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I use inner health plus pro biotic capsules they sell in the fridge in pharmacy ( keep in fridge at home they cost $20
Insert into vagina as far up as possible a day or every second day with organic coconut oil .i use a applicator's the only thing that worked so far ..I'm very happy yehoooo...a must try ..saves your sex life and your sanity ..I use a warm water douche every now and then ..wash outside area with dove soap or mild cleanser like eve or similar rinse well

Jenny, RN, BSN, CEN, FNE

Soaking a tampon in STRAIGHT ACV sounds HORRIBLE! I definitely would dilute it. I use the stuff on my hair and it really is magic. Try using a Solo cup and filling the vinegar just to the first little line and then the rest with warm water before soaking your tampon or douching (I really do believe it is best NOT to douche at all, though, as you can actually push the bad bugs up through your cervix and into your uterus- this is what PID is). Try a sitx bath instead (couple inches of warm water in the tub with 1/2 cup ACV).Your skin will be soft, too!

Coconut oil is ALSO absolute magic, y'all. Just like the hot sauce commercial, I put that sh*t on EVERYTHING! I even feed it to my dog. Seriously, MAGIC. roll a tampon it it, use it as lube, soften up your frizzy hair-EVERYWHERE.Do it. Do it NOW! I stock up at Trader Joe's. a jar is about $6 and lasts a long time.
**If you are actively suffering from BV use CLEAN HANDS or a clean spoon everytime! Don't contaminate the whole jar with your bad bugs!!**
Also, buy the good stuff (unrefined, unbleached, organic). It smells nice :) You'll thank me!

Probiotics, like everything else that our body likes, work best when you get them from food. So get some Kefir! Lifeway is a brand I find at my local grocer (and I live in a food dessert). It has a wider variety of good bugs (12 different live cultures!), has a greater shelf life than yogurt (because it is fermented) and is lactose AND gluten free for those of you who suffer with intolerance. It's an amazing immune system booster and you only need 1 cup a day (it's like a smoothie!).Did I mention it is YUMMY?

I've found that, along with taking daily multivitamins (hair and nails is my jam)and using these three things my symptoms greatly improve.**Hair and nail vitamins contain chlorophyll, vitD3, Folic acid, and ALL the other stuff I've seen people list on this great site, but in 3 pills a day instead of a handful).

I tell ALL my patients about the Kefir thing and all my girlfriends about coconut oil (I am scary-level obsessed, in case you can't tell).

I also drink a ton of lemon water (because I love it). I've noticed I have only ever had 'flares' after a new partner or when I'm eating really crappily (including drinking ETOH). Think of it as your body's way of telling you it's out of whack. I would guess that many of you guys suffer from GI symptoms as well (bloating, constipation/diarrhea, nausea, flatulence). I promise, Kefir helps!

I apologize if this post seems 'all over the place'. I always get excited to tell people how to get well. It is an ER nurse thing- discharge instructions (literally!!).


So after scrolling through a few pages on here, I decided to take a few tips and put them together making my own daily routine. I was too scared to try the vitamin c insert bc I've read that it burns like hell so I tried a few other things. I put half peroxide half water in a bowl and soaked a tampon in it for about 10 mins. Then I insert it up my vajayjay and let it sit for about 30-45 mins. I felt a slight tingling but nothing bad or painful. After that I put 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar into a cup of water and drank it. It was pretty gross but you have to just chug it. Then after that I took a vitamin d & one folic acid pill (400). Now I don't know what worked better or what didn't work but the next day I went to use the bathroom and there was NO DISCHARGE AND NO SMELL!!! I continued this for 3 days and it hasn't returned. I've even had sex with my bf but right after I showered and did the tampon routine but I'm still good as new! I've been struggling with bv for over 2 years and I'm happy I've finally found a way to get rid of it! Ladies try it, you will be so happy and relieved!


