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35 Home Remedies for Urinary Tract and Bladder


D mannose capsules/powder


I have found that hands down, my miracle cure for bladder infections is D-Mannose sugar (available in health food stores). I have stopped the agony of a UTI within half an hour with this stuff, it's much better than those OTC pills and appears to actually cure the infection by making it unable to adhere to the walls of the bladder, not just mask the pain like those pills. It's a naturally occurring sugar that is the primary ingredient in cranberries responsible for its UTI curing properties, but it's very concentrated so you can take a teaspoon in a glass of water instead of drinking a gallon of cranberry juice. Very little taste, just sweet. I suggest Dr. Mercola's website, which gives a good explanation of how it works. At the moment I believe I may have a kidney infection - no pain but cloudy urine. Have never tried D Mannose for this but it is supposed to work on the entire urinary tract, so I'm giving it a shot.


Try 8 ounces hot water, 1 tablespoon cinnamon. 1 teaspoon honey. I've been using this remedy for a year now and it works like a charm. After I finish the cup, I drink plenty of water or unsweetened cranberry juice (not cocktail)to help flush my system.


D-Mannose! D-Mannose! D-Mannose!
My daughter suffered her entire 1st 11 yrs of life w/ chronic UTI's. She's had surgery, been on years of antibiotics (preventive and treatment doses). I will save my breath and just say 'trust me, we have done EVERYTHING'. Mayo Clinic told me everything had been done, there is no reason to schedule a visit. Then I came across D-Mannose. It's a totally natural sugar. IT WILL TREAT BLADDER/URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS IF E-COLI (and only if it's e-coli) IS THE OFFENDING BACTERIA. Put 1 tsp in small amt of water and down it every waking hour. Infection will be GONE in 3 days max. NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS - it's totally natural. For whatever reason, e-coli LOVES D-Mannose and it detaches from whatever in the body it is attached to and attaches to the D-Mannose and you simply urinate it out. It works! You can take it preventively too!


The yummiest remedy I found for UTI...
Take some granny smith apples pieces skinned... Take some white vinegar and add some salt for taste.. Use it as a dip for the apple slices and eat them.. Trust me it's heavenly taste and it works.. You can drink the left over vinegar after eating the apple.. If you don't feel the magic in an hour, I ll take the blame :-) Have a healthy living.. Health is wealth..


Let me give everyone some advice about Uti's. There are different ways of contracting Uti's. Getting rid of a Uti is a bish. Here is what one should do:

Take a clean wash cloth and lather it with soap that does not dry the skin and that is mild. I personally use body moisturizing body wash. Wash every crack and crevice as you can. Wash your anus good as well. If you had a bowel movement, wash your anus with a wash cloth. If you have a shower head that shoots straight water even aim it towards your anus to help push out the left over feces. A clean anus help defeat Uti infections.. If your to lazy to shower afterwards then use flushable wet wipes. Make sure you really clean everything well.

Drink lots of water, cut down on your sugar intake. Stay warm. If your body feels cold then take a hot shower so your bodies temperature is back to normal. I found that a cold body makes a uti infection worse. Wear socks to keep your feet warm. Drink non caffeinated teas throughout the day. My choice of teas are rooibos tea with milk, peppermint tea with milk, chamomile tea, and or ginger tea. Teas are essential to have to stay warm.
I hope this helps everyone.

Stay Uti free :)


I got a uti for the first time in my life and i didn't have medical insurance so i didn't want to go to the doctor. So i searched online for different home remedies and nothing would really work. so then i found this website that said Chinese used to eat magic mushrooms to get rid of the infection so i tried it. and it worked right away!! it's been two days and i feel great!! so i know it worked!! :D


Frequent UTI's. It got so bad that I was living on antibiotics. Finally I bought Cranberry Pills and I take two a day. Haven't had a UTI since. Take a daily cranberry supplement for those who have a recurrent issue with UTI's. Beyond that be sure to pee after intercourse and after taking a bath. I know they say to give up baths but this girl HAS to have her Calgon moments and figure stress is a huge trigger in so many ailments and a relaxing bath eases stress for me. As long as I take the cranberry pills and pee afterwards I am good.


Okay! So, I've been suffering from UTI's on and off since I was about 16. I'm now 21. If you have ever had a UTI (which, gonig by the fact that you're here, is highly likely!)you will know how horrible it is and how much of a miracle it is when you get relief. For all the other Aussie girls out there who suffer, I have found that if you don't want to use doctor prescribed medication, Uriclense works really well! It is a similar thing to Ural, except slightly more concentrated and it tastes SOOO much better! I find that disolving half of a tablet in water and then dissolving the other half directly on my tongue works the best! Dissolving the whole tablet in the water does work fine, but I find it's quicker relief if half is dissolved directly on the tongue. Uriclense works within half of an hour and the relief is amazing. I also reccomend drinking a couple of glasses of cranberry juice the same day and A LOT of water! The more water you put through your system, the quicker everything flushes out of your body.
In the past I have found that a teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in a glass of water works if you get on top of the symptoms immediately. But the big ticket winners are cranberry juice and water if you don't have access to a UTI treatment! (In the instance where the UTI treatment isn't an option, increase the couple of glasses of cranberry to about a litre)


I recommend a few 'temp' relief remedies until you can get the antibiotics you need. These all seem to work within an hour or 15mins if your really bad and anything you drink just goes right through.

A few teaspoons of baking soda or bicarbonate of soda diluted in a cup of water, followed by at least 2 cups of water.

Corn Flour (heated in a pan until greyish), again few teaspoons diluted in a cup of water, again, followed by at least 2 more cups of water.

Potassium Citrate (can get a fairly big bottle (200ml) from over the counter at pharmacys), 1 spoonful in a cup of water. lasts up to 24 hours for me. Always good to put in the cupboard for future emergancies.

Btw, none of the above tastes nice, but at least they work.

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