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After every sex session with my ex, I would get bv. I tried a lot of the remedies and they never really worked for me. I went to my OBGYN and she told me that after he and I have sex to put in a tampon for 30 minutes to absorb all the fluids. Well it seemed to work for me, hope my remedy works for more women too.


Well ladies this is my first post of any kind ever on the internet of a remedy or suggestion. Really my first post on the internet of any kind other than on facebook. I guess my point is I really wouldn't take the time to do this unless its seriously has worked. I'm now 33 years old, and I have suffered with this since my early twenties. It has been such a nightmare and so embarrassing and so frustrating. 6 months ago I bought a bottle of 500 mg vitamin C with rose hips vitamins at Walgreens. I inserted vaginally two vitamins. It was not comfortable or added any discomfort or any irritation whatsoever. I was so shocked that literally it was an instant result that the smell was gone! I have you used two more vitamins within the six monthes once!!! I'm married so therefore I do have a very very active sex life. so if you do suffer from this you already know what I'm talking about and how awful and embarrassing it can be. Our sex life actually has increased tremendously without any of the hesitations that I used to real. I'm so so happy! I feel I finally have found something that will work long term! I truly hope it can help you guys the way it has for me! Good luck ladies!


So after reading through many of the submissions here I decided to go ahead and give it a try.

I was VERY nervous about the vitamin C thing and thought 'these woman must be nuts!!! Sticking vitamin C in their vagina????' But when I went to CVS and read the ingredients on the probiotic inserts, the very first ingredient was vitaming C. So I said to myself 'what the hell!'. I just couldn't get past the smell of the tea tree oil and imagining how that must feel in my vagina so I said 'no way' to that one! Here is what I did just last night:

Used 1 vinegar & water douche (CVS brand) in the shower then dried off really well.
Took 1 1000mg of vitamin C and cut it in half. Then I put it inside my vagina using my finger and pushed it up as high as I could.
Then I took a tampon and removed the cotton and decided to use the coconut oil (instead of tea tree oil) to 'lube' (lightly) it up in hopes to prevent any burning (I also read on this forum that it was good for the vagina).
Putting the cotton back in the tampon applicator and using the applicator to insert the tampon was a bit tricky due to the slickness from the oil but I managed. And then I rubbed a small amount on the outside of vagina.
I immediately felt clean and fresh!!! Probably mainly due to the douche but the coconut oil kinda made me feel nice as well.
I NEVER felt one tingle, burn, or anything from the vitamin C!!!! Not sure if the coconut oil did it, or putting the tampon in??

I also took 1 800mcg of folic acid (CVS brand) and 1 BV Capsule by VH Essentials (that I had purchased awhile ago that never really did much by itself before?? and they don't seem to have it anymore). I took both pills orally LOL

I kept checking all night for any discharge or smell. NOTHING!!! Woke up this morning and still NOTHING!!! OMG!!!! I can't believe it!!! There is literally no smell at all!


I have been living with this horrible BV secret for so long and always looked for ways to hide it or cover it up! I am not sure how long this cure will last but at least I have today!!!

I have only experienced one other time when I noticed it went away. And that was while spending a week at the beach and for about a week after I got back. I contributed it to the healing elements of the salt water (and chlorine from the pool maybe???) and that I wasn't wearing underwear (bathing suit all day) or exercising as much as I normally would (fitness instructor so I am always in sweaty clothes). I heard a long time ago, that after a yeast infection you should either microwave your panties to kill any bacteria (the washing machine is not enough) or throw them out and get new ones. I plan on buying new panties today since the symptoms seem to be gone! I will try to keep you all posted of my progress. Not sure which element actually did the trick but I plan to continue all 5 again tonight (vinegar/water douche, coconut oiled tampon, vitamin c inserted, folic acid & BV capsules)


I have suffered with BV since the age of 21, I'm now 26. I've recently (2months) found a cure but unfortunately unprotected sex with my husband & slacking on my upkeep has brought it back. Ladies semen flares up ur BV if u don't clean your vagina throughly afterwards.

First day of cure:
1- 400mg pill daily
1- Vitamin D pill daily
2- Probiotic pills daily
Douche vagina with half water/half Bragg's ACV mix.(Doesn't burn)

Insert 1 Vitamin D pill then push in a tampon to keep pill in place so the pill doesn't irritate your vagina as it melts. Only keep it in place for a few hours & take it out.

DRINK 1 cup of water with 2 tablespoons of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar TWICE a day (Morning & Night)

Daily upkeep:
1- 400mg pill daily
1- Vitamin D pill daily
2- Probiotic pills daily
DRINK 1 cup of water with 2 tablespoons of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar TWICE a day (Morning & Night).

No more douching or inserting things into your vagina. Just rub Organic coconut oil down there daily & specifically AFTER SEX. Insert with finger IF that works better for you.

Hope this helps someone bcus Thank God it helped me. So free yourself & allow the man in your life to began exploring your lady parts without shame. I check this page frequently so Please let me know if this helps you.


I have had BV on and off for about 2 years. But not anymore. I've read through a lot of remedies and tried tons. From baking soda to soaking in salt to using the tea tree oil with a tampon thing.

The BEST thing that works is Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg's). Drink 2 tablespoons twice a day with 1-2 cups of water. Take a multigrain probiotic twice a day. And take 1 400 mg Folic Acid once a day. This works wonders. You can Do this for maintenance as well.

Another thing to do: Get 2 cups of Bragg's Apple Cider vinegar and pour in the bathtub. Sit there for 20 minutes. This does wonders. The vinegar(Never do this with white vinegar) balances the body's PH.

Also dairy, meat, sugar, and access fat(junk food) will make everything WORSE!


