foreign doctor gave me a solution. Immediately after intercourse, drink 2-3 cups of water and keep drinking lots of water throughout a day. 8-10 glasses a day. Keep flushing out the bacteria. This really works! The only downside is finding the time to run to the bathroom often but it's worth the hassle!


I suffered from chronic UTI's for several years and always took antibiotics. I was prescribed Bactrim so much that my body grew resistant. I asked my grandmother about natural remedies and she told me to take the silky hair off a fresh corn and boil it. I did this several times a day and it worked! Any time I begin to feel a tingling sensation I boil some corn hair and I don't get a UTI! It sounds crazy but it worked for me.


I don't get them very often, but pick out a bottle of cheap wine and drink it as fast as you can and still keep it down. It gets rid of the infection overnight.


Drink (9) 8oz glasses of cranberry juice and take Uva Ursi 1 capsule with a full glass of water 3 times a day. It will flush out your kidneys and bladder. Uva Ursi is sold at any health food store. It really works I did this for 7 days and it was cured. You will pee alot but thats what you want.

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