Hi guys! I never write on these sites but I have suffered from BV for atleast 3 years now. AND FINALLY FOUND A CURE. MY GOODNESS. I have to share. I used to have a VJJ that smelled like NOTHING. I know im about to get very TMI right now but my boyfriend of 4 years loveeeed going down on me. I have tried my hardest to cover up the smell by washing everytime Id go near him but he noticed I had different smell down there..not my natural smell at all. I look up home remedies and tried the garlic one which only made the smell worse because now it smelled like nasty BV discharge AND garlic. yuck. But the day I tried apple cider vinegar, was the day I was free. Please try this (unless youre allergic) I promise it will work. Get half cup apple cider vinegar and half cup water to dilute it, since it is an acid. And douche or put this fluid into your vj to wash it out. do this twice a day. i got results in just the first try with this. But im continuing for a week to eliminate it completely. My mother also gave me natural yogurt to eat that helps to produce more good bacteria down there. GOOD LUCK LADIES!! BE FREE!!!


I tried the vitamin c insert and coconut oil! Cleared up overnight!!!!!! I'm also taking probiotic
Can't believe it


I used a plastic syringe and around 30ML of pure hydrogen peroxide daily for three day and the bacteria went away. I also used tea tree oil around the inside and outside of my vagina which cleared the itch.


After getting pregnant I have struggled with BV on and off for 10 years now. The antibiotics the Dr would give me would make me so sick for 3 weeks! After getting it once again a week ago I found myself in a pickle. I have no insurance so coming out of pocket for those pills would seriously break me since I'm in the process of moving this week. I searched the web for a home remedy. So, I found one. I had everything I needed on hand and figured what could I lose?

Dip a tampon in plain yogurt and insert for 2 hours. Then remove. Repeat for 3-5 days.

I noticed the smell and discharge was gone the next day! I was blown away at how quickly it helped me. I hope this helps someone the same way it helped me.


Ladies! I know the struggle! Because I've been through the struggle. It's so embarrassing. BV made me miserable. I battled with it for just about a year it would come and I'd go to my gyn take antibiotics then in 3 weeks it's back ! I was so discouraged I thought I'd live with it forever. It was taking a toll on my relationship I was so nervous about having sex! But I've tried everything soaking and drinking baking soda (yuck) soaking in salt. Vh essentials , rephresh they made the smell worst! One day I decided to try warm lemon water. And within hours the smell was almost gone. By that night it was GONE. I drank 3 cups the first day. Then 2 cups the next. Now for maintence I drink one cup of warm lemon water daily. Please try this b4 u douche and put tablets in you. Because this is non Invasive and safe.
I drink about 8-10oz warm water and squeeze about 3-4 of Sicilias fresh lemon juice. U can use real lemons if you want but this is super convient for me because I'm always on the go! Good luck and thank the lady who posted lemon water prior to me! You helped me so much!


After taking Metronizole non-stop and over the counter yeast treatments to counteract effects of metronizole and now deadly allergic to metronizole I had enough and found my own cure!
Daily intake for treatment:
800 mg folic acid
4000 IU vitamin D
4 billion acidophilus 2 times daily
(In AM with vitamins then before bed)
Before bed using a plastic syringe do a 30ML flush of pure hydrogen peroxide
I have been BV free ever since, and my OBGYN wanted to know what my remedy was so they could pass this knowledge on seeing how often I was going and seeing them.


While reading many of these home remedies of BV, I decided to give it a try. I have been living with BV since I was 15. When I recently went to the gyn they said nothing was wrong with me. This has been going on for years. At first I thought I just wasn't drinking enough water. But the more I drank, all I did was pee more, causing my undies to be clean and dry but I still had that odor. I then thought it was just from sweating since I work in very hot environments. But when I thought about it more, I realized I might have BV. So I we used to give it a shot.

I went to CVS and purchased the vitamin c 500 mg with rose hip, organic coconut oil (might be used as a cooling effect for the burning), and pro biotic.

After going home I flushed my vagina with vinegar and water douche, inserted the c vitamin, rubbed the coconut oil inside my vagina, ate something and took the pro biotic orally.

I will repost results after 3 days of home remedy. Thanks for the awesome info!

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