OK ladies...
So I suffered from bv from age range of 15 until about 1 year ago. I am now 25. I've tried it all, I can assure you. The last time I had bv I did go to the doctor and she prescribed flagyl which indeed worked. I recommend going to doctor, but I understand home remedies are necessary sometimes due to finances. In the past, the bv would keep reoccurring after doctor visits, but not this last last time. I believe this is because I changed a few things I was doing on the regular. Everyone's body is different so what worked for me may or may not be of benefit for you, but hopefully it will. However something that will, in fact, work for everyone is PRAYER!! So definitely do that. As for the other changes I made, here goes..
I switched my soap to a bar cleanser called vanicream. It is in the face wash section at Walgreens. It's around 4 dollars. Kind of expensive for 1 bar of soap, but worth it! It's so light and fragrance free. It says on the box it can be used all over body. Now, if I ever feel the slightest itch or discomfort, I rub some 100% organic coconut oil down there. I use as lubricant during sex. It's very safe and healthy for your vag. I shower in the morning and at night. I never wear underwear. And i try to always drink a lot of water daily. I take a probiotic that specifically states it is for vaginal health. It says on the box that it balances bacteria and yeast in the vagina. I got it at walmart for $20. That pretty much sums up what I do now.
For ppl suffering from a current bv infection, here is some home remedies. Although I really encourage you to try to go to doctor. Coconut oil needs to be your bestfriend now! Try freezing it in a small sandwich bag. Just enough to insert in vag. Mold it into a cylindershape for easy insert and freeze. Do this at night for at least 7 days. Lay down whne inserting and go to sleep! Or, if like me, and you just feel the need to use it in fear one is coming, spread a little down there. It is really runny when melted. If I just had sex, or after a period, or anytime I feel the need, I spread a little down there and literally by the next day I'm good and the bv vengeance does not after the infection is gone, remember it can be used this way as well. You can also put a few drops of tea tree oil in the coconut oil and then freeze. This is one of the most effective remedies for bv, I've found. The smell doesn't go completely away from the coconut oil the first dahs but helps a lot until it completely leaves. Vitamin C inserts seem to help a lot with the smell. And with the infection. But I still feel coconut oil is a safer approach because it doesn't burn. Again, I tell you, I suffered for almost ten years. All the vitamins, douches,.and other diys didn't help. It wasn't until mainly I just focused on taking probiotics for the vagina, switched soap, lost the undies, and kept coconut oil within reach for emergencies. Now I am bv free. Thank you Jesus.


I haven't tried any of the home remedies yet, my post is more of a question. I have been suffering from BV For several years. Every time I take antibiotics, it only goes away for about 3-4 days, and then it comes back. I am desperate to be done with it, but I am pregnant. Is the Vitamin C method safe during pregnancy? It's very uncomfortable having sex with my partner when I know I have odor. And because of the odor, I never allow him to give me oral, which I enjoy and wish I could have. Since Vitamin C is natural, would it be safe for me to try while pregnant?


Continuation from 4/15 and 4/17 posts. (I'm very thorough in all that I do, so when I noticed I left out important Info, I resubmitted). It's also important to wash your vaginal area with warm sea salt water when you bathe. I also rinse off with sea salt water after using the restroom. I use a clean squirt bottle with some sea salt added in it and top it off with very warm water, shake then cleanse my vaginal area. BV can also be on the outside of the vagina, I find this highly effective. I no longer use soaps, nor soap products made for the vagina. (Hopefully I'm done)...Gods healing in Jesus name!! Chief Apostle Karen.


Continuation from my 4/15/2015 post.
In addition to the other supplements on my post, I take vitamin D3 5000IU, Norwegian Gold Critical Omega fish oil caps. Also a supplement to support my adrenals because menopause, post menopause, stress and low estrogen contribute to atrophic vaginitis and bacterial vaginosis, that supplement is Adrenal Assist by Vitanica. NAC or N Acetyl L Cysteine to ward off inflammation and has been tested to show effectiveness in curing BV and yeast infections. I take 1-600 mg cap twice daily. These doses work for me, I'd suggest you do research to find what dosage works for you. I am post menopausal with atrophic vaginitis with BV. In addition, I take progesterone and phytoestrogen cream for menopause.


CellPower by Positive Power Nutrtionals. Luvena Restorative Vaginal Moisturizer. Nature Made Multi For Her Vitamin Supplement, Turmeric caps, turmeric powder, Fresh, organic garlic B-100 supplement, Ester-C, Biotin (when you eat sugars). Probiotics:Natures Way primadophilus 90B, Reuteri 5B, Saccharomyces Boulardii+MOS by Jarrow Formulas, which assists with building good yeast, extra probiotics for digestive and immune health when you overeat or eat high fat, high carb foods.

Cell Power and filtered water saturated with a regular or super tampon: I started with 2 drops Cpower with approx. 2 T water then stirred and saturated the tampon. When my vagina got used to the cpower I increased the drops to 5. Listen to your own body, if you use too much cpower you will feel a burning sensation. I did the cpower tampons until 2 insertions after I had no discharge on the tampon. I inserted a tampon in the a.m. and bedtime-My BV was cured in less than 5 days. Luvena-Applied per directions in a.m. and p.m. I clipped off 1/4 of the tampon using scissors and inserted the tampon after inserting the vag moisturizer. This keeps most of the moisturizer in place because it does ooze out. The supplements take as directed to treat BV-you can find doses on the internet. Turmeric-1 tsp in 12 ounces of purified water 2 times daily. Turmeric caps-1 cap 3 times daily.
Luvena moisturizer-may be needed for long term because BV is recurrent for most women, and for those post-menopausal women with atrophic vaginitis, keeping the vaginal moist and pH balanced is a must for good vaginal health.

Hope this helps!!

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